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Airline PilotAirline emoji.png is one of the jobs (and skills) available in Transport Tycoon. As an airline pilot, you will transport passengers to and from various airports. You will have to start off with a small plane and gradually work your way up to take control of huge airliners. Like any tiered job, your pay will depend heavily on your progress within the skill.

Getting Started

ATC is mandatory, make sure to fully read this guide before flying. Failure to follow ATC can result in punishment leading up to bans.
  1. To begin this job, as with most other jobs, you need to visit a Job CenterJobCenter.png or have the appropriate job card and change your job to Airline Pilot.
  2. To buy your first plane you will need to visit the LSIA Aircraft Dealership Aircraft Shop.png , located on the north-western side of the airport behind the Los Santos Customs.
    The cheapest plane is $20K, if you need more money, temporarily do another job such as Firefighter or visit the Fountain of Wealth. There is also /code starter that will give you 150K upon use. (1 time use!)
  3. Once you have bought your plane, spawn it at the Aircraft Garage Aircraft Garage.png and taxi to a terminal Terminal.png . At the terminal, you will be prompted to press "E" to let your passengers board the plane. Make sure to not drift outside of the boarding zone or you will be punished with a 10-minute cooldown.
  4. After all the passengers have boarded you will now see a lighter terminal Terminal Destination.png icon. Fly to that airport (remember to use ATC) and deboard your passengers at the marked gate. After your passengers have been deboarded successfully, you will be rewarded with money and EXP Tokens, it will then automatically board new passengers that need to be transported to another airport.
If airports are not loading then navigate to Settings → Advanced Graphics → High Detail Streaming While Flying and turn it on

Job Bonuses

To earn further Airline EXP and money from this job you may carry either Airline Meals or Complete Meals with you which will boost the rewards you receive from this job! In order to make Airline Meals, you must do Refrigerated Trucking in combination with either Fishing or Hunting to get Meat. Complete Meals can also serve as an alternative and they can be crafted in a player's home with components gathered from breaking down food in your inventory. Do note that while Complete Meals do function in the same way, they provide a much smaller bonus compared to Airline Meals.

Airline Airplanes

Below are the requirements and costs of all available Passenger Aircraft. The (de)boarding time depends on the Tier of your airliner. (Tier x 10 seconds).

Name Price Level Requirement Tier
$20,000 Airline Pilot Level 1 Tier 1
$95,000 Airline Pilot Level 3 Tier 2
$320,000 Airline Pilot Level 6 Tier 3
$580,000 Airline Pilot Level 10 Tier 4
$950,000 Airline Pilot Level 15 Tier 5
$1,250,000 Airline Pilot Level 20 Tier 6
$1,820,000 Airline Pilot Level 30 Tier 7
$2,500,000 Airline Pilot Level 45 Tier 8
Boeing 737-200
$3,200,000 Airline Pilot Level 60
Cargo Pilot Level 20
Tier 9
Boeing 787-8
$15,000,000 Airline Pilot Level 75
Cargo Pilot Level 50
Tier 10
Airbus A330
$50,000,000 Airline Pilot Level 90
Cargo Pilot Level 80
Tier 11
$0 Airline Pilot Level 632 Tier 12


Unlock Airline Pilot Level requirement
You can now use the Vestra 1
You can now use the Velum 3
You can now use the Nimbus 6
You can now use the Shamal 10
You can now use the Luxor 15
You can now use the Ghawar 20
You can now use the Miljet 30
You can now use the Dash-8 45
Unlocked the Boeing 737-200 (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 20) 60
Unlocked the Boeing 787-8 (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 50) 75
Unlocked the Airbus A330 (also needs Cargo Pilot lvl 80) 90
Airports passive zone is turned off 100
You can now fly the Concorde 1 million Experience (lvl 631.96)

ATC (Air Traffic Control)

ATC takeoff Take Off.png

ATC is a big part of both Airline and Cargo piloting. Here we will discuss what ATC is, why it is important, and how to operate. ATC, like used in the real world, is used in TT to alert other pilots of everyone else's surroundings. Our ATC system is primarily used for landing and taking off on runways. The reason this is so important is to avoid air traffic collisions.THIS IS A MANDATORY RULE TO FOLLOW. To use the ATC system in-game, you will need to be in a plane. Press the TAB key to open up the ATC menu, you will see a list of airports, select the one you are at. The closest airport will be marked with a green ribbon. Check if the runway is clear (yellow color on map), and then request takeoff before entering the runway. (If you are unsure which runway is which, refer to the airport runway maps below.) Double-check if the runway has changed to a green color. If it has, you will have a few seconds to initiate takeoff.

ATC on landing Land.png

ATC on landing is a very similar concept. When you approach your destination airport, think of which runway best suits you. Consider your current Bearing, Plane, and Distance. At airports, there are 3 types of Runway: MAIN, JET, and SIDE. Learn to use these appropriately and many players will thank you for it. Firstly the JET runway. As implied by the name, this runway is for small aircraft. Usually, these runways have far less wingspan accommodation and running length. When new to airline piloting, please ensure you use these runways (when available) as to not inconvenience larger aircraft such as an A330. The second runway is MAIN, this is a large runway that can accommodate both Heavy and Light aircraft and is usually the player's first choice. SIDE is the same as MAIN despite location and name, used for when airport traffic is heavy and Pilots need an alternate runway to land at.

Heavy and Light Aircraft Distinction

When you are new to Airline Piloting, you will start out in a light aircraft. As you fly you will most likely see in the chat that a [HEAVY] plane has requested takeoff or land. Bigger aircraft's speed, wingspan, and stopping distance increase, meaning they are unable to land on JET runways. This is why it's important to land at JET runways if you are able to, meaning that the MAIN/SIDE runways are available for heavier planes to land.

Company Aircraft

Certain aircraft are locked behind companies. As you fly, you may see aircraft that you are not able to purchase. These are company planes. The 2 companies that currently operate in the aviation sector are Imperial Airlines and CollinsCo. When you have progressed far enough in piloting, you can always consider joining these companies (refer to the #company-ads in the Discord)

Airport Destination Overview

You can refer to the following map for an overview of all airports with their identification codes and MAIN, SIDE and JET runways.


Airport Runway Maps


  • Since the changelog of 16 July 2019 it is no longer possible to Co-pilot. Co-piloting was a feature where a passenger was able to earn vouchers and money just by sitting in the passenger seat (while still pressing "E" at terminals). They even received a Copiloting bonus.