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Blessing's Showcase

Blessing's are emoticons that can be chosen to be shown in front of your name in the in-game chat. They are also known as Chat Prefix's.

For more info's about how to get and use them visit the Wiki Page Prefix's

Here a overview of known Blessing's:

Prefix Blessing Name
🐜 Ant
🐻 Bear
🌼 Blossom
🐑 Blowfish
πŸ› Bug
πŸ¦‹ Butterfly
πŸͺ Camel
πŸŒ™ Crescent Moon
πŸ¦— Cricket
πŸ’¨ Dashing Away
πŸ• Dog
πŸ‰ Dragon
🐲 Dragon Face
πŸ¦† Duck
🐘 Elephant
πŸ‘ Ewe
πŸ”₯ Fire
πŸ€ Four Leaf Clover
Prefix Blessing Name
🦊 Fox
πŸ₯ Front-Facing Baby Chick
πŸ¦’ Giraffe
🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia
🐐 Goat
πŸ¦” Hedgehog
🦘 Kangaroo
🐨 Koala
πŸŒ— Last Quarter Moon
πŸƒ Leaf Fluttering in Wind
πŸ¦™ Llama
🍁 Maple Leaf
🦟 Mosquito
🐁 Mouse
🐭 Mouse Face
🐼 Panda
🐷 Pig Face
🐽 Pig Nose
Prefix Blessing Name
πŸ– Pig
🎍 Pine Decoration
🦝 Raccoon
πŸ€ Rat
πŸ“ Rooster
🌠 Shooting Star
🐍 Snake
β›„ Snowman Without Snow
β˜ƒοΈ Snowman
✨ Sparkles
🐚 Spiral Shell
β›… Sun Behind Cloud
🌞 Sun With Face
πŸ¦‚ Scorpion
🌾 Sheaf of Rice
🦒 Swan
πŸ¦ƒ Turkey
πŸŒ’ Waxing Crescent Moon