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From Tycoon Gaming


- Added prospecting mini-game
- Added prospecting tool to Diving / Fishing market
- Prospecting does not give anything useful yet, and was added for testing.

Paramedic Job:

- Added reporting feature for Paramedic missions
- Added extra marker around victim during Paramedic pickup state
- Fixed OneSync Crash. Victim now follows you to the car.
- Enabled Paramedic start areas for the FRLLC Paramedic job

OneSync Infinity (Bigmode):

- Fixed helicopter spotlight state syncing on bigmode
- Boarding indicator now syncs during player transition in OneSync
- Fixed Excavator Arm moving if beyond player moves theirs in OneSync
- Added a custom improved vehicle checker implementation for bigmode
- Created a handler for all persistent bigmode player information
- Fixed cases of players in the beyond being treated as you (see trello)

====A custom player blip system was created for OneSync, hopefully it can replace the existing blip system for other servers soon. OneSync Blips:====

- Added bigmode compatible blip system
- Players outside your range (beyond players) now appear on the map
- Allow real-time updates and confiurations for blips from other scripts
- Added vRP integration for bigmode blips
- Faction President now gets a badge in their overhead name (OneSync)
- Added faction tag to overhead names
- Added overhead name toggle option (for your own head)
- Added user id prefix and faction president icon to bigmode blips
- Improved bigmode blip handling for the local player


- Added ATC Menu instruction while in a plane
- Added audio feedback to the ATC menu
- Added XNLRankBar for use with Player skill
- Earning Player Level exp now shows a fancy level indicator
- Added a new Lingering Information display
- ATC clearance is now shown in Lingering Info display
- Added mandatory ATC notice to lingering info
- Airline boarding time now appears as lingering info
- Added combined level display to skills sub-menu


- Added an ATM to Blaine County Savings Bank
- Lifted the Paleto Bay job center
- Added another loan office to Blaine County Savings Bank


- Added user language statistics
- Improved Credits menu
- Added welcome and return announcements for new and returning players
- Added cache to vehicle locker, improving repeat calls by over 10x
- Organized decorator listing
- Cleaned up faction code
- Handle staff permission levels differently when performing actions
- Improved identifier fetching
- Added bigmode teleport module and removed existing teleport feature
- Added bigmode spectate module and removed existing spectate feature
- Re-ordering patch for bigmode blip and mpgamertag shared handling


- Ironman players can no longer receive or send service calls
- Fixed duplicate load in factions
- Fixed lingering instruction
- Added missing boarding indicator to CollinsCo Air job
- Fixed own bigmode blip now showing components
- Fixed missing house access points when you don't own one
- Removed broken Niko model from Peds module
- Fixed boarding indicator not resetting on stopped Ailine job
- Fixed an issue caused by being stuck awaiting scripts


- Imported XNLRankBar resource by VenomXNL
- Added public version of instructional-buttons interface module
- Added public multi-lingual module (to be released with the prospecting)
- Added Prospecting module
- Added Prospecting controller module for vRP
- Added Resource List public module
- Strip away old instructional buttons system
- Created Lingering Info module, allowing timed info to be shown
- Added bigmode vRP module