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Here you see all Commands/Hotkeys the server currently has. For easier/faster use they can be bound to a key, for more information head to Binds Page.

General Commands

Chat Commands

/ems [message] Paramedic Dispatch (Can only be used in the EMS job)
/mec [message] Mechanic Dispatch (Can only be used in the Mechanic job)
/cab [message] Cab Dispatch (Can only be used in the CollinsCo's Cabbie job)
/con [message] Train Conductor (Can only be used in the Train Conductor job)
/fd [message] Fire Dispatch (Can only be used in the Firefighter job)
Turns on/off passive mode.
Player level 10+ is required to toggle this.
Certain areas have enforced passive mode, such as the City Hall and Airports.
/pause_chat_colors Disables animated chat colors
Hides chat titles (Currently can not be disabled until you relog)
/atc [message] Custom Flight ATC message (Can only be used in the Airline Pilot & Cargo Pilot jobs).

This should not be used to reserve a runway for takeoff or landing - use the TAB menu for that.

/buy [message] Signals you want to buy something
/sell [message] Signals you are selling something
/msg or /dm or /m [user id] [message] Direct message a player
/reply or /r [message] Reply to your last direct message
/help The F7 help menu
/rules Displays the server rules
/tycoon-refresh Refreshes your linked discord (used when e.g. you lose access to your discord account and you want to change it, requires relogging)
/discord Opens the Discord join invite for our community server
/shop Opens the Tebex shop
/mp view [user id] Views all listings from a given player
/mp search [item name] Searches for an item on the marketplace
/faction The Faction menu
/ignore [Type] Ignores specific message types in chat. For example, "/ignore leveling" ignores all level up messages
/ignore [user-id] Ignores specific user from appearing in your chat. For example, "/ignore 123456"
/unignore [user-id] Unignores specific user to re-appear in your chat. For example, "/unignore 123456"
/ignores Shows all channels you ignore
/calc or /math
Basic in-game calculator
Opens the Gamepad Interface to configure gamepads and controllers to work in-game
Toggles smoke on/off (needs to be in the air)
/setsmoke [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-2] Allows you to choose the color of your smoke based on RGB values, the last number is the size of the smoke
/seat [seat]
Changes seat (works only while seated in a vehicle) e.g. "/seat -1" changes to Driver seat.
This command has a 3 Minutes cooldown to avoid exploiting.
/stance [0.5-1.5] Applies stance (wheel thickness) to your current car.

Must have custom wheels applied. Stance will not persist if you leave the area.

/blip Opens the Blip settings menu
/compass Opens the Compass settings menu
/garage [type] Marks the closest Garage
Types are bike, car, cab, trailer, aircraft, helicopter, boat, bicycle
/replace_blip [sprite] [url] Replaces a map blip with a custom one
/report [Issue] Opens the player report menu or reports an issue (leave [Issue] blank if you want to open the player report menu)
/channel [Channel name] Command to switch between chat channels/tabs
/designer Shortcut for the Airport Designer website tool
/design-test Command to test airports in-game
Opens the Tycoon Metrics settings
/milestones or /unlocks Views skill and job milestones
/screenshot_mode or /toggle_ui Turns on/off screenshot mode
/dev_pos Saves your x, y, z coordinates (You must be in a company to use it)
Opens the Radio settings menu
/simrad Shows the Simulator Radio Interface
/hype Shows the Hype Radio Interface
/code [code] Ability to redeem single-use promo codes, e.g. /code starter - it will give you $150k, /code millionaire - will give cash vouchers, /code 600k - will give 600K and cash vouchers
/credits Displays content credits [website]
/api All API commands. For more info please head to the API page
/visual Opens the Visual settings menu
/playerlist_font [fontFamily] Allows you to change the font of player list [X] (you do need to have the font installed)
/item <item id> <option> [modifier] Command to use an item from your inventory, mostly used in binds. Modifier simulates the way you press the option (-1 is Left Arrow, 0 (or

none) is Enter, 1 is Right Arrow)

/toggle_old_chat Toggles Old Chat (all messages show in the Chat tab)
/filter Applies a filter to your screen. Type the command multiple times to cycle through the available filters (check the F8 console to see which filter number is currently applied)
/f7 [query] or /wiki [query] Opens the wiki on the specified page. If no such page exists, the search results are opened instead.
/racing_ghost_enable Enable a visual "ghost" for Racing World Records. It's not accurate in position and mimics your own movement.
/racing_ghost_disable Disables the visual "ghost"
/toggle_xp Enable the experience bars to remain at the bottom right of your screen instead of disappearing after some time. To disable, reconnect.

Hotkey Button Commands

, (COMMA) . (PERIOD) Toggle Anchor for boats (only works after getting up from the driver/passenger seat)
T (LETTER T) Opens Text Chat input box
X (LETTER X) Show Player List (HOLD). Use ↑ or ↓ to navigate the player list, ← or → to page through players (useful on OneSync)
TAB (TABULATOR) Open/Close Aircraft ATC Menu
ALT (ALTERNATE) (Hold) ALT to enable and press Right Mouse Button (RMB) to free the cursor
CTRL + T (CONTROL + LETTER T) (Hold) CTRL + T to free the cursor and interact with the chat input box
(click on Auto-Focus to hide the chat, Clear to clean the chat log (helps when chat is lagging.)
B (LETTER B) Open the Radial Menu
M (LETTER M) Open the Main Menu
F7 (FUNCTION KEY 7) Open the Help Menu
7 (NUMBER 7) Toggle In-Game Camera
8 (NUMBER 8) Open/Close Vehicle Menu
Toggle Cruise / Autopilot Control (letter Z on QWERTZ Keyboards)
F8 (FUNCTION KEY 8) Opens the Console. (Type "quit" and press the "Enter" key to quit the game.)
H (LETTER H) Attach the trailer (Hold H to detach).
- (HYPHEN), = (EQUAL), ` (BACKTICK) Turn signals in that order: left, right, both

Default Siren Controls

The server uses a custom siren control system, we call it Emergency Siren Control, or ESC for short.

Toggle Lights Horn Key (E or LS)
Toggle Sirens Cinematic Camera Key (R)

The siren is only active as long as the lights are turned on.