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Welcome to Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon is about transporting goods, people, and materials across San Andreas in trucks, planes, cars, and more! While doing this, you will have the opportunity to purchase vehicles, a home, outfits, or even purchase Businesses and gain residual income.

Level up your careers; you can be a Pilot, a Truck driver, you can deliver mail or even become an EMS and help people--AI and players alike! There are many jobs to choose from!

Getting Started; Trucker job and Strength Levels

This requires a bit of explanation because it can be tricky at first. When you are starting fresh, you can ONLY transport cargo labelled ‘Tools’ because your inventory size isn’t big enough to carry anything else; you can improve this by gaining Strength levels. You can check your skill levels by pressing M, then selecting ‘Skills’ from the menu.

For each level of Strength you achieve, you gain 10kg of inventory space on your player, which is separate from your vehicle’s capacity. Because you start in the server with level 1 strength, you start with 10kgs of Player inventory capacity.

Vehicle inventory is a critical part of the server and is used in a lot of jobs. You may access your vehicle’s inventory to store and retrieve items. Open the menu by pressing M→Vehicle Options→Access Trunk→Put→(loads chosen items from the player’s inventory into the vehicle’s inventory).

Tools are 1 kg each, whereas Erasers, the next tier of cargo, weigh 3 kgs each and each higher cargo tier weighs more. You can increase your Strength level, and therefore inventory size, most efficiently by continuing to do trucking jobs, particularly transporting Erasers as cargo in a (the bigger the better) Trailer. 

If you try to load in a cargo that is a greater size than your inventory, you will see “inventory full” in the bottom left of the screen above the minimap. You can check all the stats for cargo in the FAQ section of these guides.

To get started, you will need to:

  1. Head to on of the job centers JobCenter.png .
  2. Select the trucker job.
  3. Drive to the car dealership Car Dealer.png and purchase a Speedo Express under Job Vehicles (IT’S FREE).
  4. Drive to the trucking merchant that sells (CARGO: TOOLS). See map below.
  5. Purchase as many tools as you can fit in your inventory/trunk. Just open the trunk of your Vehicle with M → Car Options → Access Trunk and all item will go into it instead of your Inventory. If you dont open the Trunk the items will be put in your Inventory.
  6. Deliver/sell your cargo to the (CARGO: TOOLS) merchant. This process is the same as buying, except you are putting the tools in your inventory from your trunk. Remember, buy from the Seller, then sell to the Buyer.
    *If you can afford a trailer, you can spawn a truck cab at the docks by Post OP.*

If these icons do not appear on your map, change your job and then change back to Trucker(Commercial)