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FarmingFarming emoji.png is one of the Jobs (and skills) available in Transport Tycoon. As a farmer, you are responsible for harvesting and selling crops. You have the choice of farming in Paleto Bay or Grapeseed. Both areas have multiple fields that can be bought provided that you have the level for the field. Like any tiered job, your pay will depend heavily on your progress within the skill.

Just looking for a map with all fields? Click here.

Getting Started

To get started you will need to visit any Job CenterJobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) to choose the farmer job.

Once you have the farmer job, head to one of the farms (Paleto Bay or Grapeseed) and start your duty on the farm Farm.png .
As a fresh farmer, you won't have the privilege of choosing what crop to start with. You will have to begin with a grain field. You start with one free grain field; check your map for an owned field Owned Field.png .

Starting the Harvest

It is suggested for new farmers to start farming in Paleto Bay due to the proximity of blips compared to Grapeseed.

To begin farming on the grain field, you will need to know about the following:

  • For harvesting, you will need a combine harvester.
    • A combine harvester can be spawned at both farms, or it can be purchased from the Vehicle Dealership Car Dealer.png .
  • For collecting the harvest, you will need a tractor connected to a hopper (trailer).
    • Tractors can occasionally spawn on the farms. Otherwise, a tractor can be purchased at the Vehicle Dealership.
    • A hopper can be spawned at the farm.
      • You can also continue using the harvester to collect the harvest. If you wish to do this, stay in the harvester, drive on top of the hopper spawner and spawn the hopper. The hopper will attach to your harvester. You will not be able to manually re-attach the harvester later on, so when you're done, unattach (hold H) and Zdelete the hopper.

Enter the grain field with the combine harvester and press G to start harvesting. You will start seeing yellow circles pop up behind you. These yellow circles can later be collected with a tractor and hopper trailer. Once you feel like you have enough circles, get your tractor and attach your hopper trailer. Lower the hopper (G). Drive over the circles. The hopper trailer will start collecting grain. Once the hopper trailer is full, drive to a grain silo Grain Silos.png to drop off your grain. The grain silo, bale selling point, and fruit stand have the same icon, so make sure you are at a grain silo.

You just successfully completed a full farm cycle. Repeating this process will earn you Farming levels and cash.


Grain can also be packed into bales at the marked Baling Machines Baling Machine.png . Simply place the Hopper within the marked area and it will convert Grain into Bales. When it's done converting, get a bale trailer Bale Trailer.png (from the farm) and pick them up the same way you picked up the grain with the hopper trailer. Take the bales to the marked Bale Selling Point and sell them there.

New Fields

Of course, there are a lot more crops than just grain. For example, you unlock grass at level 9. Grass cannot be harvested with a tractor.

Grass is usually cut with a mower. This is no different in Transport Tycoon. Once you reach level 9, find the lawnmower spawn marker and buy one of the grass fields. From now on the process is almost the same as with grain. Press G and start driving around. Once you feel like you have enough, grab a tractor with a hopper trailer attached. Drive over the markers until the hopper is full. You can now sell the cut grass at the grain silo Grain Silos.png .

New Equipment

Level 45 unlocks the grain brigade truck. The brigade truck can be bought at a dealership. The difference between these and the regular equipment is that the level 45 variants can harvest faster and have a bigger capacity.

Weed Farming (Level 81+)

Now that you've unlocked Grandma's Weed Farm, things change a little in how we process our crops. We move down to a smaller vehicle (the Caddy harvester) and we work in a much smaller area.

The idea is more or less the same, you press G and drive around the 'field' with your equipment, then drive over the markers with the Grain truck before taking it to the Fruit stand to sell!

To start as a weed farmer, first head to the Farmhouse Farm.png and start work as a farmer as you usually would, then grab a vehicle and drive over to Grandma's House which you can find on the map here

Once you're at the location you will see 3 vehicle spawners beside the weed tunnel, spawn the Caddy Harvester from the left spawner and head over to the left side of the tunnel (the grass, not inside the tunnel)

Lower your harvester with G and start driving in a circle for as long as you can, the large Grain truck can take 60,000 weed and each green marker is 10,000 weed, so you can start by doing 6 markers to begin with (you can do more, for as long as you want to).

Once you have gained enough markers spawn your Grain truck from the vehicle spawner at Grandma's House (unlocked via buying the Grandma's House business) and drive your Grain truck over the markers as you normally would for all previous farming levels. (press G, drive over the markers)

You can then take the truck to the Fruit Stand Grain Silos.png which is down on the coast of the Alamo Sea (check the map and then drive back to Grandma's House and repeat!


Level requirement/s Name Price Fuel Top Speed in mph
$20.000 280L (Diesel)
$55.000 280L (Diesel) 33.25
LVL 45
Brickade Grain Truck
Brickade Grain Truck.png
$200.000 280L (Diesel)

Level requirements

Farming Crop Level Needed Sell Location


1 Grain Silo
Bales 3 Bale Selling Point
Grass 9 Grain Silo
Corn 18 Grain Silo
Watermelons 27 Fruit Stand
Strawberries 36 Fruit Stand
Oranges 45 Fruit Stand
Peaches 54 Fruit Stand
Tomatoes 63 Fruit Stand
Grapes 72 Fruit Stand
Weed 81 Fruit Stand


Unlock Farming Level requirement
You can now operate the Tractor and accessories for it 1
You can now harvest from Grain fields 1
You can now convert Grain into Bales for selling 3
You can now operate the Mower 9
You can now cut and sell Grass from fields 9
You can now harvest from Corn fields 18
You can now harvest Watermelons 27
You can now harvest from Strawberry fields 36
You can now harvest Oranges from trees 45
You can now operate the Brickade Grain Truck 45
You can now harvest Peaches from trees 54
You can now harvest from Tomato fields 63
You can now harvest Grapes at the vineyard 72
Unlocked the Weed field 81

Farming Maps (by Ti-Mobeil)

Click on the farming maps to view them in full size

TT FARMER JOB - FIELDS MAP v1.2 (4300x4000).jpg

TT FARMER JOB - FIELDS MAP v1.2 -B&W- (4300x4000).jpg