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The Market(Premium/VIP)VIP Market.png is a marketplace at City Hall where you can buy the following with in-game money or Skill Level Tokens:

Item Cost
Phone Extension: Portable ATM 150 Skill Tokens
Blessing Pack [Series 3] 50 Skill Tokens
Tycoon Premium License 100 Skill Tokens
Tycoon Premium License $50m
Self Storage Transfer License 10 Skill Tokens
Self Storage Transfer License $5m
Treasure Chest [Ultra-grade] 10 Skill Tokens
Cursed Dice $25m


Main article : Tycoon Premium
Tycoon Premium is a monthly-renewable status which provides multiple benefits, including 15% extra storage space (inventory/trunk/self storage) and 50% extra experience.

Self Storage Transfer License

A Self Storage Transfer License allows you to transfer items from your Self Storage to any other online user that also owns that storage. If there is a fee for placing items in this storage you will also pay a fee for transferring items. The License lasts for 7 days and costs $5,000,000 (5M) or 10 Skill Level Tokens.

Blessings/Chat Icons

Main article : Blessings
You can get a chat icon by opening Blessing Packs. Once a pack is opened you will receive a Blessing:(Icon name), which can then be used to make the icon available in your Chat Prefix Icon list. Each Blessing contains one icon that can be applied.

You can't open additional Blessing Packs until a Cursed Dice is used. For example, the first Blessing Pack you purchase can be opened for free. In order to open the next Blessing Pack you need to buy and use a Cursed Dice first.

Skill Level Tokens

Skill Level Tokens are awarded when gaining a level in any skill. Tokens can be broken down in your inventory for an instant $10,000 in cash, sold to other players on the Marketplace, or used to purchase any of the items in the table below:

Item Token Cost Location
Phone Extension: Portable ATM 150 Market(Premium/VIP)VIP Market.png
Blessing Pack [Series 3] 50 Market(Premium/VIP)VIP Market.png
Tycoon Premium License 100 Market(Premium/VIP)VIP Market.png
Self Storage Transfer License 10 Market(Premium/VIP)VIP Market.png
Treasure Chest [Ultra-grade] 10 Market(Premium/VIP)VIP Market.png
StatTrak™ Gut Knife 50 Market(Fishing/Diving)Diving Market.png

As of 5 March 2021, virtual levels (levels above level 100) award 1 skill level token for each virtual level earned. Prior to this, 1 skill level token was awarded every 10 virtual levels.