Street Racer

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You do not earn any money from this Job.

As a Street RacerRacing emoji.png , you can compete against other players' times on race courses.
Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and choose the Street Racer job.

As a racer, you are in a separate 'racing' instance. You will no longer see AI cars and non-racers. To get out of this instance, switch to any other job.

Gaining Experience

In a nutshell: Unless you are trying to break class/personal/world record: Go 80km/h (50mph) or faster for optimal experience gain.

One would assume that going as fast as possible is beneficial for experience gain, however there is a complicated formula behind the calculation of experience. Essentially it boils down to the following: Going 80km/h (50mph) is the most optimal for experience gain. At this speed you will gain a base 0.6 experience per second. Going any slower will result in less experience being gained. Going any faster will give the same amount of experience as going 80km/h (50mph).



Icon Description
thumb frameless
An available race that you can do
thumb frameless
A race you have completed
thumb frameless
A race where you hold the world record
thumb frameless
The next checkpoint

Race Types

Racing was reworked on June 6th, 2022 and all old races were removed. As a result, there are currently only Land street races. You can now use all types of vehicles for these street races. For every type of class, they have a class record which is separate from the world record.

Icon Description
Street Race.png Street Race

Race Information

Racing 5.png

An example race start showing various details about the race

Race Title The name of the race course
Name The name of the race course, given by the author when creating it
Class The class limitation applied to the race. Currently only Land Vehicle races are available
Author The author (or creator) of the course has their name shown at the start line
Personal Best This shows your personal best time for this race course, and the vehicle you used at the time
Class PB This shows your personal best in the current vehicle class you are using
World Record This displays the current fastest time set for the course and the name of the user that achieved it
Class Record This displays the current fastest time set for the course and the name of the user that achieved it, in the current vehicle class you are using

Racing Circuits

Currently there are 13 Races available. See the following list for further details and start locations.
When you drive in the start circle and stand still, you get a preview of the first checkpoint so you can align yourself properly.

Hover over the racetrack names to see the circuit maps.
Name of the Race Number of Checkpoints Laps Circuit Length Possible Duration
Alamo Sea Rally
Alamo Sea Rally.png
139 3 8.70 mi 14 min 10 sec
Banham Canyon DR Loop
Banham Canyon DR Loop.png
54 1 3.25 mi 3 min 57 sec
Grand Senora Mountain Rally
Grand Senora Mountain Rally.png
32 1 1.71 mi 1 min 47 sec
Hard Wood Circuit
Hard Wood Circuit.png
67 1 5.29 mi 6 min 33 sec
Intercity Dash
Intercity Dash.png
36 1 3.03 mi 3 min 15 sec
LS Highway Loop
LS Highway Loop.png
25 1 3.89 mi 4 min 20 sec
Mirror Park Mirror
Miror Park Mirror.png
28 3 1.94 mi 2 min 25 sec
Nothern Vinewood Loop
Nothern Vinewood Loop.png
44 1 1.94 mi 2 min 45 sec
The Eraser Circuit
The Eraser Circuit.png
69 1 8.17 mi 9 min 25 sec
University GP
University GP.png
41 1 2.17 mi 2 min 52 sec
Vinewood Sign Loop
Vinewood Sign Loop.png
30 1 1.99 mi 2 min 30 sec
Wind Farm Climb
Wind Farm Climb.png
76 1 1.61 mi 3 min 10 sec
Grapeseed Shuffle 26 1 1.91 mi 1 min 30 sec
Your vehicle damage will reset after every checkpoint you pass in the race and you will get 1L of fuel in your vehicle for each checkpoint.


Currently, as of the rework in Racing done on June 6th, 2022, there are only Land races. Previously, races could be limited to certain categories or classes. This is no longer the case. All land vehicles can be used as long as the vehicle is not blacklisted.

Race HUD

Racing 6.png

The Race HUD shows you information about the current race you’re in.

Race Title The name of the race course
Checkpoint Current checkpoint / Total checkpoints
WR How far in front or behind you are of the World Record
CR How far in front or behind you are of the Vehicle Class Record
PB How far in front or behind you are of your own Personal Best
Time A timer showing your current time in the race


Unlock Racing Level Requirement
Unlocked the (ability to use) Jester vehicle upgrade 10
Unlocked the (ability to use) Schafter vehicle upgrade 15
Unlocked the (ability to use) Spritzer vehicle upgrade 30
Unlocked the (ability to use) Asterope vehicle upgrade 30
Unlocked the (ability to use) ZR-350 vehicle upgrade 40
Unlocked the Exoskeleton 100
Unlocked the Lego Senna 500K EXP

World Record Ghost

It's possible to visualize the pace of the world record vehicle (regardless of class). This can be enabled and disabled with the /racing_ghost_enable and /racing_ghost_disable commands respectively. The ghost is not accurate in its movement (it mimics your own movement), but it gives a general visual idea of the pace of the current world record.