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Treasure chests Treasure.png are chests that spawn randomly across the map. These can be noticed thru their icon on the map and their yellow beam.

After interacting a <insert cooldown amount> seconds cooldown will activate and you will be granted one of the item listed in rewards below


  • High grade treasure
  • Medium grade treasure
  • Low grade treasure
  • Treasure keys

All items can be sold on the Marketplace

Treasure contents

The following table will list the content of treasure

Item Amount
RedGull 86
Goca Gola 67
Redgull 79
Water Bottle 73
Milk 67
Kebab 106

Item Amount
Gift Card 1x 250000
Job Card: Trucker 12
Toll Card 20
Faction Credits 5x 50000
Gift Card 1x 100000
Job Card: Airline Pilot 6
Job Card: Mechanic 7
Complete Meal 26

Item Amount
Gift Card 3x 50000
Gym Voucher 14
Helipilot Voucher 95
Gym Voucher 17
Speed Trap Radar 1
Medic Voucher 28
Complete Meal 25
Gift Card 1x 250000
Airline Pilot Voucher Unknown