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Upgrade kits are one of the newest additions to Transport Tycoon! These kits allow you to upgrade a car to a new car via certain locations around the map! Currently, there are a few ways to obtain upgrade kit chests. All information is below.

Ways to obtain upgrade kits

  1. Prospecting - This is the most common way of receiving an upgrade kit, however, the chance of getting one is low. (Don't expect to get one quickly, may take hours-days depending on your luck.)
  2. Daily Chests - This is another way of getting an upgrade kit however having a much lower chance of receiving it. (Daily Chests are obtained automatically when you log in to the Server every day.
  3. Player To Player - This is the easiest way to obtain upgrade kits. (Can only be done via marketplace as upgrade kits are untradeable! )

There are also multiple locations where cars can be upgraded. These locations vary from car to car depending on the type. (e.g sport/super etc) If you are in a car that's able to upgrade, a blip on your in-game map will appear showing you the upgrade station location.


All Upgradable Cars

There are many cars that can only be obtained through upgrading a car. Cars can require both an upgrade kit and money to upgrade. A vehicle shipment indicates the original car can only be made or obtained from car shipments which can be found in the F7 menu. After upgrading, some cars can be upgraded again to an even better car.

Vehicle Upgrade Kit Cost
Blista (Go Go Monkey) Blista Compact - $100,000 ($100K)
⮑ Blista T/A Blista (Go Go Monkey) Upgrade Kit (Go Go Monkey Blista) -
Deluxo GT Deluxo GT Upgrade Kit (Deluxo GT) (25 Spaceship parts) -
Futo GT Hatch Futo (Vehicle shipment) - $400,000 ($400K)
⮑ Futo T/A Futo GT Hatch Upgrade Kit (Futo GT Hatch) -
Rampant Rocket Hotknife Upgrade Kit (Hotknife) $90,000,000 ($90M)
Drag King Rampent Rocket Upgrade Kit (Rampant Rocket) -
Jester Racecar Jester Upgrade Kit Jester $500,000 ($500k)
Jester V12 Super Secret Jester Classic Upgrade Kit (Jester classic) -
Kuruma T/A Mk1 Kuruma Upgrade Kit (Kuruma) -
⮑ Kuruma T/A Mk2 Kuruma T/A Mk1 Upgrade Kit (Kuruma Mk1) -
Phantom Custom Phantom - $10,000,000 ($10M)
⮑ Phantom Wedge Phantom Custom - $50,000,000,000 ($50B)
Primo Custom Primo Upgrade Kit (Primo) $4,000,000 ($4M)
⮑ Primo V12 Club Racer Primo Custom Upgrade Kit (Primo Custom) -
Hyperion RE-7B Upgrade Kit (RE-7B) -
Oppressor MK1 Ruffian Upgrade Kit (Ruffian) -
⮑ Oppressor F/S Oppressor Mk1 Upgrade Kit (Mk1) (100 Spaceship parts) -
Spritzer STR Schafter V12 Upgrade Kit (schafter V12) $1,250,000 ($1.25M)
⮑ Spritzer DTM Spritzer STR Upgrade Kit (spritzer STR) -
Stromberg Specials Unit Stromberg Upgrade Kit (Stromberg) -
Sultan R Sultan Upgrade Kit (Sultan) $500,000 ($500k)
⮑ Sultan RS Sultan R Upgrade Kit (Sultan R) -
Rocket Voltic Voltic Upgrade Kit (Voltic) -
ZR-350 T/A ZR-350 (Vehicle Shipment) - $1,000,000,000 ($1B)
Hauler Custom Hauler - $2,000,000 ($2M)
⮑ Mk15 Hauler Custom - $10,000,000,000 ($10B)
Asterope RS Asterope - $26,000,000 ($26M)
8F D-Street 8F Drafter - $5,000,000,000 ($5B)