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TruckersTrucking emoji.png are the backbone of Transport Tycoon. We’ve developed a complex web of cargo materials that allow you to simply sell one at a time, or collect and combine cargoes in multi-point routes for maximum profit!

Be sure to ask around for helpful guides developed by the community. Oh, and we also have a custom radio station! We offer TruckersFM, available in the left-bottom-center area of the radio wheel.

These sheets have all the current Trucking Transformers (Menu) data, along with calculators for advanced trucking to help you make bulk products. Make a copy of it.

Do not open this sheet while in-game. This sheet data will get updated in the future relevant to any Trucking changes in the server.

Getting started:

  • Head to a job centerJobCenter.png and select the Trucker job.
  • Purchase a (TRUCKING) vehicle or trailer from the car dealership Car Dealer.png
    • The Speedo Express is free to get you started!

Trucker - Trucking Level 1-15

Before doing trucking, you should read the “Getting Started Guide”. The Speedo Express has a trunk capacity equal to your own inventory capacity (30kg to 300kg)

Basic Process for Trucking Cargo

Go to the Cargo Seller to obtain your cargo, load as much as you can in your vehicle (Don't know how? visit the “Getting Started Guide”) and head to the Cargo Buyer to sell it!

Trucking Cargo Trucking Level Required
Tools 1 (1kg each)
Erasers 3 (3kg each)
Logs ➡ Sawdust 6 (60kg each)
Recycled Trash 9 (90kg each​​)
Toxic Waste 11 (110kg each)
Recycled Electronics 13 (130kg each)
Quarry Rubble 15 (150kg each)
Methamphetamine 17 (40kg each)
Erasers/Tools can only be placed in the Speedo Express or in the Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, or Mk4 Trailers. All other trailers will show an error when adding to trunk
Illegal trucking requires Premium license, without it you are not able to see all locations.
The trucking level required indicates the level at which the map blip is unlocked. You can actually take any of these items to your trunk at any trucking/strength level.

Logs, Recycled Trash, Toxic Waste, Recycled Electronics, Quarry Rubble, and Methamphetamine are all part of more in-depth trucking routes. Make sure to have a look at the Advanced Cargo Routes section.


Logging is unlocked at level 6, this is the first type of trucking where there are multiple steps in the process.

You want to pick up Logs from the Logging Camp, take the Logs to the Sawmill to turn them into Sawdust or Planks. Both the Sawdust and the Planks can be sold at the LS Port Export or stored in Self Storages to be combined with other items

Recycled Materials Base Process

At level 9 you will unlock Recycled Trash, this can be picked up from the Recycling Center.

You want to take the Recycled Trash to the Sorting Facility to obtain three materials from it.

Plastic can be exported from the McKenzie Export.

Copper and Gold can be refined at the LS Foundry.

Refined Tin and Refined Aluminium are exported from the LS Port Export.

From here, the process will evolve allowing more materials and new combinations of materials. The more steps the process has, the more you will earn from it.

Item descriptions and exploration of the different locations should lead you on to new processes.

This is a flowchart showing one of the Level 13 Electronics processes:


Advanced Cargo Routes

A guide on advanced cargo, where to find them, craft them, sell them, and what you need for them.

Level 9 Trucking required for Recycled Trash - 90kg

Level 11 Trucking required for Toxic Waste - 110kg

Level 13 Trucking required for Recycled Electronics - 130kg

Level 15 Trucking required for Quarry Rubble - 150kg

Video guides for some of the trucking routes such as Batteries and Concrete can be found on the Youtube Tutorials page.

The following image is outdated and should only be looked at to get a general idea of how advanced trucking works. Prices and weights are no longer accurate and new routes have been introduced since.
ACR new.png

Battery Route

Below is the flow chart for how to create batteries

Batteries Diagram.png


Level requirement/s Name Price Capacity Fuel Top Speed in mph
Speedo Express
$0 30kg to 300kg 70L (Petrol) Unknown

Name Price Capacity
MK1 (Pup Trailer)
$400,000 400kg
MK2 (Trailer)
$600,000 475kg
MK3 (Log Trailer)
$1,250,000 600kg
MK4 (Bottom Dump Trailer)
$5,000,000 775kg
MK5 (Dry Bulk Trailer)
$10,000,000 1000kg
MK6 (Dump Trailer)
$18,000,000 1500kg
MK7 (Container Trailer Small)
$30,000,000 2200kg
MK8 (Container Trailer)
$45,000,000 2500kg
MK9 (Refrigerated Trailer)
$75,000,000 2750kg
MK10 (Refrigerated Trailer)
$100,000,000 3000kg
MK11 (TV Trailer)
$160,000,000 3500kg
MK12 (TV Trailer)
$250,000,000 5000kg
MK13 (Box Trailer)
$450,000,000 8500kg
MK14 (MOC)
$500,000,000 9000kg

Name Price Fuel Top Speed in mph
$250,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Road Killer
Road Killer.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Civilian Barracks
Civilian Barracks.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Phantom Heavy Hauler
Phantom Heavy Hauler.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Long Path
Long Path.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Cerberus Stock Classic
Cerberus Stock Classic.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Custom Hauler
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Custom Phantom
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
Ceberus Stock HD
Ceberus Stock HD.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
CollinsCo Phantom
CollincCo Phantom.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
G.O. Hauler
GO hauler.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown
G.O. DAF.png
$1,500,000 280L (Diesel) Unknown

Semi-cabs can be bought from a car dealership Car Dealer.png or alternatively can be spawned at a few locations around the map. Examples include LSIA, Sandy Shores, and LS Docks.

Premium Trucking Routes

There are Currently 3 Tycoon Premium Trucking Routes.


The Best known one is the Concrete Route. Concrete Flowchart.png


And then there is also the Rebar Route. Rebar Flowchart.png


Note: To see the Sell Icon you need Tycoon Premium and Lvl 100 Trucking
A new Route that just got added to the Game is the House Route. It uses every Advanced Trucking Route and all other Premium Trucking Routes and makes them to one ultimate Route House Route.png

Trucking Sub-types

Trucking sub-routes require a trucking sub-job as well. These jobs can be acquired at the Trucking HQ Trucking HQ.png or in the case of the Liberty City sub-job, any Job CentersJobCenter.png in Liberty City.

Trucking (Liberty City)

LC Trucking Routes.jpg

Trucking (Refrigerated)

Trucking - Refrigerated .png
  • Note: "Meat" refers to either Meat, the end-product of hunting, or Fish Meat from Fishing

Trucking (Petrochemical) / (Military)

You need to do both routes to make Explosives which can be used to get other Trucking Cargo as shown below.

Trucking Subtype (Petrochem-Military).png

Trucking (Illegal)

Illegal trucking requires level 17 trucking and Premium License.

Box of Full Pill Capsules & Defibkit Route

FRLLC Trucking Routes.png

Pills Route

Pills Route.png

Vehicle Shipments

You can create different Vehicle Shipment Cards.
You can either use these and the vehicle will go permanently
to your garage or sell them on the marketplace.

Available Vehicle Shipments

  • Annis ZR-350
  • Coil Rocket Voltic (OUTDATED: You can make a Upgrade Kit instead a Vehicle Shipment now)
  • Coil Savanna ("Cybertruck")
  • Hijak Vertice
  • HVY Nightshark
  • Karin Futo
  • Karin Futo GT Hatch (OUTDATED: Can only be obtained with a Upgrade Kit now)
  • Landstalker XL (REQUIREMENT: Unlocked Secret from "SD Card: Landstalker XL Blueprints")

Needed Materials

VEHICLE Car Battery (1x) Chassis (1x) Vehicle Framework (1x) Wheels (4x) Circuit Boards (5x) Fiberglass Spools (15) Glass (25x) Refined Amalgam (50x) Kerosene (100x) Traction Batteries (3x)
Annis ZR-350
Coil Rocket Voltic (Upgrade Kit)
Coil Savanna ("Cybertruck")
Hijak Vertice
Karin Futo
VEHICLE Car Battery (2x) Chassis (2x) Vehicle Framework (2x) Wheels (4x) Circuit Boards (12x) Fiberglass Spools (25x) Glass (15x) Refined Amalgam (40x) Military Goods (4x) Titanium (60x) Treated Water (1x)
HVY Nightshark
Landstalker XL

Crafting Locations

The new used Items

  • Car Battery
  • Chassis
  • Traction Battery
  • Vehicle Framework
  • Wheels

can be crafted at Car Parts (Paleto Bay)

Car Parts.png

If you have all needed Materials you can craft
the Vehicle Shipment at Vehicle Factory (Rancho)

Vehicle Factory.png


SD cards are a brand new item you can obtain in many different ways. The main use for SD cards is to unlock new trucking routes.

Ways To Obtain SD Cards

1. Prospecting (Prospecting) - To prospect simply go in game and find a white circle on the map, and press E to start prospecting. (Make sure you own a prospecting scanner.)

2. Daily Chests - This is another way of getting a SD Card. (To get your daily chests you can do /vote in game. It will redirect you to a page where you can vote via DISCORD (only if your account is linked on discord) or you can vote via STEAM)

3. Player To Player (Marketplace) - This is the easiest way to obtain encrypted SD Cards & decrypted SD Card Recipes. (Can only be done via marketplace as SD Cards are untradeable! )

How do SD Cards work

1. When you got a Encrypted SD Card you need to keep them in your Inventory.

2. Then go to the FIB Building. In the entrance area you will see a green Marker next to the Desk where you can decrypt SD-Cards (Start Scan), see what Secrets you have unlocked already (View learned Secrets) and check your current scan (Check Scan).

3. Choose "Start Scan" and choose the decrypting method. You can choose between the following options:

  • Slow Scan (48h) = FREE
  • Regular Scan (12h) = $200,000,000
  • Fast Scan (4h) = $1,000,0000,000

4. After the scanning Time you should have the Decrypted SD Card in your Inventory. IF NOT: Go to the FIB Building again and choose "Check Scan"

5. If you want to learn the secret recipe of the SD Card you got choose it in your Inventory and hit "Unlock secret". You have learned the secret recipe now and the SD Card will disappear.

What kind of decrypted SD-Cards exist?

Decrypted SD-Card Name Unlockable Secret Recipe Location to use
SD Card: Asphalt Concrete Refining 1x Crude Oil + 20x Gravel = 20x Asphalt Concrete Refinery (Petrochemical)
x5 sell Asphalt Concrete Alta Construction Site (Commercial)
x25 Sell Asphalt Concrete
SD Card: Cardboard Manufacturing 1x Treated Water + 50x Sawdust = 5x Cardboard LS Factory (Commercial)
x1 Sell Cardboard McKenzie Export (Commercial)
x5 Sell Cardboard
SD Card: Chipboard Planks 5x Logs + 30x Sawdust = 15 Planks Sawmill (Commercial)
SD Card: Copper Alloy 10x Sulfur + 20x Raw Ore Mix = 20 Refined Copper LS Foundry (Commercial)
SD Card: Crispy Fish 1000x Fish Meat + 20x Sawdust = 10x Frozen Raw Meat Clucking Bell Farms (Refrigerated)
SD Card: Crispy Meat 200x Meat + 200x Sawdust = 10x Frozen Raw Meat Clucking Bell Farms (Refrigerated)
SD Card: Diluted Fuel Refining 2x Treated Water + 3x Crude Oil = 3x Diesel, 3x Petrol, 20x Kerosene Refinery (Petrochemical)
SD Card: Gravel Pulverizing 1x Explosive + 20x Gravel = 100x Sand Deep Quarry (Military)
SD Card: Landstalker XL Blueprint 1x Automotive: Chassis, 50x Truck Cargo: Glass, 2x Automotive: Car Battery
1x Automotive : Vehicle Framework, 100x Trucking Cargo : Refined Amalgam,
10x Truck Cargo : Circuit Boards, 30x Truck Cargo: Fiberglass Spool, 4x Automotive: Wheels
= Vehicle Shipment: Landstalker XL
Vehicle Factory (Commercial)
SD Card: Sawdust Filler Exploit 5x Logs + 10x Sand = 100x Sawdust Sawmill (Commercial)
SD Card: Substitute Gold 25x Refined Bronze Alloy + 2x Petrol + 10x Sulfur = 40x Scrap Gold LS Foundry (Commercial)
SD Card: Titanium Jewelry 1x Titanium + 4x Refined Gold = 4x Jewelry LS Factory (Commercial)
SD Card: Titanium Reinforcement 6x Titanium = 2x Rebar LS Factory (Commercial)
SD Card: Ore Mix Recycling 1x Explosive + 15x Raw Ore Mix = 90x Sand Deep Quarry (Military)
SD Card: Plastic Export Contact x100 Sell Plastic McKenzie Export (Commercial)
SD Card: Waste Water Cleaning 2x Petrochem: Waste Water = 1x Treated Water Water Treatment Place
SD Card: Zinc Alloy 2x Propane + 20x Raw Ore Mix = 20x Refined Zinc LS Foundry (Commercial)

Work In Progress