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As a Mechanic Mechanic emoji.png , you will be responsible for aiding in roadside assistance calls from the AI residents of San Andreas. As you progress through levels, the experience earned per call will go up. If you're feeling extra helpful, you can even repair player-owned vehicles.

Getting started

  • Head to any Job Center JobCenter.png (except for Life Invader) and select the Mechanic job.
  • Purchase a MECHANIC: vehicle from the Vehicle Shop Car Dealer.png
    • The currently useable vehicles are Flatbed (Truck), Flatbed Wedge and the Wastelander

Mechanic Vehicles

The currently useable vehicles are Flatbed (Truck), Flatbed Wedge and the Wastelander
Level requirement Name Price Fuel Top Speed in mph
Flatbed Truck
$11.000 280L (Diesel) 76.25
LVL 10
Flatbed Towing Trailer[1]
Mec Flat.png
$20.000 N/A N/A
$0 (You need to finish 10 Land Surveyor Missions) 280L (Diesel) Unknown
LVL 446
Flatbed Wedge
$0 (500k Mechanic Experience) 280L (Diesel) Unknown
  1. Currently not used anymore (7 Nov `23)
  2. can be found in the Category "Vehicles > Special" at the Vehicle Shop when it is in rotation.

Main Objectives

  • As a mechanic you can also repair (player) vehicles, you can buy Repair Kits from Market (Mechanic) Mechanic market.png . You can use them via (M → Player Options → [Mechanic]Repair Vehicle). Do note that these are not used for AI roadside assist calls.

AI Calls

Receive AI calls to fix/tow broken down vehicles:
  • Go to the Mechanic Office Mechanic office.png , enter the blue circle, follow the instructions and go on duty.
  • Get in your vehicle.
  • Wait for an automatic callout to occur, you must remain in your vehicle to be able to receive callouts.
  • Follow the GPS to the location marked on your map.
  • Approach the vehicle on foot, press E to inspect the vehicle.
  • What you need depends on the issue, see the table below.
    • You'll either need to tow the vehicle or assist in small repairs. Repairing is preferred as this allows you to immediately finish the call.
  • Congratulations, you will now be awarded with Mechanic experience and some money!

Roadside Assistance Issues

Known Issues Action
Flat tire Change tire
Blown engine Use Mechanic Wrench or Tow
Dead battery Use Jumper Cable or Tow
Out of gas Use Jerry Can (Petrol) or Tow
Bent chassis Use Mechanic Hammer or Tow


There are 3 locations to go on duty. Only one is shown below (Mechanic Office).

Mechanic Market

Mechanic Office

Mechanic Market Map.png
Mechanic Office.png

Repair Locations / Repair Shops

Repair Location.png


The following HUD elements are part of the Mechanic Job. Not all elements will appear at the same time. They appear to the right of the minimap.

Status: On Duty / On Route To Call / On Scene / On Route To Dropoff
Distance: {distance to call in meters}
Vehicle: {vehicle name}
Possible Issue: {issue}
Jobs This Session: {counter}


  • Sub level 20 calls will be less than 3 kilometers away.
  • The 'Jobs this session' counter only goes up for towed vehicles, this is fixed in a future update.
  • The callouts are clientside, only you will see your own callouts.
  • There were plans to add a Mechanic master tool box which allows a chance to finish any mechanic call then and there without needing their respective item. It's unknown if this item will be available eventually.