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|- id="bg"
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#if: {{{id|}}} | [[File:Id.png|alt=Indonesian|link={{{id}}}]] }} {{
#if: {{{id|}}} | [[File:Id.png|alt=Indonesian|link={{{id}}}]] }} {{
#if: {{{lv|}}} | [[File:Lv.png|alt=Latvian|link={{{lv}}}]] }} {{
#if: {{{lv|}}} | [[File:Lv.png|alt=Latvian|link={{{lv}}}]] }} {{
#if: {{{hi|}}} | [[File:Hi.png|alt=Hindi|link={{{hi}}}]] }}</div>
#if: {{{hi|}}} | [[File:Hi.png|alt=Hindi|link={{{hi}}}]] }} {{
#if: {{{bg|}}} | [[File:Bg.png|alt=Bulgarian|link={{{bg}}}]] }}</div>

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This template adds available translations for the page to the top through the use of flags.

To prevent issues, this template must be placed at the very beginning of a page.


| noborder=true (OPTIONAL)
| lang=page:lang
| lang2=page:lang2
| etc...

Warning: Do not include the language of the current page. This will only confuse readers.

Available Languages

Language Syntax Flag
English en=Page_name En.png
Dutch nl=NL:Page_name Nl.png
French fr=FR:Page_name Fr.png
German de=DE:Page_name De.png
Italian it=IT:Page_name It.png
Polish pl=PL:Page_name Pl.png
Spanish es=ES:Page_name Es.png
Romanian ro=RO:Page_name Ro.png
Portuguese pt=PT:Page_name Pt.png
Brazilian Portuguese pt-br=PT-BR:Page_name Pt-br.png
Turkish tr=TR:Page_name Tr.png
Arabic ar=AR:Page_name Ar.png
Danish dk=DK:Page_name Dk.png
Czech cs=CS:Page_name Cs.png
Russian ru=RU:Page_name Ru.png
Hungarian hu=HU:Page_name Hu.png
Slovak sk=SK:Page_name Sk.png
Chinese (Simplified) zh-cn=ZH-CN:Page_name Zh-cn.png
Estonian ee=EE:Page_name Ee.png
Indonesian id=ID:Page_name Id.png
Latvian lv=LV:Page_name Lv.png
Hindi hi=HI:Page_name Hi.png
Bulgarian bg=BG:Page_name Bg.png