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BusinessesBusiness emoji.png are places for you to invest your wealth to get a return in profits over a period of time.

Businesses generate a bonus that can be picked up every 3 hours up until their maximum capacity at 16 stacks. This takes 48 hours of real life time in total. It is recommended to claim before reaching 16 stacks, as once it reaches 16 stacks it will stop generating extra money.

You can find the bonus on the map indicated by either a Yellow Dollar sign Business Bonus.png (Business has a bonus ready for collecting.) Or a Blue Dollar Sign Business Full.png (Business has a full stack of 16 ready for collecting and will not generate any more bonuses.)

Every bonus has a chance to give a little bit extra money on pickup. - Experience for Business also does not stack, if you wish to optimize leveling you should pick up the bonus every 3 hours.

Businesses have a Tier system.
You can upgrade a business up to Tier 100. Each upgrade will cost the same as the business itself and will add 25% more to the original bonus amount.
The Pacific Standard Bank will generate no income and cannot upgraded.
The Train Yards and Ship Yard Business Bonus cannot be collected manually, can only be collected via a Business Bonus Collector

Business Bonus Collectors (Red Dollar Sign) Bonus Collector.png allow you to collect from all businesses at once at a cost of 20% of the total income. The Pacific Standard Bank and Factions have this perk.

Business List - Price and Perks

Business list v5.png

The Train yards have linked storages - You can access that storage from any of the Train yards.

!!!Attention!!!: To get money from Train Yard Businesses you need a Buisness Collector. This requires either the purchase of the Pacific Standard Bank or membership in a faction that has already acquired the Collector Perk.

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