From Tycoon Gaming


  • Added a new Imperial Airlines Flight Route
  • Added a second Imperial Airlines Terminal


  • Added the GM Aerotrain as a new Level 100 passenger train


  • Added the GM Aerotrain train set
  • Swapped seat arrangement for the Aerotrain


  • Updated fountain of wealth portraits
  • Removed debugging prints from Coastguard
  • Enabled the Pool Inspector system
  • Removed unused Webadmin pages
  • Added HTTPS module for outbound connections
  • Updated Spotifive
  • Re-named the DLC car resource (lol)


  • AFK Fishing now uses tackles


  • Fixed spacing issue in prospecting legendary message
  • Oppressor MK2 now has the correct blip
  • CollinsCo Metro Train now has the correct blip
  • Fixed duplicating item transformers exploit


  • Added a Take Pills option
  • Added an Apply Bandages option


  • Prospecting can now be started without navigating the inventory menu


  • Added /weather.json endpoint to get the current weather


  • Added /vote command. you can now vote once every 24 hours and receive a daily vote chest
  • Added voting to /ignore command


  • Changed Firefighter Logic to ensure that flames no longer are in buildings
  • Added stats to Aerial Firefighter
  • Tweaked Aerial Firefighter paysouts and added experience rewards


  • Fixed "ALAN 0" plates once and for all


  • Added Spotify in-game overlay system (/spotifive)
  • Added a way to disable hunger & thirst for events
  • Disabled old unused company resources
  • Left arrow now separates food 1000 at a time
  • Added portable ATM keybind
  • Staff can now make any vehicle invincible in the event server
  • Fixed snowrunner suspension state color
  • Fixed floating text around the world
  • Skills over 1M xp will now turn red in the skills menu
  • Double EXP Party duration now updates instantly when more time is added
  • Items will always specify if they can or cannot be listed on the market
  • Added dev vehicle on the fly adjustments to allow for better balancing of vehicles
  • Fixed a bunch of nonfatal error spamming consoles/logs
  • Prospecting now shows of much of the reward item you got when displaying in chat


  • Added new API endpoints for Faction information Can only be accessed by the Faction Officers or President /faction/size.json (number of members) /faction/members.json (member details) /faction/perks.json (number of perks) /faction/info.json (name, id and tag) /faction/balance.json (credits balance) These endpoints will only show the data for the faction you are currently in
  • Allowed non-officer faction members to access /balance /info and /size


  • Added Halloween outbreak event
  • Added Halloween title to Premium / VIP near cityhall (10k candies)
  • StopJob now ends the event mission when within the zone
  • Added Trick or Treat bags to prospecting


  • Removed oversize emojis
  • Fixed invalid/broken emojis


  • You no longer see Fuel Station map blips if you have disabled fuel


  • Purchasing Tools will now set your GPS to the Tools Buyer automatically
  • Purchasing Erasers will now set your GPS to the Erasers Buyer automatically
  • Added Refine Copper x20
  • Added Refine Tin x20
  • Added Refine Solder x4
  • Added Create Batteries x5
  • Added Create Copper Wire Spool x5
  • Added Create Rebar x2
  • Reduced Sell Price for Circuit Boards
  • Reduced Sell Price for Rebar
  • Reduced Sell Price for Houses

Los Santos Customs:

  • You can now enter Los Santos Customs while having minor damages to your car

Double EXP:

  • Double EXP Party hosts are now granted priority access to the server they're hosting in


  • Businesses now appear as transparent red when you do not meet the requirement to purchase them


  • Enabled STRICT mode for OneSync networking, hopefully mitigating syncing problems somewhat

Vehicle Interaction:

  • Added a Vehicle Interaction system based on Snowrunner's interface
  • Hold ALT to enable and press Right Mouse Button (RMB) to free the cursor
  • Click on highlighted elements to interact with them
  • Vehicle and wheel health is represented via the axle and shaft colors

Self Storages:

  • Fixed Self Storage transfer not working for Faction storages


  • Firefighter skill is now affected by EXP bonuses
  • Firefighters can now receive EMS calls again
  • Added alert if you've disabled Service calls when you join a job with service calls
  • Removed client console spam from Aerial Firefighter
  • Added the classic CollinsCo Metro train for CollinsCo Metro


  • Fixed ATC instruction showing Mouse Wheel Up rather than TAB


  • Updated the look of highlighted staff messages


  • Fixed Instant Repair Points not being instant

Phone / Services:

  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive service calls
  • Removed "Toggle Mechanic Player Callouts"
  • Removed "Toggle EMS Player Callouts"
  • Added "Toggle Service Calls" to Toggle Options as a replacement to the removed options
  • Added pre-checks to service calls, no more writing a message only to get "no available players"
  • CollinsCo Cabbies now receive Taxi calls


  • Fixed "/api key charges" command

Server / Internal:

  • Added group manager system to manage offline users groups



  • Added message types to most chat messages, they can now be filtered
  • Added /ignore command to ignore certain message types
  • Added /ignores command to check what message types you ignore
  • It now shows what message types you ignore when joining
  • Fixed random [object Object] message appearing
  • Fixed a race condition issue leading to invalid messages


  • Aircraft no longer stall mid-flight when slowing down
  • Added the Bombardier 415 Superscooper under Waterbombers
  • Added the Tula under Waterbombers
  • Added the Lockheed HC-130H Hercules under Waterbombers
  • Added the Boeing 747 Supertanker under Waterbombers
  • Fixed CL-415 weapons causing other players to crash (famous "ATC crash" apparently)
  • CL-415 is now a valid Seaplane
  • 747 Supertanker is now marked as a Heavy aircraft
  • Marked Coil Savanna as an electric vehicle
  • Casino DLC vehicles no longer attempt to spawn when spawning a random vehicle
  • Tula no longer repairs by default when in water


  • Added fire extinguisher icon to weapon wheel
  • Updated Truckers FM and Reach Radio logos on the radio wheel
  • Added Business level requirement to their info text
  • Vehicle Menu now shows Livery names where available
  • Replaced TruckersFM logo with circular one
  • Updated the Level 100 news notification texture
  • GPS waypoints should now lead to Liberty City via the Ferry
  • Fixed GPS waypoint issues in Liberty City (almost 3000 nodes were manually patched for this -Collins)
  • Updated radar images by Morfik


  • Added networked join and leave messages
  • Added more shared data between servers

Reach Radio:

  • Fixed some text related to Reach Radio
  • Reach Radio now shows show name during non-stop hours
  • Reach Radio no longer shows "make requests" whenever non-stop hours is on

Developer Tools:

  • Auto-scroll developer chat tool
  • Improved developer chat tool
  • Fixed layering issue in dev tool
  • Further expanded on the developer chat tool
  • Added easy-to-read server badges in developer chat tool

Loading Screen:

  • Added a trailer video to the loading screen
  • Updated music list for the loading screen

Self Storages:

  • Self Storage transfer should now consider the receivers actual capacity
  • Added warning when transferring items within a faction storage

Los Santos Customs:

  • You can no longer enter LSC with a damaged vehicle


  • Transformers now support listeners for most actions
  • Added helper function to get a skill level
  • Added total users counter in Discord, updated by Server 5
  • Removed space in directory names
  • Prevent certain objects from being networked on OneSync


  • Added Instant Repair Point perk for Factions priced at $1.5B credits


  • Fixed typo causing transformers to break
  • Fixed error causing self storage actions to fail
  • Disable the Hull toggle while the ATC menu is open
  • Fixed typo in native name
  • Fixed incorrect chest name check when dumping items from trunk
  • Fixed invalid characters in Wardrobe, added description to Save button
  • Fixed a bug where you could move items into full storages


  • Tycoon Shop button in VIP Market now works again
  • Bans and suspensions are now shown on all servers 🍿
  • Send additional information with staff tickets
  • Fixed overlapping audio produced by the cable cars
  • Added top 10 for house construction


  • Added /top10/ API endpoint
  • Added user ids to /airline.json endpoint

Aerial Firefighter:

  • Added as a new Specialized Job at the Merryweather HQ
  • Added 3 new aircraft and re-purposed 1 existing one
  • Job requires both Firefighter and Airline Pilot levels
  • Added the Bombardier 415 Superscooper at level 20
  • Added the Tula at level 40
  • Added the Lockheed HC-130H Hercules at level 65
  • Added the Boeing 747 Supertanker at level 90
  • The job features hints to help you along the way
  • Two of the aircraft can re-fill on-the-fly in lakes and at the ocean