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  • Added the PostOP JU-52 as a replacement for the CL-415
  • Removed some of the Cargobob variations from the shop



  • Updated CEO titles for Imperial Airlines
  • Fixed a bug when firing players from companies


  • Added a Vending Machine interaction system (thanks Smallo92!)


  • Branded the previous blessings as "Series 1"
  • Added a new Blessings series called "Series 2", including blessings related to current world events and season

Phone / Services:

  • Implemented a new phone extension system, allowing the phone menu to be dynamically expanding
  • Added a Portable ATM phone extension, which allows you to access an ATM from anywhere
  • Changed the sub-menu title to "Phone / Services" (from "Phone")
  • Improved logic when answering service calls

VIP / Premium Market:

  • Added the new Blessing Series 2 pack
  • Added the Portable ATM extension item


  • Overhauled the look of the "2019/2020 New Years" title


  • Warps can now load specific IPLs
  • Warps now support instancing


  • Added extra food items for the vending machines


  • You will always spawn with zero hunger and zero thirst now


  • Added a new "return" call to menu navigation, allowing menus to do specific things when manually closed
  • Implemented the new "return" call to the Phone / Services menu, preventing it from closing and re-opening
  • Dealership now has the ability to load certain listings on a beta server only
  • Added a script interface for the ATM system
  • Added support for altering a specific skills exp modifier


  • Added an effect when a player levels up a skill
  • EXP Bonus pickups should now make sure they use the correct model
  • Added a fancy vehicle repair symbol
  • Beyonded blips now snap to new location if the distance is large