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Train ConductorsTrain emoji.png transport passengers around the map by rail. There are two different train lines available.

Metro / Subway Tram

  • Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and select the Train Conductor job. The smallest tier Metro requires a level 1 conductor, which is what you start with.
  • Find one of the red metro train icons on the map, Metro Train.png located at LSIA or Davis street, then find the marker and press the indicated button to open the metro spawn menu.
  • Select your Metro train tier you can use.
  • Drive forward until the job prompt begins.
  • Drive your train to all the stops indicated on your mapPassenger Stop.png to complete the route.
  • You will earn EXP Tokens from each stop and completing your route.
Tiers Metro/Subway Trains Conductor Level Requirement
Single - Level 1

Dual - Level 24

Triple - Level 48

Quad - Level 72

Metro/Subway NL
Single - Level 12

Dual - Level 36

Triple - Level 60

Quad - Level 83

Passenger Train Conductor

  • Go to the Job SelectorJobCenter.png and select the Conductor job.
  • Drive to the train station near the Elysian Island docks, or the Paleto Bay train station just North of the Sawmill.
  • These train stations are marked by a red train icon on your map.Passenger Train.png
  • Find the floating orange marker on the terminal and press the indicated button to open the passenger train spawn menu.
  • Select your desired train based on your conductor level.
  • Drive your train forward to the terminal and begin your route.
  • Follow the tracks and stop at the designated stations.Passenger Stop.png
  • The route ends at Paleto Bay, where you can start the Southbound route that goes back to Los Santos again.
  • You will earn EXP Tokens from each stop and completing your route.
Tiers Passenger Trains Conductor Level Requirement
Intercity Express 3M EMU
ICE 3M EMU.png
Tiny - Level 1

Short - Level 40

Medium - Level 70

Long - Level 100

Shinkansen E7 EMU
E7 EMU.png
Tiny - Level 20

Short - Level 50

Medium - Level 80

Long - Level 100

China Railways H6 EMU
H6 EMU.png
Tiny - Level 30

Short - Level 60

Medium - Level 90

Long - Level 100

GM Aerotrain
Short - Level 100

Medium - Level 100

Long - Level 100