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Event Scripts:

  • Added an event script system
  • Staff can enable and disable event scripts when needed during f.ex events
  • Event Scripts can be added to the server by administrators
  • Event Scripts are small independent client & server scripts that can be community made
  • Example event scripts will be made available on the Wiki with some details on the system
  • Added vRP event handlers that event scripts can use

Self Storages:

  • Fixed some edge cases in Self Storage transfers which should remove cases of lost items


  • Skill of the Day is now shown in the Identity section of the M menu


  • Skill of the Day is now displayed in discord (beta change, been there for a while)

Street Racer:

  • Players can no longer AFK or purposefully slow down to gain race exp
  • Tweaked how EXP is calculated when racing


  • postop now gives cargo xp as well


  • Added the Coastguard job
  • Go to the Coastguard HQ (Merryweather docks) and change your job, then go on duty next to the job selector
  • Callouts are global on the server and every on-duty player contributes to the same mission


  • removed previous hints and added one for train radio
  • removed random ass print from driver menu
  • Slight improvement to Show Stats menu
  • Added a completely new weather system
  • Added a completely new in-game clock system
  • You no longer respawn outside interiors (like your house)
  • Improved /item command
  • Persistent transformers now keep their stock per server (Fountain of Wealth and I.A Meals f.ex)
  • Passive Zones now work on OneSync!
  • Added in-game titles and prefixes for wiki translators and wiki contributors
  • Weather change message now includes a forecast of what is to come
  • Weather sticks now skip to the next weather type, instead of the next weather cycle
  • Added 2 more passive zones (Simeons & Maze Bank)
  • Added blackout to weather system
  • Added Community Director title for the player list
  • Player List scrolling can now be held
  • Gods mercy now sets you as invincible while being revived
  • Dragon Scales now allow you craft body armor from the scales
  • Food/drinks no longer give you health
  • Health auto regen will bring you back to 100% health
  • You no longer get kicked for being AFK while selecting clothing
  • Bandages now heal more and have a cooldown on use
  • Added missing skills' 1 million experience titles

Map / World:

  • removed a super laggy useless ymap, welcome back your frames!
  • modified the main train station near the docks


  • Fixed Double EXP parties pausing prematurely
  • Fixed Webhook dispatcher system failing to apply parse data correctly
  • spelling mistakes are great
  • fixed a spelling mistake in postop air
  • "fixed" Aerial Firefighter XP
  • Removed non-existing models from a lookup list
  • Businesses no longer let you try buying with no cash
  • You can no longer submit messages to Simulator Radio when Otto is live
  • Cabbies can no longer do the job on foot
  • Fixed some chat messages not going where they should (like Faction chat)


  • CollinsCo Cabbies can no longer exceed 146mph while on job


  • added user search bar to userlist in staffpanel, thank you elfshot
  • Player List override access for admins
  • Added a DB username cache
  • Added a username cache to factions aswell
  • Fixed username cache not storing blank names
  • Added debugging stuff to the sql driver
  • Optimized identification logic for connecting users
  • Disabled vSync and added a compatibility layer in its place
  • Removed export calls for formatting
  • Removed redundant logging entry
  • Added staff permission editor so I don't have to manually use the db
  • Added new Weather & Time tool for staff
  • Re-added /time, /weather, /freezetime and /freezeweather for mods+
  • M > Staff Panel now generates a dynamic menu


  • Disabled user-readable API endpoints since they don't serve their purpose anymore
  • Added /wealth/<id> endpoint

Skill Rotation:

  • Added a skill rotation system
  • Each day a new "Skill of the Day" is randomly chosen
  • The selected skill will have all earned experience boosted by a randomly chosen amount
  • The Skill of the Day will automatically change based on server-time, meaning it changes the same time each day


  • Added additional Tier 5 locations for PIGS
  • Fixed PIGS enemies not targeting regular party members
  • Fixed an FRLLC recipe that gave less than expected EXP
  • Fixed potential exploits in several of the company jobs (report the ones you find, or glitch will delete the company!)

Helicopter Pilot:

  • Added some extra Helicopter Pilot destinations
  • Helicopter Pilot now needs the correct job to render markers

Phone / Services:

  • Removed option to Call a Mechanic

Bugfixes / Patches:

  • Fixed incorrect Treasure item drop rates
  • Fixed incorrect chest tier rates when recycling
  • You can no longer gamble while a loan is active
  • Fixed an issue where chest data did not save
  • Fixed players not getting dropped when server is killed
  • Airline no longer cancels job when getting out while boarding/deboarding
  • Fixed plane cruise control not holding set pitch
  • Fixed a nil default value when setting vehicle boost in the staff panel
  • Fixed voting system not re-checking vote state
  • Fixed errors and a server crash caused by malformed identity
  • Fixed an error in the voting callback system
  • Fixed marketplace search query error

Freecam / Spyglass:

  • Freecam mode no longer makes you invulnerable
  • Freecam mode no longer stops your vehicle on the spot
  • Disabled several actions while in a Freecam
  • You no longer open the radio wheel when moving up


  • Added highlighting for fellow Faction members and Company members' blips


  • Added /skillrotation.json endpoint for the "Skill of the Day" rotation


  • Added search for Put to Trunk selection menu


  • Double EXP now pauses when nobody is online
  • Pending Messages can now give items
  • Noclip now fades in/out entities
  • Attaching a trailer (via prompt) now fades the trailer on-to the cab
  • You can now scrap Autotronic knives into trash
  • Arena event menu now has an option to remove player weapons
  • Added ability for staff to give players weapons during events
  • Garages now spawn vehicles with a fade-in effect
  • Factions can now have multiple vehicle boost locations


  • Updated to a newer FXServer build (stability and optimizations)
  • Updated scheduler to work with new server versions
  • Updated manifest version for vRP
  • Cleaned up internal console spam
  • Added a hypertext sanitization module
  • Faction MOTDs are now properly sanitized
  • Improved rejection message when locked out of other account


  • Golden Eggs can now be found in treasure drops, I hear they have some interesting things


  • Added more drop-off locations to for mechanic helis
  • UPS Specialized job now also gives postop xp
  • Mechanic (job) repair now uses the same system as the points around the world


  • Fixed FIA's main runway collisions + removed the light collisions
  • Bolingbroke Penitentiary is now visible on the map


  • All vehicles now use launch control which reduces the wheel spin at low speeds (muscle cars are tolerable now)
  • Helicopter/Airplane autopilot will now hold the pitch angle that you set it at
  • Fixed the audio for the v12 jester (not used)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a typo in trucking (Refridgerated -> Refrigerated)
  • Fixed an exploit in the boost collection script
  • Fixed a typo with running out of fishing tackles while using the shiny rod
  • Optimized a coords getter in omni_common


  • Increased all turn-ins for company CEOS
  • CollinsCo Cabbies can now use 2 door vehicles


  • Added in-game time to /weather.json


  • updated visual buttons within the staff panel


  • !wealth now replies within your dms due to constant spamming
  • Cleaned up lingering commands


  • Updated Fountain of Wealth's hall of supporters
  • Removed coma check when spawning vehicles
  • Disabled hunger and thirst system
  • "No Hunger / Thirst" paid perk is now "Instant Respawn" You now instantly respawn where you died and do not need to carry Pills
  • You can now set your own personal playerlist font with /playerlist_font "fontFamily" (you do need to have the font installed)
  • You can now scroll through VRP menus (m menu) by holding the arrow keys
  • You can now search through VRP STORAGES by selecting the weight bar, will show in description if search is available
  • You can now "stance" you vehicle with /stance 0.0


  • News notification no longer cover the radar
  • Fixed incorrect grammar in Double EXP Party text when the players name ends with an s

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Reworked how vehicle usage requirements appear
  • You now only see missing requirements instead of all requirements


  • Tools and Erasers can no longer be stored in the MK10 trailer


  • FRLLC now receives bonus vouchers from EMS streaks


  • Added support for altering webhook messages
  • Adjusted server name and description to fit new server list system
  • Improved staff panel stuff


  • Added a command to render the passive zone edges
  • Removed the intro trap from City Hall
  • Added disclaimers to the Tools and Erasers sellers
  • Fixed Sonar not correctly displaying vehicles
  • Buying stuff no longer takes money from your bank
  • Gift Cards can no longer be redeemed


  • Added a completely new custom version of SSIA by Collins
  • Added a shortcut for the Airport Designer tool (/designer)
  • Added a command to test airport designs (/design-test)
  • Added new tiles specifically for the new SSIA airport
  • Added a new radar and map overlay for the new SSIA (Thanks Morfik!)
  • Removed old warps from SSIA
  • Moved all the stuff that was on or near SSIA (please report anything that's left over)


  • Added Tractor Parts Ocean pickup/drop-off self storage
  • Moved & tweaked the Del Perro Beach prospecting zone size


  • Built a workaround for the Keybinds menu buttons not working correctly (Please un-bind the old ones!)
  • Fixed an oversight in vehicle permission checks
  • Fixed the 1 million exp Mechanic perk
  • Fixed a server error caused by invalid player data
  • Fixed player blip showing you're dead when you're not
  • Flipping vehicles with trailers now animate the trailer aswell
  • Pool Inspector no longer refreshes data when not enabled


  • Concorde collision box is no longer the size of Texas
  • Added smoke trails to planes (Thanks Logan!)
  • Improved the anti-wiggle system
  • Added VTOL planes to the anti-wiggle system

Aerial Firefighter:

  • Increased the time it takes to empty the 747


  • Increased the maximum items per listing
  • Increased the maximum price per listing
  • Pressing LEFT ARROW when selling an item will let you make multiple listings


  • You should no longer respawn at City Hall when dying
  • Improved respawn mechanic
  • You now respawn where you died if you have pills on you
  • Respawning while in water will place you on land no matter what


  • Added a /report command to open the player report menu or report issues
  • Chat now has multiple tabs instead of a single feed
  • Added a System tab to chat
  • Added a /channel command to switch between chat channels/tabs
  • Added binds for the common Chat channels in the Keybinds menu
  • Using CTRL+T you can click the tab names to switch easily
  • Press TAB to cycle through each tab
  • Messages without a target channel now defaults to the System channel


  • Blessing pack season 3 is among us have fun spending all those skill level tokens :chaos:


  • Players now start with 50k in their wallet instead of 10k in wallet and 40k in their bank
  • Players will no longer be placed in comas, instead your player will respawn nearby if there is a safe place to do so, or on the closet vehicle node
  • Removed EMS/Paramedic option under phone/services as it's no longer needed


  • Moved left-over bus stop from Procopio Airport
  • Fixed an issue which would cause miners to soft lock
  • Removed snowplow from job centers
  • Completely reworked trucking xp to favor more complex crafting giving more xp
  • Tools and Erasers can now only be placed in the "nspeedo" and the "trailerswb"
  • ATC auto select menu no longer chooses runways you can't occupy
  • Gut knives now roll for upgrades per fish

Self Storages:

  • Fixed Paleto bay self storage not opening correctly
  • Dump from trunk now also ignores items that put all ignores


  • Businesses no longer pay direct cash, You gain cash stacks that can be "redeemed" by earning experience
  • Rate at which business cash stacks are consumed increases with business level up to 100 (with 150k per xp at level 100 roughly)
  • You can also purchase businesses with the new cash stacks, they will take priority over your money.


  • Fixed Higgins Helipad, the garage now shows as a helicopter garage instead of a plane garage


  • Removed marketplace perks due to exploit potential


  • Fixed automatic suspension failing in edge cases
  • Spyglass and [redacted] now ignores put all/dump from trunk
  • [redacted]'s Wheels option now has a cooldown
  • Airports now have passive zones players will no longer collide with each other, you still will be required to use ATC as a safety precaution
  • You now get skill level tokens for each virtual level-up
  • Optimized separate food to allow for all to be done at once (was 1000 max)


  • Item count in inventory now has thousands separators
  • Kicking people out of your vehicle now works properly instead of only kicking the driver
  • Added a basic /filter system doesn't really do much, just applies some time cycle effects
  • You can now find occasional flotsams on the ocean when you're in a boat
  • Mitigated the "wiggle-boost" exploit
  • Added a master key (re-useable) for chests unobtainable currently
  • Added GiveMoney keybind "rm_giveMoney"
  • Disabled spook sticks action until Halloween
  • Added a flip option when vehicles are stuck on their side or roof
  • Auto Pilot should no longer let your airplane descend into the depth of the sea
  • Planes no longer can reverse faster than 10nm/h
  • Added customizable discord rich presence buttons, one will always show a join option and the other will change accordingly
  • /toggle_ui will now hide the instructional buttons as well
  • LSIA Night club now has a vehicle warp to the underground garage
  • Added more repair points in the middle of the city
  • Pills and Medkits have been removed from markets as they're no longer needed