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The PostOPPostOP emoji.png job is a tiered job that has an aircraft and ground delivery route. You can choose to depart from the PostOP HQ with a truck full of packages. Maybe you feel like flying? Well go on and buy a PostOP aircraft (there’s five!) and deliver packages to multiple airports.

In order to gain PostOP Experience, you need to do PostOP Air Delivery.
PostOP ground only gives Bonus EXP Tokens.

PostOP Delivery Driver

  1. Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and change your job to PostOP employee.
  2. Make sure you buy the PostOP truck from the Vehicle Shop!Car Dealer.png
  3. Head over to the PostOP HQ, marked by a blue package icon near the docks.PostOP HQ.png
  4. PostOP Ground Location.png
  5. Drive into the large blue circle to go on duty, then drive into the white circle to the right to pick up mail.
    • The mail will start flowing into your inventory. If you want to fill the trunk as well, have the trunk open. This can be done with B → Trunk or M → Car Options → Access Trunk.
    • Keep an eye on the bars to the left of your minimap to quickly see how full you are. The whiter the bar, the fuller.
  6. Proceed with the routes that are marked via the map.Mail Marker.png
The mail has to be in your inventory when delivering. If you don't have enough mail, or when the mail is in your trunk, the marker will still disappear without rewarding tokens!
  • You will get 10 EXP Tokens (PostOP) for each mail delivered (2-4 per stop).
  • You will get 2500 EXP Tokens (PostOP) if you finish the complete route.
You will not receive any money from doing PostOP ground. You can however convert the Exp Tokens into bonus EXP and sell this to players via the Marketplace or by trading face to face.

PostOP Vehicles

Level requirement/s Name Price Capacity Fuel Top Speed in mph
Postop box truck.png
$30.000 300kg 70L (Petrol) 71.25
Postop mule.png
$100.000 800kg 280L (Diesel) 70.25

PostOP Air Delivery

You must have level 5 Cargo Pilot to do PostOP Air Deliveries!
  1. Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and change your job to PostOP Employee.
  2. Purchase a PostOP aircraft from the LSIA Aircraft Dealership.
  3. Load up packages by taxiing to the PostOP Start Icon Postop Start.png at the airport South of Buccaneer Way.
  4. PostOP Air Location.png
  5. Fly the packages to the designated airport, indicated by the same icon Postop Start.png .
  6. Unload your packages. After unloading you will receive money, PostOP, and Cargo Pilot experience.
  7. Continue your route until your capacity (indicated on the right side of your minimap) is empty.
    • Return to the PostOP airport if you wish to load and deliver more packages.
If at any point during an active route you leave your aircraft, you will have 60 seconds to re-enter the aircraft, otherwise your route will be abandoned.

PostOP Airplanes

Below are the requirements and costs of all available PostOP Aircraft.

The Weight Capacity mentioned below is not the actual trunk storage of the aircraft. Its weight value is only used within the PostOP job.
These planes are therefore not suitable for storing large amounts of weighted items.
Name (hover for image) Price Level Requirement Weight Capacity
$650,000 PostOP Level 1
Cargo Level 5
PostOp Titan
$2,400,000 PostOP Level 20
Cargo Level 20
W-878 PostOP
Missing car.jpg
$45,000,000 PostOP Level 40
Cargo Level 40
PostOP Jet
Missing car.jpg
$150,000,000 PostOP Level 60
Cargo Level 60


Unlock PostOP Level requirement
You can do PostOP deliveries with the Boxville or Mule 1
You can do PostOP deliveries with Dodo (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 5) 1
You can do PostOP deliveries with PostOp Titan (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 20) 20
You can do PostOP deliveries with W-878 PostOP (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 40) 40
You can do PostOP deliveries with PostOP Jet (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 60) 60

Airport Destination Overview

You can refer to the following map for an overview of all airports with their identification codes and MAIN, SIDE and JET runways.


Some destinations are not on the map, such as seaports when using the Dodo

See Also

  • Courier, gives negligible amounts of PostOP experience.