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  • Fixed an error where the faction menu would not open if the MOTD was not set


  • Tweaked the ground handling of the Ghawar
  • The Coil Rocket Voltic now has air controls enabled

Quarry Worker:

  • Fixed an error causing the job indicators to not appear


  • Fixed an error causing the farming job to not initialize

Self Storages:

  • Self Storage Transfer now more accurately does the item transfer
  • Fixed an issue where items would get lost during an item transfer
  • Fixed a potential duplication exploit when transfering items


  • Fixed a couple cases where markers were being rendered at all times (instead of only when nearby)
  • Fixed the stat name and description for the Crafted Vehicle Shipments stat

EXP Boosts:

  • The EXP Boost informer now more accurately describes certain boost locations (like Pacific Ocean)


  • Added a flag to enable air controls on specific entities
  • Servers now auto-reboot if no player connects within one hour of startup


  • Added the Automotive trucking branch, which is part of the normal trucking job
  • Automotive locations appear after level 100 Trucking for Premium users
  • End results for Automotive route are Vehicle Shipments, which let you add unique vehicles to your garage
  • You need the usage requirements for the vehicle you redeem from a Vehicle Shipment (f.ex must be Trucker to redeem a truck)
  • Added craftable vehicles such as the Coil Savanna, Coil Rocket Voltic and the Karin Futo GT Hatch

Airline Pilot:

  • Added the Ghawar as a mid-tier passenger plane
  • Tweaked the price of all passenger planes
  • Increased the payment from Airline Pilot missions
  • Increased the tier of all passenger planes after the Ghawar


  • Removed the Prop faction perk
  • Removed all existing props from factions
  • Base Faction HQ Range has been increased from 250 to 350
  • Faction HQ Extended Range has been increased from 350 to 550
  • Added new perk zone tech, where effects are only present within the perks zone
  • Added Vehicle Boost perks, allowing you to purchase temporary vehicle speed boosts
  • Added a Crafting Speed zone perk, making processing (for trucking) have an increased speed
  • Factions that can't afford player entry are now removed from the public list

EXP Bonuses:

  • Overhauled the EXP Bonuses you find around the map (white circles)
  • You can now get several different EXP Bonuses as rewards instead of just the 15% bonus
  • 15% Bonus has been lowered to 1 hour duration (from 2)
  • Added an informer at City Hall that tells you the area an EXP Bonus can be found in
  • Collecting an EXP Bonus now lets you know how many you've collected in total
  • Added rewards for collecting a certain amount of EXP Bonuses


  • Fixed a gap under the chat box on >1080p resolutions
  • Removed the duplicate money display (cash change may appear when pausing the game!)
  • Updated Simulator Radio icon in the radio wheel
  • Tweaked inventory operation notifications + other text entries
  • Fixed dispatch command suggestion descriptions
  • "Runway1" at LSIA is now named "L.S.I.A Tarmac"
  • Massive overhaul to HUD text rendering to mitigate flickering on OneSync during peak hours
  • The Rainbow Voucher item name color is now a rainbow
  • Updated the graphics for some map blips


  • Fixed the Imperial Airlines 737-300 not being able to store company items


  • Added an indicator when the scroll-lock is enabled
  • Scroll-lock should now automatically disable when scrolling down


  • Fixed the PostOP 747-400's name in the garage
  • Fixed a bug where anyone could use the Phantom Wedge without correct permissions
  • Updated the ModKit ID for some conflicting vehicles
  • Cruise Control can now be used in planes (you still need to steer though!)

Houses / Facilities:

  • Removed the gambling table from homes
  • Improved prompts for apartment components


  • Added a search option under "Report a Player"
  • Added a bindable command to re-open transformer menus (under the controls settings)


  • Players who bypass AFK checks no longer see AFK warnings
  • Players with the No Fuel perk can now re-enable the fuel system via Player Options
  • Disabled the Holiday Shop at city hall
  • Disabled multiple conflicting control actions when at a Repair Shop (rocket boost, jumping etc)
  • Barrier gates now fly open when you get close (no need to trade paint anymore)
  • Improved /item command to not require specific action id


  • Replaced the MySQL Driver with a new system
  • Added single-use promo code support (/code), keep an eye out for codes in the future!
  • Improved vehicle permission lookup performance
  • Cached results of Business Est. Income to reduce strain
  • Framework no longer fails to execute certain commands
  • Fixed API throwing "malformed key" for valid keys
  • Fixed a bug where new users would fail to receive an ID


  • Removed the snowplowing vehicles from the Vehicle Shop
  • You can no longer access the ALT vehicle options in quarry vehicles
  • Added a message for when you're not using your seatbelt (shows once per session)


  • The chat no longer snaps to new messages when you're scrolling through the history
  • To unlock the chat scrolling again, scroll all the way down or use SHIFT + Page Down
  • Fixed emoji size on wider aspect ratios
  • Tweaked size on ultrawide setups

Pause Menu:

  • Pause Menu now shows your wallet and bank (up to $1B)



  • Removed the snow
  • Added a new type of License (previously shown as Unknown) to the Identifier manager
  • Removed the Christmas 2020 chat title pack from the web store


  • Fixed API error caused by missing business data


  • A new warning now appears when you get into a plane for the first time


  • Simulator Radio no longer shows the current amount of listeners if the count is not available (instead of showing 0)


  • Disabled all ambient trains to help mitigate issues with falling through the world


  • You can now re-spawn a vehicle without worrying about the cooldown if you go to the same garage you just spawned it from

Speed Traps:

  • Speed Trap pay is now based on your Player Level
  • You gradually pay more as you level up to 100, in which you will pay the full fine
  • At level 100 you pay the same amount as you would before the update

Vehicle Repair:

  • Vehicle Repair point cost is now reduced as you level up the Mechanic skill
  • Vehicle Repair point speed is now increased based on your Mechanic skill level
  • At 1 million Mechanic experience, all Vehicle Repair points are instant


  • The Beta server (Server 5) is running an experimental Build 2189, which includes the new Cayo Perico Heist DLC
  • Added a few small activities on the new DLC island with DLC vehicle spawn cards as rewards, these cards cannot be used outside of the Beta server
  • Specific changes and details can be found in the #supporter-lounge and #automatic-updates channels (only available to donators and supporters)


  • Fixed missing vehicle names for snow plows
  • Fixed typos in the hunting job
  • The /ignore command now correctly displays channels that were missing


  • Added support for player Tokens
  • Updated to FXServer 3362


  • Reduced custom airport textures from 50 to 12MiB
  • Compressed 30 more commonly used vehicle textures in attempts to prevent the world unloading
  • Improved snow weather based off a snippet posted on the FiveM Discord


  • Added 4 snowplow trucks to the vehicle shop
  • Added snowplow job to normal and faction job centers
  • Added present factory at the old G.E location (need to be snowplow driver to see it)


  • Added radar to the b757-300
  • Properly named the 757-300


  • Updated Spotifive to 1.2.2
  • Vehicle auto-repair when racing no longer occurs beyond 140 MPH


  • You can now make your account private to hide your data from the API, you can still access your own data using your own API key. To lock your account use /api lock to unlock use /api unlock
  • Player position data in the API now includes a roughly 4 second history