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From Tycoon Gaming


  • Reduced amount of vehicles in vehicle fires for firefighter to combat world unloading issues
  • Fire hydrants in LC are now able to be used to refill fire trucks
  • Added notification for how much you've received after each call out


  • Added CollinsCo Flyie Boi start point to MGA
  • Added vehicle name to frllc_firesuv


  • All businesses now have level requirements to purchase/upgrade. If you already own a business that you don't have the correct level for, you simply will not be able to upgrade it until you reach the correct level.
  • Identity now shows estimated daily income with and without bank tax


  • Fixed an issue when generating a random vehicle which would cause the function to hang
  • Added a new map blip for fire hydrants
  • Added a hint when 'hide chat' is said in chat
  • Atc now checks the distance to the ground as well as if all wheels are on the ground when using auto detection (auto detect should be more accurate now)
  • Introduction of the VoidBoard Leaderboard. You ever just got way to much money and want to just use it to flex on kids? (M -> Player Options -> Contribute To Voidboard) this will take w/e money you put in the prompt out of your wallet/bank. YOU WILL NOT GET THIS MONEY BACK, once submitted there is no going back! To leave the prompt without losing any money simply hit tab with the prompt empty.
  • VoidBoard can also be seen in the world at Pacific Standard Bank or can be displayed on the go at (M -> Player Options -> View Voidboard)