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  • Correctly labeled the Barracks Semi-Cab as a Semi-Cab
  • Moved all features from the UH1-NASA to the EMS / Paramedic Maverick
  • Replaced the A333 with the A380

EMS / Paramedic:

  • Added the EMS / Paramedic Maverick as a valid EMS vehicle for AI missions


  • Disabled ALL vehicle warps (for now) due to abusive potential
  • Vehicle warps will be UNAVAILABLE for purchase and use
  • Normal warps will still function as normal


  • Fixed the Tour Maverick spawning locked for RTS Aviators
  • IA Trainee's no longer get the Imperial Airlines Discord role when hired
  • Added an A380 CollinsCo livery

Loading Screen:

  • Reverted back to normal images
  • Removed christmas songs


  • Removed fireworks from markets
  • You no longer get free fireworks when joining
  • Fixed the firework weapon items not giving weapons

Street Racer:

  • Blacklisted the Police Lexus GS350
  • Cleared all records, good luck everyone!


  • Removed the Freight FM logo and name from the radio wheel


  • Cruise Control can no longer operate at low speeds (currently 25 km/h and under)
  • Disabled snow on all servers
  • Fixed an incorrect vehicle label
  • You can no longer crouch while in a vehicle


  • Split several resources from omni_common (common resource pool)
  • Includes such as: blip hider, cablecar, chat roles, emergency siren control, esp, event dropper, excavator, fireworks, level notifications, mobile radio, vehicle locker, vehicle repairs, vehicle spawners, warps and compass
  • Added new modules to omni_common for resources to use
  • Includes: vrp, vehicle, plate, network, minimapper, math, kvp, instructionals, formatting, enumerator, d3d modules
  • Improved overall distance calculation performance in several resources (~40 resources!)
  • Improvement to external rendering via exports
  • Split the compass from omni_external into its own resource