Garbage Collector

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The Garbage Collector Garbage emoji.png may sound like a dirty job, but this job provides decent pay and lots of experience in various fields. It's also one of better ways to gain experience in Strength.

Getting Started

  • Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and select the Garbage Collector job.
  • Purchase a trashmaster truck from the Car Dealership.
  • Head to the Garbage Center Garbage Center.png point located in Paleto Bay (Level 1 routes).
  • Start a garbage route by pressing E, drive to the dedicated markers Garbage Bag.png to collect trash bags.
  • Pick up trash bags with E, go to the back of the garbage collector truck and press E to place them inside.
  • Finish route by collecting all bags and gain a big bonus at the end.
  • Once your capacity is full head over to any Waste Dropoff Waste Dropoff.png and press E to unload your truck.
  • When your level is high enough you can start higher tier routes. (For more information refer to Tier Map)
For working as Garbage Collector you will gain experience in Garbage Collection, Trucking, Player and Strength skills.

Extra Information

  • Higher tier routes give more experience and pay more money so make sure to go to higher tier zone after unlocking it.
  • The higher your garbage collection skill is, the more capacity your trash truck will have, meaning you will be able to more efficiently do routes.
  • Garbage Collector jobs also gives EXP Tokens to Garbage Collections, Trucking and Player that can be converted into Bonus EXP.
  • Waste Dropoff Waste Dropoff.png points are located in the same place as Garbage Centers. Garbage Center.png
  • The Beach Cleaner job can also be used to level up your garbage skill.

Tier Map

Tier Location Required Garbage Collector Level Additional Info
[1] Paleto Bay 1 (Starting Location)
[2] Portland 10 (Liberty City)
[3] Staunton Island 20 (Liberty City)
[4] Shoreside Vale 30 (Liberty City)
[5] Blaine Country 40
[6] Lago Zancudo 50
[7] East Vinewood 60
[8] West Vinewood 70
[9] Palomino Highlands 80
[10] Central Los Santos 90

GC Map.png


Unlock Garbage Collector Level requirement
You can now get Garbage routes in Paleto Bay 0
Unlocked the Beach Cleaner side-job 0
You can now get garbage routes in Portland 10
You can now use the Streamroller for Beach Cleanup 16
You can now get Garbage routes in Staunton Island 20
You can now get Garbage routes in Shoreside Vale 30
You can now use the Bulldozer for Beach Cleanup 32
You can now get Garbage routes in Blaine County 40
You can now get Garbage routes in Lago Zancudo 50
You can now get Garbage routes in East Vinewood 60
You can now use the Quarry Truck for Beach Cleanup 64
You can now get Garbage routes in West Vinewood 70
You can now get Garbage routes in Palomino Highlands 80
You can now use the Grader for Beach Cleanup 80
You can now get Garbage routes in Central Los Santos 90