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  • Sirens now stay on after you exit your vehicle


  • Added new aircraft and vehicle garages at LSIA
  • Added a garage at Simeon's Dealership


  • Added a new custom Emoji system to the chat
  • Added all Tycoon Gaming Discord Emotes as in-game emotes (same name :heh:)


  • Balanced more trucking cargo types based on user feedback (thank you users!)
  • Removed a duplicate bus stop from LC4
  • Added missing Passenger Train start point (T4)

Bugfixes: (Thank you to our Bug Buster team)

  • Fixed fuel not being disabled
  • Re-added LC Job Center
  • Fixed tier 100 Del Perro Pier chat prefixes
  • Removed an old repair point from under paleto bay airport
  • Cargo train no longer breaks all notifications
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in "toggle custom gps path"


  • Added "You already have x in your inventory" in market descriptions (thank you Royal22)


  • Increased Faction Prop limit to 250, lowered prop price


  • Servers now display as using English (United States)
  • Added progress bar buttons/sliders to menu system
  • Removed debugging print from marketplace price fetcher
  • Double EXP Party now considers server ID to prevent leeching parties


  • Added a new "Chat Channel" system, cycle between channels using TAB
  • Channels allow you to send messages to your company or faction (and more!)
  • Added pop-up suggestions for several common commands
  • Removed admin-only command suggestions
  • Properly aligned the Verified icon in chat


  • Business Bonuses now display their current stack amount
  • Removed the "Landing Gear" button prompt when flying a plane
  • Est. Daily Business income is now shown in the Identity menu description
  • Total Earnings per Business is now shown on the map
  • Tweaked the Time and Day display in the top-right corner


  • Added the Phantom Wedge to the vehicle shop (1M Trucking EXP + $50B)
  • Your Garage Cooldown no longer resets when you reconnect


  • PostOP Ground missions now gives experience directly
  • Reduced the weight of Computers
  • Added a Toxic Waste x3 option to the Waste Deposit
  • Added a Create Fiberglass Spools x10 to the LS Factory
  • Added progressive playerlist titles for PostOP


  • Removed the Richman Toll's center barrier
  • Removed some fences and props from the Yellowjack area
  • Removed some fences and props from the LS Foundry area
  • Cleaned up trailers in the alley near The Secure Unit Self Storage


  • Fixed typo in The Secure Unit Self Storage
  • Fixed the Trucking HQ map blips
  • WarMenu system should no longer have bugged background controls
  • Fixed impossible EMS locations in the Paleto Bay area
  • Businesses should no longer count non-owned businesses when calculating totals
  • Fixed the /ems, /sell etc. commands not appearing in chat


  • Improved chat tunneling
  • Staff ranks no longer have unique chat colors
  • You can now earn up to 100.0 bonus experience at a time (from 25.0) using Bonus EXP items


  • Added new zDelete module
  • Use new zDelete module for vehicle auto parking
  • Re-factored the queue system for Discord API requests
  • Added dedicated Double EXP module

Commerce (Tebex):

  • Introducing our new paid storefront! (See separate announcement)
  • Added a lot of background stuff (2 months worth of work)
Total changes: 52,888 additions and 367 deletions


  • Added a new end-game Trucking route: House
 - Requires most existing trucking items to create (plus some new ones!)
  • Added a few additional items
 - Circuit Boards
 - Computers
 - Ceramic Tiles
  • Added a new drop-off location for the new House route
  • Moved the Waste Deposit to Elysian Island (from LSIA)
  • Added x10 Amalgam option to the LS Foundry
  • Show warning in recipe info if the recipe requires a trunk or storage

AI EMS / Paramedic Job:

  • You can now switch regions without losing streak progress by going to another Paramedic Station while not busy
  • All delivery locations are now shown, rather than just the recommended one
  • You now earn money from callouts
  • Rewards (money, exp, tokens) increase with your callout streak (at certain stages)
  • You can use the new Speedo Express (EMS)
  • Added a leaderboard for the highest streak, found at Mount Zonah hospital
  • A scanner notification is now shown whenever a new call is given while you're busy
  • Now shows the correct rewards you receive


  • Cleaned up props around the foundry and recycling center
  • Quality of Life changes to certain obstructing map elements
  • Added a Trucking HQ to Sandy Shores
  • Disabled all the green train signals
  • Fixed the Mt. Chiliad vehicle spawner


  • Faction Business Collector now takes 30% if you do not own the Pacific Standard Bank


  • Pacific Standard Bank no longer provides unintentional profits in the background


  • The BAT Self Storage is now publicly available
  • CollinsCo Boating automatically stops the job when you change vehicle or destroy your boat
  • Improved CollinsCo Cabbie status visuals
  • CollinsCo Boating now gives vouchers based on distance


  • Tweaked the Speedo Express
 - Added additional custom paintjobs (thanks glitchdetector)
 - Added a few News Van paintjobs (thanks War_Reporter)
 - Added additional spoiler, roof and side-panel mods (thanks TheF3nt0n for some!)
 - Paintjob order has changed, your vehicle might need to be re-painted
  • Added the Speedo Express (News) variant
 - Supports all mods available on the Speedo Express
 - Is not locked to any job (as of now)
 - Added News Van paintjobs (thanks War_Reporter)
  • Added the Speedo Express (EMS) variant (thanks TheF3nt0n and Nacho et al)
 - Supports all mods available on the Speedo Express
 - Has wee-woos (interchangeable ones!)
 - Added common paintjobs found on the existing Speedo Express
 - Added two "Northern" paintjobs based on Norwegian ambulances (thanks glitchdetector)
 - Added several custom paintjobs and converted base-game liveries (thanks Zeeb)
 - Fixed the front emergency light being stuck
  • Compiled all shared Speedo Express textures in one texture file

Los Santos Customs:

  • Added support for Paintjob names
  • Added Paintjob names for the Speedo Express family
  • Button text is now cut off at 30 characters
  • Tweaked Paintjob price scale

Beta Server:

  • Now shows a notice if the server is running a separate database (during testing phases)


  • Added 1m Gambling Experience chat title
  • Credits now support multiple authors
  • The Safe Unit Self Storage now can hold 1,500,000 kg instead of 800,000 kg
  • Added dynamic range for trucking transformers
  • Added additional map blips
  • Added Bus Driver job to the Liberty City job center
  • Fixed the description for Cargo Piloting job
  • Re-formatted train track files


  • Added "record" and "set" stat tracking methods
  • Fixed duplicate identifier infinite hang on join
  • Chat rate limit should no longer be triggered for commands that do not send messages for you
  • Added angle calculation to trig module
  • Added "redirect" module for opening web URIs

Patches and bugfixes:

  • Stop Job no longer deletes any vehicle
  • Heavy planes can no longer call JET runways
  • Personal vehicles now only migrate if the model is the same
  • Water should now unflatten when leaving your plane
  • WarMenu now disables controls
  • Vouchers can no longer be moved without turning into EXP Tokens
  • Bonus EXP is now applied before experience modifiers
  • Fixed EXP Token redeem description
  • Cargo Pilot now gives EXP Tokens to your inventory
  • Flagged vehicles can no longer be repaired or enter LSC
  • RTS vehicles are now flagged for no repair or LSC modding
  • Train Conductor now gives experience beyond level 100
  • Airline Job now gives Player experience
  • Repair block should now be per vehicle rather than per job
  • You can only call ATC once every 5 seconds now


  • Added new custom runway markers
  • Added runway numbers to FIA
  • Added runway numbers to CIA
  • Added runway numbers to PostOP
  • Added new runway end piece with treshold rather than chevrons
  • Replaced all (4) runway ends with treshold variants at POA
  • Replaced 2 runway ends with treshold variants at PBA
  • Replaced 3 runway ends with treshold variants at SCA
  • Replaced 2 runway ends with treshold variants at MGA
  • Replaced 3 runway ends with treshold variants at CIA & fixed JET end
  • Replaced all (4) runway ends with treshold variants at PostOP
  • Moved CIA JET runway 18L markings
  • Removed remains of Procopio Airport


  • Added new chat message templates
  • Added special verified name format
  • Added Font Awesome to chat
  • Added dynamic chat title support
  • Added verified discord role integration


  • Added additional prospecting zones to the pool
  • Added image to Prospecting Zone blip info


  • Re-worked ATC system
  • ATC menu has been re-created
  • Nearest airport is now shown on the top of the menu
  • Automatically calls Landing or Takeoff for you (can also manually choose)


  • Items that can be traded on the Marketplace now shows their estimated selling prices
  • Fixed gut knife variations showing in stock gut knife category


  • Adding items to your trunk now increases the physical weight of your vehicle
  • Trashing items in your trunk now updates the display properly

Toll Roads:

  • Added Toll Roads
  • Tolls are automatically paid when you pass through a toll plaza
  • Toll fee is based on 3 factors:
- Vehicle class
- Player level
- Vehicle weight (and trailer weight!)
  • Increased Toll Card market price from $35 to $750
  • Added some new locations around the map


  • Paramedic Job now gives EMS experience plus EXP Tokens
  • Removed unclear and broken EMS locations
  • Cargo Piloting now gives EXP Tokens
  • Added start points for MGA and PBA for Airline Pilot


  • Added x100 Flint export option to McKenzie Export
  • Fixed "Electronics x2" option name


  • Added a new icon for Speed Traps
  • Added a new icon for Toll Roads
  • Higgings Helipad is now visable on the map


  • Removed more car generators
  • Re-added the POA ATC Tower
  • Ground markers now show up based on camera range
  • Runway numbers now show up based on camera range
  • Floating text now appears based on camera range
  • Added an LS Customs in Downtown Vinewood
  • Added additional info text at City Hall
  • SSIA objects now load based on camera position
  • Object loader now loads based on camera position


  • New players now start with $40k in their bank, in addition to the $10k in their wallet
  • Changed Heli spotlight to X on controller from bumper
  • Added icons to several floating texts for new players
  • Money display turns green when increasing and red when decreasing
  • Separated keyboard and controller controls for Cruise Control
  • Local player blip now shows up as what other players see
  • Water is calmed only when below 40m, rather than at all times in a plane
  • Replaced Grand Exchange options with "convert to exp token" options
  • Added repair point to bus depot
  • Cruise control is now mapped to x on xbox controller
  • Added more fuel types to stations around the map
  • Added additional fonts
  • Added Font Awesome as game fonts
  • Certain job and company items can now longer be put in self storage
  • Business Boat Garages should now spawn correctly


  • Improved Fuel Script render performance
  • Implemented WarMenu optimizations


  • Added the Jugular
  • Added the Caracara 4x4
  • Added the Komoda
  • Added the Outlaw
  • Fixed an issue with cruise control and boats
  • Owned vehicles are now stored using network IDs, lowering chance of losing ownership
  • Updated PostOP 747 garage name


  • Added GetPlayersByPermission function to framework
  • Added SecondsToDuration util function
  • Added Warmenu module to common
  • Dynamic Market / Shop item descriptions
  • Allow dynamic menu descriptions
  • Implemented item denial of storage system
  • Allow specifying chat template as non-escaping
  • Disabled anti-instancing system
  • Implemented license categories, only the most significant license is shown per category

First Responders:

  • Fixed "Box of Pills x5" option name for FRLLC
  • Added x10 Plastic option to FRLLC
  • Moved Mount Zonah Dropoff for FRLLC

Imperial Airlines:

  • Added x100 Packages Meals and x100 Airline Meals options to IA
  • Fixed incorrect Criminal Request names for IA


  • Updated the CollinsCo Yacht handling
  • Removed PBA Terminal 3 from CollinsCo Air jobs
  • Dropoff markers will now be displayed within 120m during Cabbie
  • Set max Seaman job distance to 8000m
  • Added more Seaman starting locations
  • Fixed resetting cooldown when stopping Air job


  • Added some leniency to damage
  • Reduced the cooldown for picking up vehicles
  • Fixed an issue with heavy always spawning facing north
  • Fixed incorrect names for some vehicles
  • Destinations should now be named properly
  • Vehicles now get deleted when you stop job
  • Job now displays distance to target
  • Moved RTS Aviatior drop-off at PBA


  • Fixed a location in PIGS's Mission Row PD heist

Bay Area Towing:

  • Removed all company members (no cooldown!)
  • Removed vehicles from dealership
  • Removed capacities from vehicles so you can still get your trunk contents, but not store new items
  • Allowed all company items to be trashed

Vouchers / EXP Tokens:

  • Removed all Vouchers from jobs
  • Jobs that gave Vouchers now provide EXP Tokens plus the original value of the Voucher
  • EXP Tokens can be redeemed instantly for 0.025 experience each
  • EXP Tokens can be turned into Bonus EXP
  • Each Bonus EXP item gives an additional 0.1 experience the next time you earn experience
  • Vouchers can no longer be traded, and can be exchanged for Bonus EXP at the Grand Exchange
  • Bonus EXP items can be traded and sold on the marketplace, EXP Tokens cannot