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SD Cards were added in the November 10th update in 2021. SD Cards are mainly used to unlock new routes for the Trucking job.

Ways To Obtain SD Cards

1. Prospecting (Prospecting) - To prospect simply go in game and find a white circle on the map, and press E to start prospecting. (Make sure you own a prospecting scanner.)

2. Daily Chests - This is another way of getting a SD Card. (To get your daily chests you simply login everyday)

3. Player To Player (Marketplace) - This is the easiest way to obtain encrypted SD Cards & decrypted SD Card Recipes. (Can only be done via marketplace as SD Cards are untradeable! )

How do SD Cards work

1. When you got a Encrypted SD Card you need to keep them in your Inventory.

2. Then go to the FIB Building. In the entrance area you will see a green Marker next to the Desk where you can decrypt SD-Cards (Start Scan), see what Secrets you have unlocked already (View learned Secrets) and check your current scan (Check Scan).

3. Choose "Start Scan" and choose the decrypting method. You can choose between the following options:

  • Instant Scan (0h) = $1,000,000,000 (ONE TIME USE)
  • Slow Scan (48h) = FREE
  • Regular Scan (12h) = $200,000,000
  • Fast Scan (4h) = $1,000,0000,000

4. After the scanning Time you should have the Decrypted SD Card in your Inventory. IF NOT: Go to the FIB Building again and choose "Check Scan"

5. If you want to learn the secret recipe of the SD Card you got choose it in your Inventory and hit "Unlock secret". You have learned the secret recipe now and the SD Card will disappear.

What kind of decrypted SD-Cards exist?

Decrypted SD-Card Name Unlockable Secret Recipe Location to use
SD Card: Asphalt Concrete Refining 1x Crude Oil + 20x Gravel = 20x Asphalt Refinery (Petrochemical)
x5 sell Asphalt Concrete Alta Construction Site (Commercial)
x25 Sell Asphalt Concrete
SD Card: Cardboard Manufacturing 1x Treated Water + 50x Sawdust = 5x Cardboard LS Factory (Commercial)
x1 Sell Cardboard McKenzie Export (Commercial)
x5 Sell Cardboard
SD Card: Chipboard Planks 5x Logs + 30x Sawdust = 15 Planks Sawmill (Commercial)
SD Card: Copper Alloy 10x Sulfur + 20x Raw Ore Mix = 20 Refined Copper LS Foundry (Commercial)
SD Card: Crispy Fish 1000x Fish Meat + 20x Sawdust = 10x Frozen Raw Meat Clucking Bell Farms (Refrigerated)
SD Card: Crispy Meat 200x Meat + 200x Sawdust = 10x Frozen Raw Meat Clucking Bell Farms (Refrigerated)
SD Card: Diluted Fuel Refining 2x Treated Water + 3x Crude Oil = 3x Diesel, 3x Petrol, 20x Kerosene Refinery (Petrochemical)
SD Card: Gravel Pulverizing 1x Explosives + 20x Gravel = 100x Sand Deep Quarry (Military)
SD Card: Landstalker XL Blueprint 1x Automotive: Chassis, 50x Truck Cargo: Glass, 2x Automotive: Car Battery
1x Automotive : Vehicle Framework, 100x Trucking Cargo : Refined Amalgam,
10x Truck Cargo : Circuit Board, 30x Truck Cargo: Fiberglass, 4x Automotive: Wheels
= Vehicle Shipment: Landstalker XL
Vehicle Factory (Commercial)
SD Card: Sawdust Filler Exploit 5x Logs + 10x Sand = 100x Sawdust Sawmill (Commercial)
SD Card: Substitute Gold 25x Bronze Alloy + 2x Petrol + 10x Sulfur = 40x Scrap Gold LS Foundry (Commercial)
SD Card: Titanium Jewelry 1x Titanium + 4x Refined Gold = 4x Jewelry LS Factory (Commercial)
SD Card: Titanium Reinforcement 6x Titanium = 2x Rebar LS Factory (Commercial)
SD Card: Ore Mix Recycling 1x Explosives + 15x Raw Ore Mix = 90x Sand Deep Quarry (Military)
SD Card: Plastic Export Contact x100 Sell Plastic McKenzie Export (Commercial)
SD Card: Waste Water Cleaning 2x Petrochem: Waste Water = 1x Treated Water Water Treatment Plant
SD Card: Zinc Alloy 2x Propane + 20x Raw Ore Mix = 20x Refined Zinc LS Foundry (Commercial)
SD Card: Conveyor Rental $30,000 + 1x Copper Ore Voucher + Iron Ore Voucher = 1x Raw Emeralds 10x Gravel 3x Raw Ore Mix Filtering Plant (Commercial)
SD Card: 10F Blueprint $22,500,000 + 50x Refined Amalgam + 5x Circuit Board + 1x Chassis + 1x Car Battery + 4x Wheels + 25x Fiberglass + 1x Vehicle Framework + 25x Glass = 1x Vehicle Shipment: 10F Vehicle Factory (Commercial)

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