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FactionsFaction.png are player-run businesses that can be expanded by purchasing upgrades in the form of "perks". The base cost of creating a faction is $500M, and purchasing perks must be done using Faction Credits (₡), which can only be acquired through taxation of the faction members' income and redemption of Faction Credits Cards.

How to join a faction

You can join any Public Faction by typing "/faction" in chat and browsing the public factions in the list that appears.

  • When you join a faction, you gain access to all of its perks.
Currently there isn't a public faction list and you can only get invited to get into one.

Private Factions have their own sets of membership rules, so it's best to ask someone in the faction about them.

  • Private factions won't show up in the /faction list and will require an invite from a Manager (or higher role) of that faction.
A faction cooldown will also be applied that will prevent you from leaving or joining another faction within 24 hours of the time you joined your current one. The join cooldown does not apply to and is not affected by you leaving a faction.

Leaving a faction

  • Leaving a Faction will disconnect you from the server. However, joining a Faction won't.
  • If you left a Faction while you have items in your Faction Storage, it will stay until you join back.
  • In order to leave a Faction as a President, set your Faction to Public first then leave. You are given the President role again when you join back. Note that you need at least ₡2.5M faction credits to be able to join again.
    • In case it's a Private Faction, have someone in your Faction with invitation privileges to invite you back. You also get your role back.

How to create a faction

First, be aware that creating a faction costs $500M upfront, but further perk upgrades cannot be purchased with cash. Perks have to be purchased with credits, which can't be deposited directly to the faction; they must be earned through the Faction Tax. For this reason, newer players will likely be better off joining a faction that already exists (see above).

  1. Open the /faction menu (type "/faction" in chat)
  2. Select "create faction"
  3. Select "faction name" and enter a valid name (see below disclaimer)
  4. Select "faction tag" and enter a valid tag (this appears in chat next to members' names!)
  5. Confirm the settings and purchase your faction ($500M)
The faction HQ will be permanently locked in your current location.


Faction names and tags shall not be offensive or disruptive in any way. We can and will terminate factions where needed. (Staff Discretion)

Faction Credits

The faction's President and its Officers use Faction Credits (₡) to purchase perks for the faction's members. These Credits are collected mainly as a fixed percentage of its members' income via the Faction Tax (settable from 1% to 75%, default 5%). Credits can also be obtained in smaller amounts by using Faction Credits Cards; these can be found in treasure chest drops or bought from other players.

Players cannot donate money directly to the faction; all Credits in the faction balance must come from the taxation of its members' income, or via direct deposits from Faction Credits Cards. Additionally, Faction Credits cannot be withdrawn from the faction balance.

Faction Member List

The Member List can be viewed by any rank above Member (Managers, Officers, and the President). The list can be used to see who is in the faction, and how many credits each member has contributed to the faction balance.

Additionally, Managers are given access to invite and kick members, and Officers are further trusted with the ability to promote members to Manager. Only the President may promote members to the rank of Officer.

Faction Hierarchy

Rank Description
Member The Member can use every perk a Faction Officer or President has bought. They can also donate Faction Credits to the faction with Faction Credit Cards, which can be obtained from Treasure Chests.
Manager A Manager has the additional abilities to view and managing Members of the faction, including inviting and kicking them.
Officer An Officer can do anything a Manager can, but Officers also have access to promote members to Manager and buy/manage perks for the faction.
President The President is the owner of the faction. They have access to every part of it, including faction upgrades, changing the MOTD, setting the faction tax rate, promoting members to Officer or Manager, and closing the faction.

How to invite members

A faction President, Officer, or Manager can invite members.

  1. Open the /faction menu
  2. Select "management"
  3. Select "manage members"
  4. Select "invite members" and choose the person to invite
  5. Confirm your selection

The invited player now has to open their /faction menu and view their Invites.

It costs ₡2.5M faction credits every time someone joins your faction through the public faction menu. There is no cost when a faction staff member (Manager, Officer or President) invites someone to the faction.

How to promote members

  • Faction Presidents and Officers can promote members to Manager.
  • Faction Presidents can promote members to Officer.
  1. Open the /faction menu
  2. Select "management"
  3. Select "manage members"
  4. Select "member list" and choose the member to promote
  5. Select the "promote to" option
  6. Confirm your selection

The user should now be promoted.

How to demote members

The steps are similar to a promotion, but the button will instead say "demote from"

Faction MOTD

A message of the day can be seen in the info part of the /faction menu.

To change the MOTD, the Faction President can go to the President menu and click "change MOTD", then enter a new MOTD. The MOTD can be formatted to your own liking using HTML formatting.

Faction Perks

The President and the faction's Officers have the ability to manage faction perks. They can be purchased using Faction Credits (₡), which are obtained mainly through the tax rate set by the faction President, which is applied to the faction members' income.

When purchased, perks will be placed where the purchaser is currently standing. They can only be placed within a 350m radius of the faction's HQ (extends to 550m with the 550m HQ Range Bonus perk). Note that if your faction does not have enough Credits for a particular perk, it will not display in the list of perks available for purchase.

Faction Self Storage

In case of changing factions all items in self storage will stay there till you join back said faction. Items won't be deleted or transferred after leaving a faction.

Perks List

Perk Amount Price (₡) Description
15% Vehicle Boost Vendor 10 1,500,000,000 Temporarily boost vehicles with a 15% boost
25% Vehicle Boost Vendor 10 3,500,000,000 Temporarily boost vehicles with a 25% boost
200m HQ Range Bonus 1 1,000,000,000 Increases the radius of HQ Range to 550m
5% EXP Bonus 1 250,000,000 Permanent 5% EXP bonus to members
5% EXP Boost Zone 1 2,000,000,000 Players within a 30 meter zone will have a 5% EXP Boost
Aircraft Dealership 1 120,000,000 Allows Aircraft to be bought
ATM 2 8,000,000 Allows of cash deposits and withdrawls
Boat Dealership 1 120,000,000 Allows Boats to be bought
Business Collector 1 750,000,000 Allows collection of all business bonuses at once
Car Wash 1 8,000,000 Cleans your vehicle
Clothing Store 1 15,000,000 Allows changing of clothes
Engine Swapper 5 2,000,000,000 Adds an Engine swap location, allowing you to swap engine audio
Extra Crafting Speed 1 2,000,000,000 Any crafting done within 30 meters will have a 25% speed increase
Fuel Station 5 25,000,000 Contains all fuel types
Garage 4 15,000,000 Allows spawning of vehicles
Garage Speed Boost 1 2,000,000,000 Garages within 30 meters have a 10% speed boost applied to spawned vehicles
Hangar 2 15,000,000 Allows spawning of planes
Helipad 2 15,000,000 Allows spawning of helicopters
Instant Repair Point 5 1,500,000,000 Instantly repairs your vehicle
Job Center 1 35,000,000 Gives access to most jobs
LS Customs 5 120,000,000 Allows vehicle customization
Market (Equipment) 6 12,000,000 Gives access to said location
Market (Fishing/Diving) 6 8,000,000 Gives access to said location
Market (Gas Station) 6 8,000,000 Gives access to said location
Market (General Store) 6 8,000,000 Gives access to said location
Market (Medical Center) 6 12,000,000 Gives access to said location
Market (Traffic Permits) 6 8,000,000 Gives access to said location
Parachute 5 50,000,000 Allows players to obtain a parachute
Repair Shop 5 15,000,000 Allows repair of vehicles
Self Storage 1 750,000,000 Capacity: 500,000kg Free to use
Spawn Point 1 75,000,000 Allows the ability to spawn at the Faction HQ via the Spawn Menu when you first join the server
Speed Trap 5 20,000,000 Places a speed trap camera
Vehicle Dealership 1 120,000,000 Allows vehicles to be bought
Wardrobe 1 35,000,000 Allows saving and loading of outfits
Warp A 1 10,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp B
Warp B 1 10,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp A
Warp C 1 50,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp D
Warp D 1 50,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp C
Warp E 1 150,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp F
Warp F 1 150,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp E
Warp G 1 300,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp H
Warp H 1 300,000,000 Allows you to warp to and from Warp G
Watercraft Garage 4 15,000,000 Allows spawning of boats


  • On 5 March 2021, the Marketplace perk was removed due to exploiting potential.
  • On 22 January 2021, speed boosts (15x and 25x) were introduced as faction perks. The base faction range was also extended from 250 to 350 meters, and a crafting speed perk was added to make processing (for trucking) go faster while in range of the faction HQ. Most significantly, the ability to place props was removed, meaning some factions lost things like shortcut bridges and floating runways.
  • As of 1 September 2021, slots machine perk was removed following the removal of gambling skill.