Airline Meal

From Tycoon Gaming

Airline Meal is an item that is made through crafting at the Fridgit Co. and can be exported at the LSIA Shipments. It is part of the Refrigerated Trucking job.

It is also used as a 50% extra base Exp and money boost for the Airline Pilot job.



Recipe Ingredients Cost Produces Location Requires
Create Airline Meal 1x Dairy Products
1x Frozen Raw Meat
1x Vegetables
$ 2,500 4x Airline Meal Fridgit Co.
Create Airline Meal x10 10x Dairy Products
10x Frozen Raw Meat
10x Vegetables
$ 25,000 40x Airline Meal Fridgit Co.




Recipe Ingredients Revenue Location Requires
Deliver Airline Meal 1x Airline Meal $ 6,500 LSIA Shipments
Deliver Airline Meal x10 10x Airline Meal $ 65,000 LSIA Shipments
Deliver Airline Meal x30 30x Airline Meal $ 195,000 LSIA Shipments

Trucking Items

Trucking Type Location Produces
Trucking Alta Construction Site
Cargo Buyer: Erasers
Cargo Buyer: Tools
Cargo Seller: Erasers Erasers
Cargo Seller: Tools Tools, Mechanic Hammer, Mechanic Wrench
Electronics Store Recycled Electronics
Elysian Island Waste Deposit Raw Ore Mix, Toxic Waste
Filtering Plant Acid, Concrete, Flint, Gravel, Raw Emeralds, Raw Ore Mix, Sand, Scrap Lead, Scrap Mercury
House Construction Site
Jewelry Store
LS Factory Batteries, Cardboard, Circuit Board, Computer, Copper Wire, Fiberglass Spool, Jewelry, Rebar
LS Foundry Bronze Alloy, Ceramic Tiles, Glass, Refined Aluminum, Refined Amalgam, Refined Copper, Refined Gold, Refined Solder, Refined Tin, Refined Zinc, Scrap Gold, Titanium
LS Port Export
Land Act Reservoir Unfiltered Water
Logging Camp Logs
McKenzie Export
Quarry Cement Mix, Quarry Rubble
Recycling Center Recycled Trash
Sawmill Planks, Sawdust
Sorting Facility Scrap Aluminum, Scrap Copper, Scrap Gold, Scrap Plastic, Scrap Tin
Water Treatment Plant Sulfur, Treated Water
Vehicle Factory Shipping Container
Refrigerated Trucking Clucking Bell Farms Frozen Raw Meat
Fridgit Co. Airline Meal, Food Shipment
Grapeseed Farms Dairy Products
Great Chaparral Farm Vegetables
Harmony Shopping Center
LSIA Shipments
Raven Slaughterhouse Meat
Petrochemical Trucking Bristols Fuel Storage
Chemical Laboratories Acid, Toxic Waste
Davis Mega Mall
GSD Gas Pumping Station Raw Gas
LS Oil Pumping Station Crude Oil
Oil Depository Boat Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Helicopter Fuel, Petrol Fuel, Plane Fuel
Refinery Asphalt, Chemicals, Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol, Propane, Rubber, Waste Water
Military Trucking Deep Quarry Gravel, Sand
GSD Mine Scrap Gold, Titanium Ore
Military Workshop Explosives
Mineral Mine Titanium Ore, Raw Emeralds, Copper Ore Voucher, Iron Ore Voucher
Illegal Trucking Defib Kit Charging Defib Kit
Humane Labs Pills
Liquor Ace Box of Full Pill Capsules, Methamphetamine
Plastic Molding Box of Empty Pill Capsules, Empty Defib Kit
Pop's Pills Pills Crate
Vehicle Shipments Vehicle Factory Annis Zr-350, Coil Savanna, Hijak Vertice, Hvy Nightshark, Karin Futo, Landstalker Xl, 10F, Upgrade Kit Voltic2
Vehicle Parts Car Battery, Chassis, Repair Shop, Traction Battery, Vehicle Framework, Wheels, Jumper Cable