Fountain of Wealth

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The Fountain of Wealth Fountain.png is a place for anyone to share money. It is located at the Legion Square in Los Santos. If you're feeling generous you can donate money in increments of $2,500, $10,000, $50,000 or $250,000. If you need just that extra bit of cash, you can also come here and collect cash in increments of $500, so long as the fountain isn't empty.

Around the Fountain, you can also see the names, profile pictures, and a quote from each of the two developers and the 5 Transport Tycoon Patreons($50 per month.)

Donation  Payment/Cost Reward
Free Money + $500 (tax free) None
Small Donation - $2 500 None
Medium Donation - $10 000 0.016 Player Level / Player Experience
Large Donation - $50 000 0.16 Player Level / Player Experience

1x Treasure Chest [Low Grade]

Huge Donation - $250 000 1.28 Player level / Player Experience

1x Treasure Chest [Medium Grade]