Tycoon Premium

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Tycoon Premium is an account license that offers multiple bonuses and perks.

How do I get Tycoon Premium?

Tycoon Premium can be obtained in multiple ways:

You will receive a Premium Package when you buy it.
To find and use the package go to your inventory (M -> Inventory) and select the Premium Package
Once used, your tycoon premium will immediately activate.

Once the Premium Package has been used, it cannot be traded anymore.

How long does the Premium license last?

Tycoon Premium lasts 30 days from the time of activation. If you activate a new premium license during that time, it will not extend the existing duration, but will start the 30 days over again. For Patreon, Premium will last for as long as the membership lasts.

Tycoon Premium perks

As a Premium member you will receive the following perks:

  • Access to Premium Vehicles.
  • A Global 15% inventory size increase. This includes player inventory, vehicle trunks and storage units.
  • A star next to your name in chat. (Activate in M -> Player Options -> Chat Appearance)
  • A special title and icon in the player list. (Activate in M -> Player Options -> Chat Appearance)
  • Access to Premium Trucking Routes.
  • Access to the "Take to Trunk" and "Dump Trunk" option in storage units.


If for some reason you do not receive a Premium Package when purchasing, relog immediately. Upon relogging, you should now properly see the package in your inventory


  • Premium used to also give a global 50% Experience increase, this was removed with the fresh start.