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The HunterHunting emoji.png is usually regarded as a good and entertaining way to make money when you start, however, it’s wise to first follow the Getting Started Guide to increase strength and inventory space first. If you like sniper rifles and sniping pixelated animals, this job is for you. Watch out for dangerous kitties and deer-looking bears!

Getting Started with Hunting

  1. First head to the Job CenterJobCenter.png and select the Hunter job.
  2. Buy a hunting vehicle from car dealership Car Dealer.png .
    1. Optionally: Buy hunting permits and formulas from Market(Fishing/Diving)Diving Market.png .
  3. Drive to the Hunting OfficeHunter Office.png (Hunting level 1 office is located South-West from Paleto Bay).
  4. At the Hunting OfficeHunter Office.png enter orange circle and press E to receive hunting missions and equipment.
  5. Go to each mission zone shown on the map and hunt down "expected number" of animals visible on the map blip in the center of each zone.
    1. Skin hunted animals (they will be marked on the map) by pressing E when close to the animal.
    2. After clearing out all mission zones you can accept more at the Hunting Office once again.
  6. Drive to the Raven Slaughterhouse to process your animal materials into meat.
  7. Sell your meat at the Cluckin' Bell Factory in Paleto Bay, it is marked by a white box with a dollar sign named “Meat Buyer”.Farmer Office.png . You will receive money ($250 per) and experience.
Animals are client-sided so no one can steal your prey.
Keep in mind that your ammunition in sniper rifle is limited so try not to miss too many times. At level 100 you will unlock a secondary weapon.

Hunting Experience can be gained by:

  • Hunting down mission animals
    • Optionally hunting down non-mission animals, but for less EXP
  • Finishing whole mission zone
  • Skinning mission animals
  • Selling meat at Meat BuyerFarmer Office.png

Hunting Items

Before starting a hunting mission you can buy additional items from Market(Fishing/Diving)Diving Market.png to increase the efficiency of the hunt.

Item name Cost It reads
Hunting Permit 2 skill level tokens A document allowing you to hunt in more locations per hunting mission.
Hunters Formula 6 skill level tokens A highly synthetic product that wild animals love, it's a perfect way to lure them out of hiding!

Hunting Offices

Along with your Hunting level, you will get access to more hunting offices to use - they will unlock more profitable types of animals, but hunting zones might also be further away from each other.

  • Park Ranger's Office - Hunting level 1
  • Hunter's Lodge - Hunting level 25
  • Cayo Perico Pest Patrol - Hunting level 25
  • Stab City Hunters - Hunting level 50
  • Grapeseed Poachers - Hunting level 75

Offroad Hunting Vehicles

Name Price Fuel Capacity Top Speed in MPH
Rusty Rebel
$15.000 70L (Petrol) 1000kg 100
$30.000 70L (Petrol) 1000kg 100
Sandking XL
$85.000 70L (Petrol) 1000kg 99
Sandking SWB
$95.000 70L (Petrol) 1000kg 99
$120.000 70L (Petrol) 1000kg 109
Rancher SWB
$200.000 70L (Petrol) 1000kg 96

Raven Slaughterhouse

Animal name Cost Meat gain
Boar $2,000 20
Brown Bear $2,000 40
Cougar $2,000 10
Cow $200,000 30
Coyote $2,000 6
Deer $2,000 12
Leopard $2,000 20
Lion $2,000 20
Rabbit $2,000 2
Rat $2,000 1
Wolf $2,000 10


Hunting Offices

Park Ranger's Office (lvl 1) Hunter's Lodge (lvl 25) Cayo Perico Pest Patrol (lvl 25) Stab City Hunters (lvl 50) Grapeseed Poachers (lvl 75)

Meat Processing

Raven Slaughterhouse Meat Buyer