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Binding, what's that?

Binding is a process of connecting a KEY (keyboard / mouse / pad) with various functions (Commands). Mostly used to ease, improve and speed up various processes on the Transport Tycoon servers. It can be used to bind standard chat commands such as /help, but it can also be used in more advanced ways like to bind items and vRP functions.

How to bind?

Certain Transport Tycoon related binds are also available in your GTA settings: P (or ESC key) → Settings → Key Bindings → FiveM.

Press F8 - the ingame console should open - then fill in the bind template given below depending on your need and paste it in the console.

To bind something to a KEY


To unbind a KEY

  • unbind KEY_TYPE KEY

List of all binded KEYs (works only on a canary build of FiveM)

  • bind
List of binds can also be accessed in %appdata%/CitizenFX in the file named fivem.cfg

Disclaimer: To bind multiple functions on one KEY do it all at once using ; between binds, ALSO remember to unbind your bind before binding other commands to the same KEY otherwise you might get flagged for flooding and get kicked / suspended!!! Also try not to hold/spam the bounded KEY as you also might get kicked for that.
Example: bind keyboard k "rm_backpack;item gut_knife gut -1"


KEY_TYPE is a parameter describing input devices, such as a keyboard (KEYBOARD), mouse buttons (MOUSE_BUTTON), or mouse wheel (MOUSE_WHEEL).
KEY is an parameter for a key. Numbers (1,2,3...) and letters (a,b,c...) can be used by just pressing your wanted KEY, but for majority of keys their full name needs to be entered, for example: , = COMMA; = = EQUALS; / = SLASH; left click = MOUSE_LEFT.
Refer to FiveM Docs for full list of KEY_TYPEs & KEYs

Do not open FiveM Docs page in-game!


Enter your wanted function here, keep in mind that function is a command so any ingame command can be used here, for more info refer to Bind Data Table/Functions or Commands Page.
Remember to use " " when using more than one word in a bind!


Option is used with /item command such as "item gut_knife gut" or "item prefix_pack_3 use" as a parameter deciding what an item will do.
Refer to Bind Data Table for a list of all options and their description or to check which item has which options.


Mostly used with /item command, simulates the press of a button. -1 is Left Arrow; 0 or none is Enter; 1 is Right Arrow.

Bind Data Table

Disclaimer: Any chat command can be used as function and vice versa

Function Info
For example: "item exp_token|piloting|piloting convert -1"
rm_toggleLock Toggle Vehicle Lock
rm_apark Auto-Park
rm_spawnJetski Spawn Jetski
rm_spawnBicycle Spawn Bicycle
rm_toggleengine Toggle ON/OFF Engine
rm_trunk Open Vehicle Trunk
rm_vehicle Open Vehicle Menu
rm_vehiclecards Open Vehicle Cards Menu
rm_backpack Open Backpack
rm_inventory Open Inventory
rm_point Point
driver_menu Open Driver Menu
timer_start Timer: Start
timer_resume Timer: Resume
timer_stop Timer: Stop
timer_pause Timer: Pause
dev_pos Open Position Menu (requires being in a Company)
seat -1 Shuffle to Driver Seat
vrp-openAtm Open Portable Atm
vrp-take_pills Take Pills [OUTDATED]
vrp-apply_bandages Apply Bandage
vrp-reopen Re-Open Transformer Menu
watermark Turn off Beta watermark

Disclaimer: To get an item's ID not located on this list use API /data/ or /dataadv/

Item Name ITEM_ID Options
Repair Kit repairkit use | give | trash
Prospecting: Firearm prosp_junk_9 clean | trash
Gut Knife gut_knife gut | give | trash
Digi-Scanner digiscanner equip | give | trash
☆ StatTrak™ Gut Knife gut_knife_st gut | give | trash
☆ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Autotronic gut_knife_fade gut | give | trash
☆ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth gut_knife_tiger gut | give | trash
☆ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Weightless gut_knife_lore gut | give | trash
☆ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Grinder gut_knife_auto gut | give | trash
Crab pot pot_crab place | give | trash
Lobster Pot pot_lobster place | give | trash
Rotten Potato rotten_potato debug | freecam | give | heal | ironman | toggle / UI | wheels
Spyglass spyglass eye | give | trash
Fidget Spinner fidget_spinner spin | give | trash
Bandage bandages apply | give | trash
Blessing Pack [Series 1] prefix_pack_1 use
Blessing Pack [Series 2] prefix_pack_2 use
Blessing Pack [Series 3] prefix_pack_3 use
Cursed Dice prefix_pack_1_reset use
Bag-o-Engines engine_bag give | trash | open
Treasure Chest [Low-grade] chest_tier1 give | trash | open
Treasure Chest [Medium-grade] chest_tier2 give | trash | open | break
Treasure Chest [High-grade] chest_tier3 give | trash | open | break
(A random vehicle card) vehicle_card give | spawn | trash
(A random R.T.S. vehicle card) rts_card give | spawn | trash

EXP Token ITEM_ID Options
Airline Piloting exp_token|piloting|piloting convert | trash
Cargo Piloting exp_token|piloting|cargos convert | trash
Helicopter Piloting exp_token|piloting|heli convert | trash
Trucking exp_token|trucking|trucking convert | trash
PostOP exp_token|trucking|postop convert | trash
Garbage Collecting exp_token|trucking|garbage convert | trash
Strength exp_token|physical|strength convert | trash
EMS exp_token|ems|ems convert | trash
Firefighter exp_token|ems|fire convert | trash
Train Conductor exp_token|train|train convert | trash
Player exp_token|player|player convert | trash
Business exp_token|business|business convert | trash
Gambling exp_token|casino|casino convert | trash
Bus exp_token|train|bus convert | trash
Hunting exp_token|hunting|skill convert | trash

Job Card ITEM_ID Options
Airline Pilot job_card|pilot give | trash | become | *[convert]
Cargo Pilot job_card|cargopilot give | trash | become | *[convert]
Helicopter Pilot job_card|helicopterpilot give | trash | become | *[convert]
Trucker job_card|trucker give | trash | become | *[convert]
Mechanic job_card|mechanic give | trash | become | *[convert]
EMS job_card|emergency give | trash | become | *[convert]
Fisherman job_card|fisher give | trash | become | *[convert]
Hunter job_card|hunter give | trash | become | *[convert]
Police (Unobtainable) job_card|police give | trash | become | *[convert]
Street Racer job_card|racer give | trash | become | *[convert]
Farmer job_card|farmer give | trash | become | *[convert]
PostOP job_card|postop give | trash | become | *[convert]
Train Conductor job_card|conductor give | trash | become | *[convert]
Firefighter job_card|firefighter give | trash | become | *[convert]
Bus Driver job_card|busdriver give | trash | become | *[convert]
Garbage Collector job_card|garbage give | trash | become | *[convert]
* Replace [convert] with desired job card you want to convert to, for example: farmer, firefighter, racer, paramedic, etc..

Option name Used by Info Modifiers
use Blessing Packs, Cursed Dice Uses X item N/A
clean Prospecting: Firearm Cleans firearm and gives you a random weapon N/A
give Most items in the game Gives X item to another player N/A
trash Most items in the game Trashes X item N/A
gut Gut Knifes Guts fishes N/A
debug Rotten Potato Toggles debug mode on/off N/A
freecam Rotten Potato Toggles freecam on/off N/A
heal Rotten Potato Uses pills to get out of coma [OUTDATED] N/A
ironman Rotten Potato Toggles ironman mode on/off N/A
toggle / UI Rotten Potato Toggles UI on/off, can also be used without an item with /screenshot_mode or /toggle_ui N/A
wheels Rotten Potato Spawns Bicycle N/A
eye Spyglass Similar to freecam, toggles freecam on/off (shorten range) N/A
spin Fidget Spinner Spins... what did you expect? N/A
convert EXP Tokens Converts Tokens into Bonus EXP -1 = ALL | 0 or none = one
become Job Cards Changes your current job to corresponding job N/A
place Pots (Lobster, Crab) Places X pot in the water if possible N/A

Convert Option Converts into Info
airline Airline Pilot Using it on Airline Pilot job card will work as "become"
bus Bus Driver N/A
cargo Cargo Pilot Using it on Cargo Pilot job card will work as "become"
farmer Farmer Using it on Farmer job card will work as "become"
firefighter Firefighter N/A
fisherman Fisherman N/A
garbage Garbage Collector N/A
helipilot Helicopter Pilot Using "pilot" on Helicopter Pilot job card will work as "become"
hunter Hunter Using it on Hunter job card will work as "become"
mechanic Mechanic N/A
paramedic EMS / Paramedic Using "EMS" on EMS / Paramedic job card will work as "become"
postop PostOP Using it on PostOP job card will work as "become"
racing Street Racer Using "racer" on Street Racer job card will work as "become"
train Train Conductor Using it on Train Conductor job card will work as "become"
trucker Trucker Using it on Trucker job card will work as "become"

Modifier Simulates Info
-1 Left arrow In most cases means ALL
0 / none Enter In most cases means ONE
1 Right arrow In most cases means ONE (IF not specified)


Perfect bind for Airline Pilots Converts all airline & player tokens into BXP after pressing F2

bind keyboard F2 "item exp_token|piloting|piloting convert -1;item exp_token|player|player convert -1"

Convert one Gambling Token into Bonus EXP after pressing F1 on keyboard, no modifier means simulating Enter (option 1x):

bind keyboard F1 "item exp_token|casino|casino convert"

Use rotten potato's freecam feature by pressing F2

bind keyboard F2 "item rotten_potato freecam"

Changes current job into a Mechanic after pressing . (DECIMAL) on numpad:

bind keyboard DECIMAL "item job_card|mechanic become"

Re-opens transformer after pressing L on keyboard:

bind keyboard L "vrp-reopen"

Guts all fishes in player's inventory after pressing = (EQUALS) on keyboard:

bind keyboard EQUALS "item gut_knife gut"

Opens faction menu after pressing mouse button 4:

bind mouse_button MOUSE_EXTRABTN2 "faction"

Converts all EXP Tokens into Bonus EXP after pressing K on keyboard:

Read before binding

This option is also available through the custom FiveM Keybinds. Navigate there via P (or ESC key) → Settings → Key Bindings → FiveM

bind keyboard K "item exp_token| convert -1 all"