Beach Cleaner

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As a beach cleaner Specialized Job.png , you will clean the beaches of Vespucci Beach, gathering sand and trash in the meantime. The sand can be used for trucking, the trash can be saved up to make treasure chests at the recycling plant Recycling Plant.png * in the Grand Senora Desert.

*You need to be a trucker to see this icon.

Getting Started

  • Go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png near the Del Perro Pier at the lifeguard station.

Beach Cleaner Location.png

  • Go to the orange job selector circle and choose Beach Clean Up.
  • Go to the blue circle and Go on Duty.
  • You should see 5 question marks on your map.
    Beach Cleanup Cars.png

This is where you spawn your beach clean-up vehicle. Spawn the appropriate vehicle for your Garbage level.

  • You should see three sand excavation zones along the beach. Once you enter these very large white circles you can drive your Beach Clean Up vehicle around and you will see you gain Trucking/Garbage experience as well as collecting Sand and Trash.
  •  Occasionally you will see red circles inside the big white area, if you drive through these you will receive a bonus!

Cleanup Vehicles

Tier Beach Clean Up Vehicles Garbage Level Requirement
1 Skidsteer Garbage Level 1
2 Steamroller Garbage Level 16
3 Bulldozer Garbage Level 32
4 Quarry Truck Garbage Level 64
5 Grader Garbage Level 80
It is also a good method of leveling up your garbage skill if you’re not a fan of the Garbage routes, a bonus of doing it this way is that you will accumulate sand which can be sold to other players or used to make concrete or other goods.
This job is a good alternative for gathering sand if you're not fond of the Quarry Rubble Route.