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As a Firefighter Firefighter emoji.png , you respond to emergency calls from all around the map, saving civilians by putting out all fires.

Getting Started

  1. Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and select the Firefighter job.
  2. Purchase the Fire Truck from the car dealership Car Dealer.png .
    • If you can not afford the Fire Truck, you can steal an NPC one (at a fire station) or ask a player to spawn one for you.
  3. Drive to the Fire StationFire Station.png linked to your Firefighter level. (See Fire Station level table below)
  4. At the Fire StationFire Station.png walk over to the white circle and press E to go on duty.
  5. Wait for an automatic call-out to occur.
  6. Once you receive a call, follow the GPS to the location marked on your map. Fire.png
  7. Once on the scene you will see a large fire has broken outFire.png . You have 2 options to put the fire out. You can either get out your Fire Truck and move around holding left click to use your fire extinguisher until the fire is out. Or you can remain in your Fire Truck and use the mounted water cannon to put out the fire, to use the water cannon hold right-click and point the cannon at the fire until it has been extinguished.
  8. Once the fire has been extinguished you will get a notification in the bottom left corner telling you that the call out is complete and you should leave the area.
  9. Once you have left the area you will receive Firefighter XP and some cash.
  10. Wait for another call out and repeat!
If you cannot afford to buy a Fire truck, you can find one at any Fire Station or ask someone to borrow their Fire truck!
Using the mounted water cannon will drain water from your Fire Trucks tank, to refill the water tank, drive up to any Fire hydrant on the map and hold down space until the tank has been refilled.


Name Price Fuel
Fire Truck
$25,000,000 70L (Petrol)

Fire Stations & Levels

Name Region Firefighter Level Required
Paleto Bay Fire Company Paleto Bay 1
Sandy Shores Fire Station Grand Senora Desert 18
Fort Zancudo Fire Station Lago Zancudo 36
Rockford Hills Fire Station North-Western Los Santos 54
El Burro Heights Fire Station Eastern Los Santos 72
Central Los Santos Fire Station Central Los Santos 90
If you are interested in earning Firefighter & Airline experience in a unique way, check out the Aerial Firefighter page.


  • When arriving at a callout, clear the initial fires with small bursts of water and then leave the scene.
    • Ignore the spreading fire, it is not affected by water. It clears out automatically after a while.
    • This will help you save a lot of water so you don't have to refill at fire hydrants as often.
  • Once the initial fires are cleared, leave the scene and the callout will be considered done.