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The white circle on the map indicates that there's an EXP Boost hidden somewhere in this circle. It will only appear when you get close to it so grab a digiscanner, your favorite vehicle, and get hunting!


Inside the white zone, there is a Medi-kit Boosticon.png hidden somewhere within that area. They are mostly in, below, or on houses.

  • The Hidden EXP Boost makes a beeping sound. The closer you are, the louder you will hear it.
  • If you do not currently have a 15% bonus experience active, you will receive one automatically activated when you collect an EXP Boost.
  • If you have an active 15% Boost and gather another one, you will receive the physical boosts in your inventory, such as 5%, 10%, and 15%. You can also come upon them at random while traveling. (Active Exp bonus can be viewed from the M menu → Identity.)

How to find Hidden Exp Boosts

The Informant

Head to the City Hall City Hall.png and on the EAST side of the building down a set of stairs you will find the informant, aka Monke


For a small fee of $75,000 the informant will give you a location of an EXP boost.




The other method is a handy tool called the Digiscanner which can be obtained from:

When using the Digiscanner, the bars will turn blue when there is an EXP Boost in that direction, so follow that blue light until the bars fill up and it will lead you right to the EXP Boost. Its range is about ~500m / 0,3 miles

The best method is to combine both of these two tools together!

Benefits of collecting EXP Boosts

Not only will you get a good stash of EXP boosts in your inventory but also:

  • Collecting 100 EXP Boosts unlocks the Spacedocker vehicle and can be purchased from the car dealership for FREE.
  • It also allows you to use the (Flying) Deluxo when you collect 100 EXP Boosts.
  • Collecting 500 EXP Boosts unlocks a MONKE Chat Title and a permanent 25% EXP boost.
  • Collecting 10,000 (10K) EXP Boosts unlocks a ZULU Chat Title.
  • EXP Boosts can be redeemed for your own benefit or sold on the Marketplace for some cash.

Spaceship Parts

Similar to collecting EXP Boosts. However, In order to collect Spaceship Parts, It is done through:

  • Using the Spacedocker, which allows you to receive Spaceship Parts when collecting EXP Boosts.
  • Alternatively, there is also the Oppressor F/S that can allow you to locate Spaceship Parts as well!
The last vehicle entered must be either the Spacedocker or the F/S to be able to get a spaceship part in your inventory
You can borrow the Oppressor F/S from a friend as it isn’t locked like the Spacedocker!

Spaceship Parts can be used at:

See the table below for information on how to obtain these vehicles.

Boost Hunting Vehicles

Original Car Upgraded Car Upgraded Again Requirements
Deluxo GT (Flying) Deluxo N/A Deluxo GT → Deluxo = 25 SPACESHIP PARTS / 100 EXP BOOSTS NEEDED TO DRIVE!
Ruffian Oppressor MK1 Oppressor F/S Ruffian → Oppressor MK1 = Upgrade Kit

MK1 → Oppressor F/S = 100 Spaceship parts.

Market (Alien Workshop)

The Market (Alien Workshop) is a marketplace located near the Quarry where you can buy certain items using in-game money or Spaceship Parts.

  • The Alien Upgrade Station Alien Upgrade Station is also located at the same location but the icon will only appear on the map when you're in an upgradable vehicle.

List of vehicles that can be upgraded at the Alien Upgrade Station:

  • Deluxo GT
  • Hotknife
  • Rampent Rocket
  • Ruffian
  • Oppressor Mk1
  • Voltic


Alien US.png


Here is a list of what you can get from the Alien Workshop:

Item Price
Upgrade Kit (Deluxo GT) 25x Spaceship Parts
Upgrade Kit (Oppressor F/S) 100x Spaceship Parts
EXP Bonus: 5% (1 Day) 5x Spaceship Parts
EXP Bonus: 5% (2 Hours) 4x Spaceship Parts
EXP Bonus: 5% (1 Week) 15x Spaceship Parts
EXP Bonus: 10% (90 Minutes) 3x Spaceship Parts
EXP Bonus: 15% (1 Hour) 2x Spaceship Parts
EXP Bonus: 50% (30 Minutes) $1.00B ($
Digiscanner 10x Spaceship Parts
45x Spaceship Parts


Unlock Boosts Collected
Picked up your first EXP Boost! 1
Unlocked the Space Docker and Spaceship Part collecting 100
Unlocked the Deluxo GT vehicle upgrade 100
You now get a permanent passive bonus to all earned experience (25%) 500
Unlocked the MONKE Chat Title[1] 500
Unlocked the ZULU Chat Title[1] 10K
  1. 1.0 1.1 At 1000 collections, an option is added to show boosts collected in your Chat Title.