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FactionsFaction.png are player-run businesses which need credit for perks through a certain tax percentage collected from faction members (1-30%) or by using faction credits (found in crates, bought from other people or bought through the marketplace).

How to create a faction

  1. Open the /faction menu (type "/faction" in chat)
  2. Select  “create faction”
  3. Select "faction name" and enter a valid name
  4. Select "faction tag" and enter a valid tag (this appears in chat next to members names!)
  5. Confirm with the settings and purchase your faction (for $500M)

Note: The faction HQ will be permanently locked in your current location


Faction names and tags shall not be offensive or disruptive in any way, we can and will terminate factions where needed.

How to invite members

As a faction president, officer or manager, you can invite members

  1. Open the /faction menu
  2. Select "management"
  3. Select "manage members"
  4. Select "invite members" and click the respective member
  5. Confirm your selection

The player now has to open their /faction menu and view their Invites

How to promote members

Faction presidents and officers can promote members to manager

Faction presidents can promote members to officer

  1. Open the /faction menu
  2. Select "management"
  3. Select "manage members"
  4. Select "member list" and click the respective member
  5. Select the "promote to " option
  6. Confirm your selection

The user should now be promoted

How to demote members

The steps are similar to a promotion, but the button will instead say "demote from"

Faction MOTD

A message of the day can be seen in the info part of the /faction menu

To change this, the Faction president can go to the President menu and click "change motd", then enter a new MOTD

The MOTD can be formatted to your own liking using HTML formatting

Faction Hierarchy

Rank Description
Member The Member can use every Perk a Faction Officer or President has bought. A member can also Donate Faction Credits to the Company with Faction Credit Cards that he can get from Treasure Chests.
Manager The Manager can invite and kick People to/from the Faction and view the Faction Member List.
Officer The Officer can do things that Manager can also do but he can also Promote members to Managers and buy/manage Perks for the Faction.
President The President is the Leader or Owner of the Faction he can do everything that the Ranks above him can do and change the MOTD, Faction Tax, Close the Faction and Promote Members to Officers/Managers

Faction Perks

  • Officers+ can purchase and manage faction perks
  • Faction perks operate similarly to how Business perks operate
  • Perks are purchased using faction credits, obtained from faction members playing the game
  • Perks will be placed in the location that the player is currently in
  • Perks can only be placed near the Faction HQ

Perk Amount Price
100m HQ Range Bonus 1 1,000,000,000
5% EXP Bonus 1 250,000,000
ATM 2 8,000,000
Business Collector 1 750,000,000
Car Wash 1 8,000,000
Clothing Store 1 15,000,000
Fuel Station 2 25,000,000
Garage 4 15,000,000
Hangar 2 15,000,000
Helipad 2 15,000,000
Job Center 1 35,000,000
LS Customs 5 120,000,000
Market (Equipment) 6 12,000,000
Market (Fishing/Diving) 6 8,000,000
Market (Gas Station) 6 8,000,000
Market (General Store) 6 8,000,000
Market (Medical) 6 8,000,000
Market (Traffic Permits) 6 8,000,000
Marketplace 1 35,000,000
Parachute Perk 5 50,000,000
Repair Shop 3 15,000,000
Self Storage 1 750,000,000
Slot Machine 1 35,000,000
Spawn Point 1 75,000,000
Speed Trap 5 20,000,000
Wardrobe 1 35,000,000
Warp A 1 10,000,000
Warp B 1 10,000,000
Warp C 1 50,000,000
Warp D 1 50,000,000
Warp E 1 150,000,000
Warp F 1 150,000,000
Warp G 1 300,000,000
Warp H 1 300,000,000
Watercraft Garage 4 15,000,000
Instant Repair Point 1 1,500,000,000

Faction Credits

The faction earns money from the members

By default, the cut is 5% of members profits

Every time a member makes money on the server, the faction takes the cut

Faction credits cannot currently be withdrawn

Faction Member List

Managers+ can view the factions member list

This will allow things like promoting, removing and inspection of statistics for the member

You can find the members total earnings for the faction here