Garbage Collector

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The Garbage CollectorGarbage emoji.png may sound like a dirty job, but this job provides decent pay and experience. I hear if you collect all the garbage points you get a bonus!

Getting Started

  • Head to the recycling center.Garbage Center.png
  • Start a garbage route, drive to the dedicated markersGarbage Marker.png to collect trash.
  • Once your capacity is full head over to any drop off to unload your truck.Garbage Drop.png

Extra information

  • The higher your garbage collection skill is, the more capacity your trash truck will have, meaning you will be able to more efficiently do a full route.
  • When completing the full route you will get a big Bonus at the end.
  • You will also get Skill Tokens for every Trash Marker you pickup
  • The Beach Cleaner job can also be used to level up your garbage skill.