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*Improved performance of Speed Trap code
*Improved performance of Speed Trap code
*Removed redundant distance checking code
*Removed redundant distance checking code

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Paramedic (AI EMS Job):

  • Reworked Paramedic job
  • Added callouts for different areas of the map
  • You are assigned a different callout region based on where you go on duty
  • The map now shows region details while hovering over a start area blip
  • Now uses the new Peds module to create a massive variety of victims
  • Callouts are now generated once every two minutes
  • Added several previously unused vehicles for use with the job, with high but achievable requirements
  • You no longer need to use the EMS Menu to interact during the mission
  • Moved Paleto Bay Paramedic Base to the Paleto Bay Care Center
  • Your mission streak is now shown between missions

Dock Handler:

  • You should now be able to see other players carrying containers
  • Removed unused parts of the job that were affecting performance


  • You now get in-game voice bonus benefits while in the "The Chosen Ones" or "Captains Hour" voice channels.

Beta Server:

  • Is now automatically updated and restarted when changes are made
  • Change notes are automatically posted in the Supporter Lounge on Discord


  • Added a "Currently Talking" indicator under the on-screen compass
  • Fixed "excempt" typos
  • House blips are now removed from the map if you already own a house
  • Added an "ATC Clearance" overhead timer when calling ATC
  • Improved EMS menu option descriptions


  • Removed vehicle generators from the Dashound Bus Depot
  • Added more fuel types to some of the airport fuel stations
  • Moved Paleto Bay's Job Center a few blocks away
  • Moved the Paleto Bay Medical Center market location
  • Added Taxis to the CollinsCo company lot
  • Added more company branding to the CollinsCo company headquarters


  • Collecting a 15% EXP Bonus while one is also active will now always give you a consumable item instead of refreshing the bonus time
  • Updated the Patreon Hall of Fame to include our new top Patrons


  • Added a new "Peds" module to Common for generating random peds in jobs
  • Fixed errors caused by invalid home data
  • Fixed "User ID" field being blank in ban message
  • Improved vote fairness during vote kicking
  • Added credits to the Voice Indicator resource


  • Fixed random boarding timer appearing above you
  • Fixed PIA's Flight HUD having reverse runway indicators
  • Fixed the Patreon Hall of Fame not being visible at the Fountain of Wealth
  • Fixed missing notifications in Cargo Train job
  • Fixed an exploit allowing RTS members to keep job vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where you received speeding tickets while below the speed limit

Performance Enhancements:

  • Improved distance checking in Hunting
  • Improved distance checking in Slots
  • Improved Sonar distance checking
  • Improved performance of Speed Trap code
  • Removed redundant distance checking code