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FishingFishing emoji.png is a calming job that takes you away from the hustle and bustle that is the Tycoon life. It lets you have thoughts about your next adventure or next lavish vehicle purchase and earn money while doing it! Does anyone smell fish?

Getting Started with Traditional Fishing

In order to start fishing, you need to navigate to any Job Center JobCenter.png and select the Fisherman job. Navigate to the Watercraft Dealership Watercraft Dealership.png  that’s located at the Heliport, SW of Los Santos and purchase a boat for your ventures. If you have a boat, navigate to the Watercraft Garage Boat Garage.png and you can spawn it there.

Note: A boat is not required to get started, as the river and lakes can be accessed by land.

Once you’ve got a boat, you need to navigate to one of the many Fishing Zones, which are marked on the map by red fish hooks Fish Zone.png . When starting out, you are only able to catch certain fish. The best location to start out would be in a fresh-water spot like the Zancudo River, Vinewood Hills or the Land Act Reservoir. Details on which fish you can catch can be seen by selecting the individual fishing zone icons on the map.

Once you get to a Fishing Zone, stop in place and get out of your boat, hit the ( , ) key (if it fails, you can use period too) and this will anchor your boat in place. Now press E, you’ll get this Quick-time event on your screen:

Fishing Bar.png

Press E when the red bar becomes green; it’ll repeatedly shrink and expand so if you miss it, you get more chances to catch it in time. The yellow bar is how long you have until time expires and the fish is off the hook.

Once you’ve caught enough fish, navigate to your inventory and gut them all.

M → Inventory  → Fish → Gut all fish


M → Inventory  → Gut Knife → Gut fish

Assuming your inventory and your trunk is full of fish meat, navigate to a Fish Importer Fish Importer.png and start selling the meat. In exchange for the meat you will receive Money and Fishing XP, alternatively, you can sell the fish meat to other players at the Marketplace Marketplace.png in exchange for more money, but no experience.

If you do decide to sell to players it might be useful to store the fish meat in any Self Storage. Make sure to use Storage Cards to avoid massive fees.

The type/quality of fish you receive depends on location, a good rule of thumb is the harder to get to, the better the fish you receive will be. The Oil Rig is the best location for traditional fishing. It is also worth noting that fishing in rainy or stormy weather will yield the greatest amount of fish as the catch-time is halved during these periods.

Gut Knives

A Gut Knife (15kg) can be purchased at the Market (Fishing/Diving) Diving Market.png for $13,500,000 ($13.5M).
The Gut Knife can gut all the fish in your inventory at once rather than having to manually gut each fish. (You still need the required level to gut the fish!)
When gutting fish, there is a roughly 1:100 chance of the knife upgrading to a StatTrakTM variant.

A StatTrakTM Gut Knife will keep track of how many fish you gut, which can be seen in the item description.
When gutting fish with the StatTrakTM Gut Knife, there is yet another 1:100 chance of the knife upgrading to a new form.

The different forms are:

  • StatTrakTM Gut Knife | Autotronic, which allows you to gut any fish regardless of level. It also has a doubled gut speed.
  • StatTrakTM Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth, which is twice as fast as the Autotronic and only weighs 10kg (from 15kg).
  • StatTrakTM Gut Knife | Weightless, which is five times as fast as the Tiger Tooth and as the name implies weighs nothing.
  • StatTrakTM Gut Knife | Grinder, which automatically guts fish as you obtain them.

Each new form is rarer to get than the previous one, making the autotronic a very common end result.

The StatTrak™ Gut Knife can also be bought for 50 Skill Level Tokens, skipping the Gut Knife entirely.

Tackles and Rods

Tackles and rods can be used to speed up your traditional fishing. These items are obtained through the Prospecting Job.

Name Use
Fishing Tackle Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 10%!
Rare Fishing Tackle Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 30%!
Epic Fishing Tackle Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 40%!
Legendary Fishing Tackle Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 50%!
Shiny Rods Automatically fishes for you for 5 minutes before breaking.

Net Fishing

Once you reach Fishing Level: 30, you can use a Tug to do trawling. On the map you will find green versions of the fish anchor icons Net Fish Zone.png . There’s a smaller number of them, but once you get there you will see there is a large radius. As you navigate through the marked area with your boat, you will periodically get small bundles of fish - there will also be various checkpoints that appear within the circle (they appear randomly as long as you are within the radius), navigate through them to get additional bonus fish.

Everything that applies to normal fishing zones for converting and selling fish meat applies here too.

Fishing Watercraft

There are various boats to pick from. Boats come in all shapes and sizes well as prices.

Name Seats Price Capacity Fuel
Dinghy 2 $350,000 150kg 250L
Dinghy 2 $400,000 200kg 250L
Dinghy 4 $450,000 250kg 250L
Dinghy 4 $500,000 300kg 250L
Jetmax 2 $550,000 350kg 250L
Speeder 4 $600,000 400kg 250L
Speeder 4 $650,000 450kg 250L
Squalo 2 $700,000 500kg 250L
Suntrap 4 $750,000 550kg 250L
Toro 4 $800,000 600kg 250L
Toro 4 $850,000 650kg 250L
Tropic 4 $900,000 700kg 250L
Tropic 4 $1,000,000 750kg 250L
Sailboat 4 $5,000,000 1000kg 250L
Tug (Req. L.30 Fishing) 1 $10,000,000 5000kg 250L

Whichever boat you buy, you will have an enjoyable experience all the same.

Locations / Legend

Fish Zone.png
This is the standard Fishing Zone - come here to fish. There are several of them scattered on the map. You can see which types of fish are catchable in the zones by selecting the icon on your map. 
Net Fish Zone.png
This is a unique Fishing Zone, designed for Net Fishing, there are 5 of them in the top half of the map.
Fish Importer.png
This is a Fish Importer, sell your fish here. There are 4 of them, one being at LS Docks, one in the Alamo Sea, another between Zancudo and Paleto and the last at the San Chianski Airport.
Boat Garage.png
This is a Watercraft Garage, spawn your boat here. There are 4 of them. Three of them are at the top half of the map, the last is at the bottom. More garages can be unlocked by purchasing Businesses along the coast.
Watercraft Dealership.png
This is the Watercraft Dealership, purchase your boat(s) here. It’s at the Helitours Helipad SW of Los Santos.

Fish Importer


Watercraft Dealership and Watercraft Garage

Dealer Garage.png

Fishing Zone

Example of the information shown when selecting a fishing zone icon.

Fishing Zone.png