Coast Guard

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This job is considered unfinished/not complete and is currently not receiving any updates. Keep this in mind when doing the job.

Coast Guard is one of the specialized jobs within Transport Tycoon. As a member of the coast guard, you'll go out to sea to rescue people on their sinking boats, taking them back to safety.

Getting Started:

1. Go to the Specialized Job markerSpecialized Job.png at the Merryweather HQ. (Shown in the following picture)


2. Go to the orange Job Selector circle and choose Coast Guard, then walk into the large nearby white circle and press E to go on duty.

3. Coast Guard is a co-op job where you can work with other people. If other people in your session are still out at sea saving people, you cannot join in right away. You will have to wait until the current rescue is finished and all coast guards have come back to HQ. Once this happens, you will get a message saying that the fleet has returned, if you want to join, now is your chance. After this, there will not be another callout until the fleet returns once again.

4. After around 30 seconds of receiving the callout, you will get 3 new blinking blips on your map, one for a SwiftCG Swift Icon.png all the way out on the helipad, another one for a PredatorCG Predator.png in the left docking spot, and another one for a Predator on a TrailerCG Predator on Trailer.png . Head over to the icon for the vehicle of your choice and press E to spawn.

The Rescue:

5. A little while after spawning the vehicle, a white circle with a question mark will appear on your map
CG Search Area.png This circle shows you the search area for the boat in need, head to the area and attempt to locate the stranded boat.

6. Once you or another member of the team finds the boat, everyone will get an icon on their map for the boats location.CG Rescue.png

7. Get close to the boat to start rescuing those onboard. PredatorCG Predator.png can pick up 3 injured people while SwiftCG Swift Icon.png can only pick up 1 person at a time and needs to deliver them to the nearest hospital.

8. Once you have people onboard, head to the waiting ambulance marked on your mapParamedic Station.png to drop off the survivors. You can make a second trip if there's still more to rescue.

9. After everyone has been rescued, you're done! Return to Coast Guard HQCoast Guard HQ.png for your next call.


Vehicle:  Image:
Coast Guard Swift CG Swift Icon.png Coast Guard Swift B.png
Coast Guard Predator CG Predator.png Coast Guard Predator B.png
Coast Guard Predator Trailer CG Predator on Trailer.png Coast Guard Predator Trailer B.png