From Tycoon Gaming


  • Fixed an error that would allow people to go negative in money when adding to voidboard
  • Fixed an issue where trainyard self storage blips would show as incorrect values (premium isn't displayed on these so it's Size * 1.15 for the actual size.)
  • Fixed an issue where trainyard self storages were incorrect values
  • Increased Min/Max of trainYard self storages from 1000kg per tier to 1600kg per tier for a total of 1,569,710 without premium and 1,805,166kg with premium of teleporting storage for the cost of 72,000,000,000 or 72B. The cost per 1kg is $39,885. Train yards are end game content.
  • Fixed an error in identity if businesses data wasn't loaded properly
  • Fixed an error that occurred when upgrading businesses
  • Fixed formatting and organization in voidboard list (mobile version)
  • Fixed an issue in recursive random vehicle generator function that would result in an error