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Job Centers can be used to switch between jobs in Transport Tycoon.

The Life Invader Job Center is restricted and only shows the Airline Pilot,Bus Driver,Trucker (Commercial) and Unemployed jobs

You can change jobs at any of the 12 Job Centers on the map, these are displayed as orange briefcases JobCenter.png .

The closest job center to City Hall is the Lifeinvader building. Other Job Centers are located at Maze Bank, LSIA, SSIA, Sandy Shores Hospital, Grapeseed, and Paleto Bay Clinic. More Job Center's can be unlocked through purchasing Businesses or by joining a Faction.

There are many jobs available, so give them all a try and see which you like best. 

Available Jobs

Job Center

Job  Job Requirements Short Description
Airline Pilot None Fly passengers to various airports around the map.
Cargo Pilot Strength Level 9 Transport cargo to and from airports around the map.
Bus Driver None Transport Passengers around the map.
EMS/Paramedic Strength Level 5 Save people who have been seriously hurt!
Farmer None Keep the city fed! Harvest and sell crops.
Firefighter None Respond to emergency calls from all around the map, saving civilians by putting out all fires.
Fisherman None[1] Head to the nearest Lake, River, or Ocean and catch fish!
Garbage Collector None Ride the Trashmaster and collect refuse from all around the map.
Helicopter Pilot None Transport passengers to various landmarks in style!
Leisure Pilot None Similar to Unemployed, but at least you can fly certain planes.
Mechanic None Repair and tow broke down vehicles.
PostOP Driver None[1] Deliver the cities mail by either air or land.
Street Racer None Race around the city! Beat the world records!
Train Conductor None Transport passengers or cargo to various train stations.
Trucker None Transport raw materials or finished goods to their destinations.
Unemployed None Get a Job!!!
Wildlife Hunter None[1] Hunt for wild animals and collect their meat!
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Higher Strength recommended

Other Jobs

Other Specialized and Company jobs are available but aren't accessed through Job Centers.