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Transport Tycoon API

Root API URI is the servers address

API is available per server instance


type name (data type and a property name)
type? name (data type may vary based on data context)
type! name (data might not exist based on data context)

Note: Array data types do not contain named properties, the names used here are for clarifiation

Get world information for online players

Returns a list of all online players with positional data.

Their current mode of transportation and some other details are also included.

This endpoint is used to produce the servers livemap.

GET /status/map/positions.json
- int time
- array[array player] data
-- string name
-- int source
-- int user_id
-- vec3 position
-- object vehicle
--- int vehicle_class
--- string vehicle_type
--- int! model
--- string! vehicle_label
--- string! vehicle_name
-- object job
--- string group
--- string name

Get server details and online players

Returns the servers name and details, as well as data for every player online.

This endpoint is used to produce the server list: http://connect.tycoon.community/

GET /status/widget/players.json
- object server
-- string name
-- string motd
-- string number
-- string region
-- string beta
-- string uptime
-- int limit
- array[array player] players
-- string name
-- int source
-- int user_id
-- string? avatar
-- bool staff
-- string job_name
-- bool whitelist

Get resource configurations

This can be used to easily get vector data for routes etc. in certain jobs Not all resources have viewable configs

GET /status/config/[resource]
returns a raw .lua file dump