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The paramedicsEMS emoji.png of Transport Tycoon are lifesavers. Performing this job will not only be saving the lives of many poor AI, but it will also save players who have made some questionable choices.

There are 2 main objectives as EMS:

  1. Receive player calls to revive them.
  2. Receive AI calls to revive and transport them to the hospital.

Both can be done at the same time

Getting started

Objective 1: Receive player calls to revive them

  • Head to a Medical Center Med Market.png and purchase some medical kits from the green circle, these cost $150 each.
  • Wait for a player to call EMS.
  • Player calls will appear in the top right. Press F5 to accept the call.
  • Once you have accepted the call an automatic dispatch message will be sent in the chat. To customize this message, press the left arrow key on the service option in the Phone/Services category
    (M ► Phone/Services ► EMS/Paramedic: Left arrow key)
  • Head to the player’s location; a GPS marker will appear on your map after accepting the call.
  • Revive the player by pressing M ► Reanimate.
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed a callout!

NOTE: It is important that you only go to calls that YOU have accepted and not steal calls taken by other EMS. Calls you have accepted are indicated by a way marker being set on the victim and your automated ems response being sent out in the server chat. Repeated stealing of other players calls may result in you getting kicked by a staff member.

Objective 2: Receive AI calls to revive and transport them to the hospital

*NOTE*: You must have level 5 strength to do EMS AI missions!

  • Head to one of the 10 Paramedic Stations. Paramedic Station.png EMS Helicopter can land on the rooftop (If the hospital has a designated Heli landing Pad).
  • Walk to the entrance or rooftop main door (For EMS Helicopter) and press E to go on duty.
  • Wait for an automatic call to occur.
  • Follow the GPS to the location marked on your map. EMS Friend.png
  • Press E to revive the AI.
  • The revived patient will get into your EMS Vehicle.
  • Head back to the hospital now marked on your map with the patient. EMS Target D.png To drop off the patient you must drive your ambulance inside the orange circle or there will be an orange circle on the rooftop to land with the EMS Helicopter.
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed an AI callout and will now received Medic Exp!


  • In the event where your unable to revive a ped, ped is not reachable or ped is stuck after reviving. Cancel the mission by pressing M ► Stop Job and then head back to the Paramedic Station to go back on duty. Make sure to report them via M ► Staff Panel ► Report a bug.
  • If when reviving an AI while on duty the AI refuses to enter the helicopter then fly to the dropoff point, get out and get in a couple times, the subject should eventually teleport and you'll finish the job.


Level requirement/s Name Price Fuel Top Speed in mph
$10.000 70L (Petrol) 97.75
Ambulance (Retro)
90s Ambulance.png
$10.000 70L (Petrol) Unknown
LVL 20
Speedo Express (EMS)
Speedo Express (EMS).png
$2,500,000 70L (Petrol) 100
EMS + Trucking LVL 100 (Premium required)
Coast Guard Executioner
CG Executioner.png
$35,000,000 70L (Petrol) 95.25
EMS + Garbage LVL 100 (Premium required)
Coast Guard Sandking
CG Sandking.png
$35,000,000 70L (Petrol) 95.25
EMS + Hunting LVL 100 (Premium required)
Park Ranger
Park Ranger.png
$35,000,000 70L (Petrol) 96

Level Requirement Name Cost
Police Maverick
Police Maverick.png
$100,000 Helicopter Pilot 5
Coast Guard Swift
CG Swift.png
$35,000,000 EMS + Helicopter Piloting level 100 & Tycoon Premium

List of Paramedic Stations and Area Covered

Paramedic Station Region Coverage
Mount Zonah Medical Center
Los Santos
Pillbox Hill Medical Center
East Vinewood
Central Los Santos Medical Center
Central Los Santos
St. Fiarce Hospital
Palomino Highlands
Sandy Shores Medical Center
Central San Andreas
Fort Zancudo Fire Station
Paleto Bay Care Center
Paleto Bay
Carson General Hospital
Liberty City
Hope Medical College
Liberty City
Sweeney General Hospital
Liberty City

Paramedic Regions


Customize Callout Message

To customize your callout message for Player calls just press M, navigate to Phone / Services and then go to EMS / Paramedic and press the left arrow key. You then have the following options:

Code Response
#name# Callers Name
#id# Callers ID
#myid# Your ID
#code# Generated call-sign
#eta# Simple Estimated Time of Arrival (ex: 3 minutes)
#time# Complex Estimated Time of Arrival (ex: 2m 59s)
#dist# Distance to the Caller (ex: 2.60km)