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The MechanicMechanic emoji.png is a very important job in our server; it is a tier-based job--meaning that as you rise in level, so does the variety of vehicles and missions available. As a mechanic, you will respond to some interesting calls from the AI residents of San Andreas.

Getting started

Mechanic Vehicles

Level requirement/s Name Price Fuel Top Speed in mph
Flatbed Truck
$11.000 280L (Diesel) 76.25
LVL 10
Flatbed Towing Trailer
Mec Flat.png
$20.000 N/A N/A
$0 (You need to finish 10 Land Surveyor Missions) 280L (Diesel) Unknown
LVL 446
Flatbed Wedge
$0 (500k Mechanic Experience) 280L (Diesel) Unknown
¹can be found in the Category "Vehicles > Special" at Car Dealership.

Name Type Cost Level Requirement
Mechanic Skylift
Helicopter $900,000 Helicopter Pilot 10

Mechanic Level 20


Unlock Mechanic Level requirement
You can now use the Mechanic Trailer 10
You can now do Mechanic callouts with the Skylift 20

Main Objectives

Receive AI calls to transport/tow broken down vehicles and objects.

AI calls will reward you with Mechanic XP. To ensure you receive the maximum Experience, make sure you use the highest tier mechanic vehicle available to you.

As a mechanic you can also repair vehicles, you will need to buy Repair Kits from Market (Mechanic) Mechanic market.png , you can use them by (M → Player Options → [Mechanic]Repair Vehicle)

AI Calls

  • Receive AI calls to transport/tow broken down vehicles
  • Go to the Mechanic Office Mechanic office.png , enter the blue circle, follow the instructions and go on duty.
  • Get in your vehicle.
    • This job only works with the Flatbed Truck or the Flatbed Trailer
    • The Flatbed Truck and Flatbed Trailer give different job assignments
    • The Skylift (Mechanic level 20) is the highest tier AI missions
  • Wait for an automatic callout to occur.
  • Follow the GPS to the location marked on your map.
  • Line up your vehicle with the vehicle you’re picking up, then press E to pick it up.
  • Drive to the designated delivery point marked on your map.
  • Line up your vehicle with the delivery location and press E to drop the vehicle.
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed an AI callout!


Mechanic Market

Mechanic Office

Mechanic Market Map.png
Mechanic Office.png

Repair Locations / Repair Shops

Repair Location.png