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The Marketplace Marketplace.png is the quickest and safest method of trading items with other players. The Marketplace can be used to sell almost any item in Transport Tycoon with no player-interaction required!



The marketplace Marketplace.png is also accessible on numerous other locations across the map.

How to use

Press E when in range of the marketplace circle; this will open the marketplace menu with the following selections:

  • Buy an item - This selection will let you search for an item in the marketplace.
  • View all items - This selection will show all the listings on the marketplace.
  • Sell an item - This selection allows you to select and sell one or more of an item for a price of your choice. (Pressing LEFT ARROW on an item places multiple listings at once).
  • Redeem sold listings - This selection allows you to collect your take of the money from sold listings.
  • Show my listings - This selection allows you to view your current listings. This allows you to take an item off the marketplace if you no longer want to sell it (only if the product has not yet been sold and 48 hours has passed.)

Other ways to access Marketplace

You can access more marketplace locations through Factions and Businesses.

You can also access the marketplace through the M menu:

M → Player Options  → Marketplace


M → Phone/Services  → Marketplace

Note: If you use the M menu marketplace you can only purchase and sell weightless items, all other features will work as normal.


Important things to note when using the marketplace:

  • When you put an item up for sale on the marketplace you will be charged a 5% service fee ($50 per $1000 of the price of the item.)
  • Some items such as trucking/piloting cargo or company items can not be listed on marketplace.
  • Your listings will automatically expire after 14 days and will no longer be visible on the marketplace.
  • If an item you put on the marketplace sells, you will receive 90% of the sale price. So if you put something on the marketplace for $10,000 you will receive $9,000.
  • The max price for a single marketplace listing is 10 billion dollars.
  • You are only able to list 100,000 items per listing.
  • You can only have a maximum of 50 listings.
  • You can’t purchase your own listings.