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Normal Rules:

  1. Do not vandalize.
  2. Do not remove chunks of information unless you need to.
  3. Refrain from revealing hidden and secret content as this ruins the secret element.

Translator Rules:

  1. If you edit Protected Pages do not edit the content of the Page only add the Translation.
  2. Rule 1 does not apply to Transport Tycoon Staff Members who asked to get the role, to edit some protected Pages.


  1. Information should not include personal opinions
    1. Provide direct information
    2. Do not include any bias
  2. Use page links as often as possible, it's easier for everyone that way.

How to contribute

Due to vandalism on the wiki users must now request a user account at https://forms.gle/Tj1iPae1JefFdmWx6.

Only open the link in an external browser!

The default theme hides most Wiki features for a clean user experience. To enable Wiki features such as editing, you need to:

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Under Appearance, select the Editor skin
  3. Save changes

You should now see most Wiki features on each page, including Edit buttons.

Translator Tutorial

Current available Languages see here!

Page Creation

To Translate a Page just add your Language initials in front of the Pagename in the URL.
Like https://dash.tycoon.community/wiki/index.php/FR:Wiki_Related_Stuff for the French page.


Each Language also has a Category where all Translated Pages are categorized.
So only add [[Category:FR]] to the bottom of your translated Page.


To Translate Templates you just need to put an Language tag Between
Template: and The Template name in the URL
so it looks like Template:FR:Template_name
and in the Webpage to implement it it would then look like

A list of Templates used in the Page you are Translating are under the Edit Section of the page.
TemplateList Example.jpg

General Editing Stuff


Since we are using a lot of Templates across all pages you see things like {{}} often in the Page you are Translating.
Those are "Embedded Pages".
For Example use {{Car Dealer/Vehicles/Bicycles}} for all Bicycles in the Car Dealer.
That Template would return this:

Name Price Top Speed in mph
$500 32.25
$1.000 33.5
$1.500 38.25
$2.000 44.25
Yellow Tribike
$2.500 47
Red Tribike
$2.500 47
Blue Tribike
$2.500 47

An deeper Tutorial on how to make Templates see here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Templates

More Information

See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents for Deeper Information on how to Edit Pages, create Lists and so on.