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Latest revision as of 18:56, 25 March 2020


  • Added the Speedo Express for Trucking
  • Added additional liveries to the Speedo Express
  • Added a FedEx livery to the Speedo Express
  • Fixed permissions for the Cargobob variations

Trunk / Storage Capacity:

  • Speedo Express has an inventory capacity equal to your own inventory capacity (30 to 300kg depending on your Strength)
  • Increased Trailer MK1 (trailerswb) to 400kg (from 200kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK2 (trailers) to 475kg (from 250kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK3 (trailerlogs2) to 600kg (from 400kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK4 (botdumptr) to 775kg (from 600kg)
  • Increased Trailer MK5 (drybulktr) to 1000kg (from 850kg)

Vehicle Shop:

  • Removed the FedEx Van from the shop
  • Removed the Boxville from the shop
  • Removed the Mule from the shop
  • Removed the Benson from the shop
  • Removed the Pounder from the shop
  • Added the Speedo Express (free)

Los Santos Customs:

  • Added Paintjobs option to the Respray category
  • Paintjobs are base game liveries, the ones that are randomly chosen when spawning certain vehicles


  • Vehicles now spawn with their set Paintjob (if one is applied)
  • If no Painjob is applied, a random one is chosen


  • You can click on the vehicle selector to regenerate the previewed vehicle (with different mods)


  • Vehicle trunk capacity can now be dynamic
  • Updated max inventory weight logic
  • Added WarMenu common include
  • Additional inventory item fetcher for dynamic items
  • +24 additional random changes with no gameplay impact


  • Added the PostOP JU-52 as a replacement for the CL-415
  • Removed some of the Cargobob variations from the shop



  • Updated CEO titles for Imperial Airlines
  • Fixed a bug when firing players from companies


  • Added a Vending Machine interaction system (thanks Smallo92!)


  • Branded the previous blessings as "Series 1"
  • Added a new Blessings series called "Series 2", including blessings related to current world events and season

Phone / Services:

  • Implemented a new phone extension system, allowing the phone menu to be dynamically expanding
  • Added a Portable ATM phone extension, which allows you to access an ATM from anywhere
  • Changed the sub-menu title to "Phone / Services" (from "Phone")
  • Improved logic when answering service calls

VIP / Premium Market:

  • Added the new Blessing Series 2 pack
  • Added the Portable ATM extension item


  • Overhauled the look of the "2019/2020 New Years" title


  • Warps can now load specific IPLs
  • Warps now support instancing


  • Added extra food items for the vending machines


  • You will always spawn with zero hunger and zero thirst now


  • Added a new "return" call to menu navigation, allowing menus to do specific things when manually closed
  • Implemented the new "return" call to the Phone / Services menu, preventing it from closing and re-opening
  • Dealership now has the ability to load certain listings on a beta server only
  • Added a script interface for the ATM system
  • Added support for altering a specific skills exp modifier


  • Added an effect when a player levels up a skill
  • EXP Bonus pickups should now make sure they use the correct model
  • Added a fancy vehicle repair symbol
  • Beyonded blips now snap to new location if the distance is large


  • Added prospecting mini-game
  • Added prospecting tool to Diving / Fishing market
  • Prospecting does not give anything useful yet, and was added for testing.

Paramedic Job:

  • Added reporting feature for Paramedic missions
  • Added extra marker around victim during Paramedic pickup state
  • Fixed OneSync Crash. Victim now follows you to the car.
  • Enabled Paramedic start areas for the FRLLC Paramedic job

OneSync Infinity (Bigmode):

  • Fixed helicopter spotlight state syncing on bigmode
  • Boarding indicator now syncs during player transition in OneSync
  • Fixed Excavator Arm moving if beyond player moves theirs in OneSync
  • Added a custom improved vehicle checker implementation for bigmode
  • Created a handler for all persistent bigmode player information
  • Fixed cases of players in the beyond being treated as you (see trello)

A custom player blip system was created for OneSync, hopefully it can replace the existing blip system for other servers soon. OneSync Blips:

  • Added bigmode compatible blip system
  • Players outside your range (beyond players) now appear on the map
  • Allow real-time updates and confiurations for blips from other scripts
  • Added vRP integration for bigmode blips
  • Faction President now gets a badge in their overhead name (OneSync)
  • Added faction tag to overhead names
  • Added overhead name toggle option (for your own head)
  • Added user id prefix and faction president icon to bigmode blips
  • Improved bigmode blip handling for the local player


  • Added ATC Menu instruction while in a plane
  • Added audio feedback to the ATC menu
  • Added XNLRankBar for use with Player skill
  • Earning Player Level exp now shows a fancy level indicator
  • Added a new Lingering Information display
  • ATC clearance is now shown in Lingering Info display
  • Added mandatory ATC notice to lingering info
  • Airline boarding time now appears as lingering info
  • Added combined level display to skills sub-menu


  • Added an ATM to Blaine County Savings Bank
  • Lifted the Paleto Bay job center
  • Added another loan office to Blaine County Savings Bank


  • Added user language statistics
  • Improved Credits menu
  • Added welcome and return announcements for new and returning players
  • Added cache to vehicle locker, improving repeat calls by over 10x
  • Organized decorator listing
  • Cleaned up faction code
  • Handle staff permission levels differently when performing actions
  • Improved identifier fetching
  • Added bigmode teleport module and removed existing teleport feature
  • Added bigmode spectate module and removed existing spectate feature
  • Re-ordering patch for bigmode blip and mpgamertag shared handling


  • Ironman players can no longer receive or send service calls
  • Fixed duplicate load in factions
  • Fixed lingering instruction
  • Added missing boarding indicator to CollinsCo Air job
  • Fixed own bigmode blip now showing components
  • Fixed missing house access points when you don't own one
  • Removed broken Niko model from Peds module
  • Fixed boarding indicator not resetting on stopped Ailine job
  • Fixed an issue caused by being stuck awaiting scripts


  • Imported XNLRankBar resource by VenomXNL
  • Added public version of instructional-buttons interface module
  • Added public multi-lingual module (to be released with the prospecting)
  • Added Prospecting module
  • Added Prospecting controller module for vRP
  • Added Resource List public module
  • Strip away old instructional buttons system
  • Created Lingering Info module, allowing timed info to be shown
  • Added bigmode vRP module

Paramedic (AI EMS Job):

  • Reworked Paramedic job
  • Added callouts for different areas of the map
  • You are assigned a different callout region based on where you go on duty
  • The map now shows region details while hovering over a start area blip
  • Now uses the new Peds module to create a massive variety of victims
  • Callouts are now generated once every two minutes
  • Added several previously unused vehicles for use with the job, with high but achievable requirements
  • You no longer need to use the EMS Menu to interact during the mission
  • Moved Paleto Bay Paramedic Base to the Paleto Bay Care Center
  • Your mission streak is now shown between missions

Dock Handler:

  • You should now be able to see other players carrying containers
  • Removed unused parts of the job that were affecting performance


  • You now get in-game voice bonus benefits while in the "The Chosen Ones" or "Captains Hour" voice channels.

Beta Server:

  • Is now automatically updated and restarted when changes are made
  • Change notes are automatically posted in the Supporter Lounge on Discord


  • Added a "Currently Talking" indicator under the on-screen compass
  • Fixed "excempt" typos
  • House blips are now removed from the map if you already own a house
  • Added an "ATC Clearance" overhead timer when calling ATC
  • Improved EMS menu option descriptions


  • Removed vehicle generators from the Dashound Bus Depot
  • Added more fuel types to some of the airport fuel stations
  • Moved Paleto Bay's Job Center a few blocks away
  • Moved the Paleto Bay Medical Center market location
  • Added Taxis to the CollinsCo company lot
  • Added more company branding to the CollinsCo company headquarters


  • Collecting a 15% EXP Bonus while one is also active will now always give you a consumable item instead of refreshing the bonus time
  • Updated the Patreon Hall of Fame to include our new top Patrons


  • Added a new "Peds" module to Common for generating random peds in jobs
  • Fixed errors caused by invalid home data
  • Fixed "User ID" field being blank in ban message
  • Improved vote fairness during vote kicking
  • Added credits to the Voice Indicator resource


  • Fixed random boarding timer appearing above you
  • Fixed PIA's Flight HUD having reverse runway indicators
  • Fixed the Patreon Hall of Fame not being visible at the Fountain of Wealth
  • Fixed missing notifications in Cargo Train job
  • Fixed an exploit allowing RTS members to keep job vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where you received speeding tickets while below the speed limit

Performance Enhancements:

  • Improved distance checking in Hunting
  • Improved distance checking in Slots
  • Improved Sonar distance checking
  • Improved performance of Speed Trap code
  • Removed redundant distance checking code


  • Optimized memory usage for the NL Metro Train


  • Moved the Oil Rig Marketplace perk
  • EXP from collecting now scales with the tier


  • Bus Driver stops are now labeled in order on the map
  • Added more Bus Driver routes
  • Airline Pilot should no longer return to your previous destination
  • You can now see other Airline Pilots boarding / deboarding progress
  • Re-added the Dock Handler job


  • Added missing Gut Knife variations as exemptions from Put All


  • Increased Self Storage perk price ($125m to $750m)

Radial Menu (B):

  • Added an Emote shortcut


  • Clothing Shop camera is now farther away
  • You no longer dance while in the Clothing Shop
  • Added a new sub-menu for Skills (Left Arrow on Skills option)
  • Refuel total is now shown after refueling
  • Removed some more vehicles from population spawns
  • Expanded the world border
  • Object loader now loads based on camera position rather than player position


  • Fixed invalid LS Customs entries
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect item tracking
  • Patched an unintentional job loop


  • Optimized connect.tycoon.community
  • Added some extra helper modules to common
  • Tweaked event toggle permissions

Optimized frame-time in the following modules:

  • Exports in Fuel and Garages
  • Natives in the Car HUD, Minor Tweaks, Level Crossings, Warps, Vehicle Repairs, System and ATC
  • Array Indexing in Vehicle Weapons and Sonar
  • Vector Math in System, ATC, vRP and Car Wash
  • Native Cache in Compass
  • Non-frame Code in Minor Tweaks
  • Render Code in Businesses