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Experience are points earned for completing tasks in jobs. The higher level you become in a job, the more experience you will need to level up. Higher job levels will also allow you to complete more complex job tasks that reward more experience.

Types of Experience

There are many types of experiences. Completing a job task rewards you experience for that job, as well as player experience and sometimes also physical or other types of experiences at the same time.

Experience Boosts

There are several ways to boost the amount of experience you can earn such as EXP Boost Hunting, Bonus Experience Tokens and unique Skill Perks that can be obtained by accumulating experience in certain jobs. Boosts do not compound, so the earned experience for a task is multiplied with the sum of your active boosts.


Here's a list of all available licenses: (Active licenses can be viewed from the M menu → Identity.)

License Name Boost Duration Description
Linked Discord Account 5% Permanent Link your account to Discord
Exp Bonus (Collector Reward) 25% Permanent Collect 500 Hidden EXP Boosts
Exp Bonus (Faction) 5% 24h Join a faction that has purchased EXP Bonus perk

(duration renews when typing /faction)

Exp Bonus (Discord Voice) 10% Active until you leave the

voice channel

Join any Active Voice channel on Discord

(duration renews when rejoining voice channel)

Airline Pilot Perk 5% Airline EXP Active Perk Redeemable
Bus Perk 50% Bus EXP Active Perk Redeemable
Skill Perks 5%-50% Permanent Earning any Perk provide passive EXP boost of 2.5% (First perk gives 5%)

up to 50% when all Perks are earned.

EXP Boosts

The following items are consumables and can be redeemed from the character inventory.

Item Name Boost Duration Description
EXP Boost 50% 30 Minutes Obtained from: Alien Workshop or Boost Hunting (rare).
EXP Boost 15% 1 hour
Hover over to seeObtained From:
  • Pristine Trick or Treat Bag (4.54%)
  • Market (Holiday Shop)
  • Ragged Trick or Treat Bag (6.66%)
  • Used Trick or Treat Bag (5.0%)
  • Market (Alien Workshop)
  • Treasure Chest [Ultra-grade] (20.0%)
  • Golden Egg (5.26%)
  • Treasure Chest [Daily] (4.54%)
  • Christmas Present (7.69%)
EXP Boost 10% 90 minutes Obtained from: Alien Workshop

Pristine/Used Trick or Treat Bag (5.0%) or Boost Hunting.

EXP Boost 5% 1 week Obtained from: Alien Workshop

Golden Egg (5.26%) or Boost Hunting.

EXP Boost 5% 1 day Obtained from: Alien Workshop

Pristine Trick or Treat Bag (4.54%) or Boost Hunting.

EXP Boost 5% 2 hours Obtained from: Alien Workshop

Pristine Trick or Treat Bag (4.54%) or Boost Hunting.

Bonus Experience 100% Consumed Applies when you earn Experience
You can activate all different types of EXP Boosts at once. However, activating the same type twice won't work.
A Bonus Experience Token is consumed for each 0.1 experience you earn, up to 100.0 experience at a time.

Double EXP Party

The Double EXP Party provide 100% more base experience to all players while the party is active on your server (Boost duration differ depending on the purchased package.)

Ways to activate it:

  • Purchase through Tebex Shop. (It will automatically activate after the purchase is successful.)
  • Or Purchase Double EXP Ticket which is a limited-time item available also in the Tebex Shop. (Similar to Double EXP Party. Instead, It is manually activated when you wish to use it and can be done through the character inventory.)
  • Alternatively, Double EXP Tickets can also be bought/sold through the Marketplace if a person decided to list them directly on the Marketplace.

The /metrics command allows you to see the amount of experience you have gathered per hour for each experience type.