From Tycoon Gaming


  • Added the Liberty City-style Subway trains
  • Added the A310, replacing the B757
  • Added radar to the A310

Airline Piloting:

  • Added routes to FIA, SCA, CIA
  • You must now stop and wait for boarding / deboarding at each airport
  • The job now keeps going until you manually stop the job

Conductor (Metro):

  • You can only spawn the LC Subway trains on Portland now
  • Metro routes now go in order, where you must complete a stop to progress to the next
  • You must now stop and wait for boarding / deboarding at each station
  • Metro train doors now automatically open and close on stations


  • The LC Subway trains now populate the Portland Elevated Rail rather than LS Metro cars
  • Opened up the remaining tunnel in Liberty City, you can now enter/exit Staunton Island using the tunnels

Player Options:

  • Added a toggle option for the idle animation


  • Fixed typos in the mechanic job


  • Activating rebreathers now give 5 minutes worth of oxygen
  • You no longer regenerate health while diving
  • Rebreathers now enables scuba diving effects


  • Ocean waves are now calmed down when you are in a plane, to prevent waves from clipping through airport floors
  • Changed the Discord invite link in the server browser to our new vanity url