Street Racer

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As a Street RacerRacing emoji.png , you can compete against other players times on community-made race courses.



Icon:  Description:
thumb frameless
An available race that you can do
thumb frameless
A race you have completed
thumb frameless
A race where you hold the world record
thumb frameless
The next checkpoint

Race Types

Icon:  Description:
All Vehicle Race.png All Vehicle Race
Aerial Race.png Aerial Race
Bicycle Race.png Bicycle Race
Boat Race.png Boat Race
Motorcycle Race.png Motorcycle Race
Off-Road Race.png Off-Road Race
Orienteering.png Orienteering (Foot Race)
Street Race.png Street Race

Race Information

Racing 5.png

An example race start showing various details about the race


The name of the race course, given by the author when creating it.


The author (or creator) of the course has their name shown at the start line.

Personal Best:

This shows your personal best time for this race course, and the vehicle you used at the time.

World Record:

This displays the current fastest time set for the course and the name of the user that achieved it.


There are a couple of different classes that each race course can cater to. You are unable to use vehicles that are not in those classes.

Some classes may contain multiple types of vehicles, here are some of them:

Aircraft Allows Planes and Helicopters
Cars Allows all types of cars
All Allows any type of vehicle
Land Allows cars, motorcycles and bicycles
Average Allows vehicles in Compacts, Sedans, SUVs and Coupes
Sports Allows vehicles in Sports Classics and Sports
Racing Allows vehicles in Muscle, Sports Classics, Sports and Supersports
Industrial Allows vehicles in Industrial, Utility, Vans, Service and Commercial
Emergency Allows emergency and military vehicles

Race HUD

Racing 6.png

The Race HUD shows you information about the current race you’re in.

Race Title The name of the race course
Author The name of the creator of the course
Position Your current position in the race
Checkpoint Your progress in the current race
Time Your current time

Creating racecourses

You can create your own custom courses with the in-game Race Builder tool.

Note that courses have to be reviewed before being added for public use.

There is also a non-refundable fee of $25,000,000 to submit a course for review. Your course is not guaranteed to be verified.

How to access the Race Builder

Access the Race Builder by typing /race_builder menu into the chat.

Note: This tool is only available on Server 5.

Menu Description

There are a lot of options in the Race Builder, here’s a summary of each one:

Place Checkpoint Places a checkpoint at your current location.
Place Finish Places the finish line at your current location. Every course needs a finish line.
Place Start Places the course start at your current location. This is where players start the course.
Print Track Stats Shows information about the course in the chat for you to review.
Publish Track Saves and publishes the track for review.

Please note the $25,000,000 fee.

Set Checkpoint Settings Opens a submenu where you can alter how checkpoints appear.
Set Name Allows you to change the name of the course. Do not include your name, and give the course a proper name.
Set Vehicle Classes Opens a submenu where you can change which types and classes of vehicles are allowed to race.
Undo Removes the previous checkpoint, finish line, or start you placed.


For your course to be verified after you publish it, it should at least adhere to some of these guidelines:

  1. Give the course a proper name!
    a. The course name cannot contain special characters.
    - It can only contain letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-), parentheses (,) and spaces ( ).
    b. Do not include your name in the course name.
  2. Lay out the checkpoints in a proper fashion
    a. Proper checkpoint layout means the player knows where the course is taking them in advance.
    b. Do not spam checkpoints.
    c. Players should be able to always see the next checkpoint from the previous.
    d. The Start line should be laid out in a way so the player knows which way the course goes from the start.
  3. The course should not go into territory where the racers are an obstruction to players doing jobs (Such as airports, runways, sellers/buyers, etc..)
    a. Airports are totally off limits.
    b. Other high-traffic job areas are also off limits.
  4. Make sure the course is fun or challenging in a good way.
  5. Do not copy existing courses.
    a. Reversed courses are OK, as they bring a different set of challenges from the original.
  6. When creating a race, don’t place the starting line on an existing one.
    a. Just don’t.
  7. You are not eligible for a refund after publishing a course.
    a. You can request a course to be removed.
    - You do not receive a refund for this.
    b. Your course is not guaranteed to be verified.
    - You do not receive a refund if the course is not verified.
    c. We reserve the right to remove your course even after being verified.
    - You do not receive a refund for this.