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Hello and welcome to the Perks Page! Here you will find information to help you understand what Skill Perks are, what they can do, and how to obtain them.

  • Perks are unlockable advantages which allow you to do things much easier or in general make jobs more hassle-free.

How do I obtain Perks?

  • Perks are obtained at random by accumulating EXP in certain jobs; each job has its own unique perk, and there is no predefined EXP at which you will receive one.
  • Perks are uncommon and are intended to be something that demands either little or a lot of work to obtain. However, the chance of getting a perk is determined by the amount of experience you currently have.
  • You are guaranteed to earn a Skill Perk after reaching one million experience in any job.
The actual chance of getting a perk is 1 : (1000000 - Total EXP) / Earned EXP

More information on Skill Perks and how to activate them:

  • After receiving a perk, you will get the option to activate it by going to: M → Phone/Services → Skill Perks.
  • You can only have 1 active Perk at a time.
  • There is a 1 hour cooldown to Perks upon activating one. When the cooldown is over, you will be notified. You can then switch to another Perk.
  • Switching to None option in the Perks Menu wont reset your cooldown.
  • Active perk & cooldown timer can be viewed from the Identity menu.
  • Each perks grants 2.5% Permanent experience boosts to all XP earned
  • First perk grants additional 2.5% bonus, which gives us exactly 50% bonus with all perks

Which perks are currently available?

Job Skills Perk Benefits
EMS Start EMS / Paramedic with a 20 EMS Streak
Firefighter Ignore faction tax when earning money
Farming Obtain 10 fertilizer with each paycheck
Fishing Fishing pots fill up twice as fast and do not degrade
Mining Stock does not diminish when processing items
Hunter Immediately gut hunted animals into meat
Airline Pilot Earn an additional 5% experience bonus
Cargo Pilot Convert 50% of earned XP to BXP! Disadvantage: You don't get any EXP at all during this time!
Helicopter Pilot Factions receive twice the amount of TAX credits
Racer All cars spawned from the garage will have a 30% boost by default [1]
Train Conductor Redeem twice as many Business Cash Stacks in a single go [2]
Bus Driver Sacrifice your Bus Driver payment for an extra 50% exp
Garbage Collector Faster walking with Trash bag!
Mechanic Enables the use of Repair Kits without being a mechanic
PostOP Increases trunk and storage capacity by 15%
Trucking Item processing speed is boosted by 50%
Player Skills Perk Benefits
Player Earn an additional $50k each paycheck
Business The B > Spawn Bike menu spawns a Sanchez bike rather than a pedal bike!
Strength Get twice as much inventory space capacity


  1. Vehicle needs to have the turbo mod bought for racing perk to work
  2. Business Cash Stacks are redeemed twice as fast when transforming them into money. You do not receive twice as many Business Cash Stacks