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Prospecting is a job where you try your luck at metal detecting. See what treasures lay below! Prospecting will give you both Strength and Mining XP and you may also dig up items that increase your luck at Fishing.

Getting Started

  1. First you will first need to get hold of a Prospecting Scanner, You can obtain one of these at the Market(Fishing/Diving)Diving Market.png for the cost of 10 skill tokens.
  2. Head over to the current prospecting area indicated on the map by Prospecting Icon.png
  3. Press E to start prospecting.
  4. Roam the 200m prospecting circle hunting for treasure. Prospecting works like a game of hot and cold, when you get close to something beneath the ground a green circle will appear, it will transition from Green to Yellow to Red and the beeping frequency will increase as you get closer.
  5. When you have located the treasure you will be prompted to dig, hit left click to do so.
  6. Once dug up you will be rewarded with your treasure along with Strength and Mining XP.
  7. Repeat

Note:The prospecting area is selected at random and will only change each time the server is restarted.

Possible Treasure

Item Name Rarity Uses
Bones Common 8.0% Bury these bones to gain prayer XP (0.1 Player XP)
Nuts and Bolts Common 8.0% None
A Golden Ring Common 8.0% Go Supersonic: Roll around at the speed of sound
Dragon Scales Common 8.0% Craft armor
Scrap Metal Common 8.0% None
Bottle Caps Common 8.0% None
Rusty Cans Common 8.0% None
Electronics Common 8.0% None
A Firearm Common 8.0% Can be cleaned to give user a random weapon
Note: Weapons are removed upon relogging and changing outfits
Bullet Casings Common 8.0% None
Fishing Tackle Uncommon 4.94% For Fishing, Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 10%!
Rare Fishing Tackle Uncommon 3.29% For Fishing, Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 30%!
Epic Fishing Tackle Uncommon 1.64% For Fishing, Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 40%!
Legendary Fishing Tackle Uncommon 0.82% For Fishing, Consumed when casting, improves catch rates by up to 50%!
Hunters Formula Uncommon 2.47% A highly synthetic product that wild animals love, it's a perfect way to lure them out of hiding!
Encrypted SD Card Uncommon 0.82%
Rare 0.25%
Bring them to FIB to scan them and reveal secret trucking recipes
Tackle Box Rare 1.51% Can be opened to receive random items
Dragon Wings Rare 0.5% Used to skydive. When consumed, they teleport the user into a skydive.
Shiny Rods Rare 0.5% Automatically fishes for you for 5 minutes before breaking.
Weather Sticks Rare 0.75% None
Gut Knife Rare 0.25% For Fishing, to gut fish faster.
Treasure Key Rare 0.5% / Legendary 0.09% Open treasure chests
Treasure Chest [Upgrade Kit] Rare 0.5% / Legendary 0.09% Gives a chance to win special car upgrade kits! (e.g ruffian > mk1)
Rusty Tackle Box Legendary 0.48% Can be opened to receive random items
Backpack Legendary 0.28% Extra Inventory (6kg)
Note: Only one Backpack Inventory per Player
Rotten Potato Legendary 0.09% Better freecam than spyglass
Digiscanner Legendary 0.09% For Boost Hunting, beeps when pointed in the direction of a nearby EXP Boost
Bag-o-Engines Legendary 0.04% A bag of vehicle engines