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A special thanks to everyone who has significantly contributed to the server and helped shape it into what it is today.

Community Members

Community Heads / Executives

  • CollinsAlexander, server community owner and developer
  • Glitchdetector, server community owner and developer
  • Wesley, server community director & documentation contributor
  • TheCaptain, server head administrator, former community director & original F7 guide creator

Staff Team

  • Detective Fabian, server administrator & documentation contributor
  • Rock, server moderation & former administrator, documentation contributor
  • Shadow_Wolfen, server moderation
  • Stormm_29, server moderation, vehicle artist & documentation contributor
  • epopp1203, server moderation
  • Donald, server moderation & documentation contributor
  • Elfshot, server moderation
  • Koala, server moderation
  • Lewis, server moderation
  • Morfik, server support, former moderator & former statistician for company balancing
  • Vega, server support, former moderator & documentation contributor
  • Elmostar, server support, documentation contributor
  • Techman, server support, & documentation contributor
  • Cryptic, server support
  • PufftheMagicDragon, server support
  • Joe, server support
  • TamableCookie, server support
  • P7, server support
  • Queen Sazzy, server support
  • Wolfykins, server support
  • Redleg, server support
  • Kaero, server support
  • TheSpaceN3rd, server support & former server moderation
  • Cameleon, server support
  • Slay_RAD, server support
  • Cookie, server support
  • Jimmyfrank, server support
  • Agus, server support
  • PearDrop, server support

Former Staff Members

  • Troublesum, Transport Tycoon Founder & Original developer.
  • Kane, former server moderator
  • Metrela, former server moderator
  • VR Vegeta, former server moderator
  • Zoey, former server moderator
  • Razor Edge Zero, former server moderator
  • BrianW, former server admin
  • Taco, former server support
  • Frostlilly, former server support
  • Peach, former server support
  • RollCoal, former server support
  • Narwhal, former server support
  • Death Reaper, former server support
  • NShade, former server support
  • Minin0la, former server support & external developer
  • Maxy7656, former server support
  • Jamie, former server support
  • Starlord, former server support
  • Drummerboy, former server moderator
  • Giorgos_kars, former server support
  • Scully, former server support
  • JewCeps, former server support
  • ManusK40, former server support
  • Solid 2 Hours, former server support
  • Anas, former server support
  • Danxiety, Former server support
  • PizzaHawaii, Mapper, longtime former administrator
  • Ronjoe, Documentation contributor & developer, longtime former moderator
  • LethalLeonard, Former server moderation for over 1 year & developer
  • Vixus, Former server moderation & documentation contributor
  • Themme, Former server support
  • Butters, Former server support
  • ArchitectCobra, Former Head Admin, longtime server community management & documentation contributor
  • Zeeb, former server support
  • Nursie, former server moderation & former administrator for over 1 year
  • Steenvlek, former server moderation
  • Nick(R), former server support
  • Glox, former server support
  • Mek, former server moderation & administrator
  • Joao, former server support

Notable Community Members

  • Real Name, creator of several QoL Transport Tycoon tools
  • SmokeJava, single-handedly paid for months of server upkeep!
  • Applestan, single-handedly paid for months of server upkeep!
  • Donald, wiki administrator
  • BelgianCat, wiki contributor
  • Notlawjosh, wiki contributor
  • Brett Clement, wiki contributor

Wiki Translators

  • Doom, Arabic Translator
  • Rocco, German Translator
  • Division967, German Translator
  • BrianD, Dansk Translator
  • Agus, Spanish Translator
  • Skully, Spanish Translator
  • Clubat, French Translator
  • Govalth, French Translator
  • Lucky25s, Italian Translator
  • Bacon, Dutch Translator
  • Maydex, Dutch Translator
  • Tiran, Dutch Translator
  • Cameleon, Polish Translator
  • Morgado, Portuguese-Brazilian Translator
  • Fizz, Romanian Translator
  • Kekdent, Turkish Translator

Script Developers

Custom Server Scripts

  • Troublesum
  • CollinsAlexander
  • GlitchDetector
  • LethalLeonard
  • Ronjoe
  • IllusiveTea

Public FiveM Scripts

  • ImagicTheCat, vRP developer
  • Syntasu, loading screen
  • IllusiveTea, scaleform system and research
  • CitizenFX Collective, base CFX resources
  • BlueTheFurry, anti-cheese anti-cheat base
  • IceHax, flight instruments
  • Skypo, misc smaller features
  • Vespura, vSync
  • Briglair, misc smaller features
  • MrDaGree, ELS FiveM
  • flatracer, misc smaller features
  • Smallo, misc smaller features
  • bob_74, IPL Loader
  • n0thus, IPL Loader
  • Lt. Caine, Luxart Vehicle Control
  • NickThe0ne, Calm AI
  • Havoc, live-map
  • n3mTV, ATC menu base
  • aNdrew, base slot system
  • Ino, sonar & radar system
  • iEns, realistic vehicle control
  • Djyss, vehicle control menu
  • WolfKnight, misc smaller features
  • Scammer, misc smaller features
  • thers, misc smaller features
  • Zanax, misc smaller features
  • Konijima, misc smaller features
  • TheStonedTurtle, mellotrainer
  • Nick78111, pNotify
  • Lex_The_Great, TrainSportation; train system base

Plus the several other developers of public resources we’ve used, abused and/or re-implemented


Custom Server Maps

  • PizzaHawaii and TheCaptain, several airports
  • Ronjoe, several airports
  • GlitchDetector, airport modifications & custom airport modeling
  • Wolfykins, PostOP airport

GTA5-Mods Maps

  • Kingboughey, Sandy Shores International Airport
  • JRod, Forests of Chiliad

Plus the several unknown mappers of smaller maps we are using

Other Maps

  • godgutten, map conversion
  • PEGI 16, airport modifications


Vehicle Modelers

  • bagged, creator of several vehicle models we use
  • SkylineGTRFreak, creator of several vehicle and aircraft models we use
  • yanfenglenfan, creator of the train models we use
  • Panico Total, creator of several vehicle models we use
  • Canal Embraer GTA, creator of several vehicle models we use
  • Voit Turyv, Rockport Police vehicle pack
  • locotomb, Subaru Impreza Rally 2001
  • Monkeypolice188, HVY Brickade Classic
  • GTAEU-MODS, LTM 1500
  • chinweiren213, F1 Redbull
  • bushiido444, aircraft models
  • fantazer_rnd, helicopter models
  • MasChannel, cargo loader
  • TheF3nt0n, AlexanderLB, RCV Gruppe Sechs variant
  • b4good, ATS Trailer Pack
  • Dani02, MTL Cerberus Stock

Plus the several unknown modelers of other vehicles we are using

Vehicle Converters and adjusters

  • Ronjoe, vehicle handling and setting adjustments
  • CollinsAlexander, vehicle handling and setting adjustments
  • GlitchDetector, vehicle handling and setting adjustments

Vehicle Artists

  • Stormm_29, several custom server skins, custom staff skins & custom company skins
  • Ronjoe, custom staff liveries
  • Morfik, several custom company liveries
  • PEGI18, assisting in custom livery designs

And several smaller adjustments made by community members

Click here for more Credits

Additional Contributions

Special thanks to the CitizenFX Collective and FiveM team for an amazing platform to build on!

Thank you to all our Legacy Donators, Legacy Super Donators and Legacy Patrons for your support!

Thank you to all the patrons on our Patreon, the Supporters, Transporters, Logistical Experts and Tycoonists!

Especially a thanks to the Transport Tycoon patrons (as of May 22nd 2019):

  • epopp1203
  • Fastik
  • Peter
  • Applestan
  • Ezka

You’re all amazing people that have made it possible to upgrade and maintain the server infrastructure!


Thank you for all the support! Tycoon would have not been where it is today without all of you! - Vegard “glitchdetector” Bendiktsen