IAA Delivery

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  • Go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png  at the satellite dishes near Sandy Shores.
  • Go to the yellow floating marker and enter the IAA Facility.
  • Once inside go to the orange job selector and select IAA Delivery.
  • Go to the green circle beside the selector and purchase IAA Coffee and IAA Documents. These are what you will be delivering to different desks in the facility, if you plan on doing this job for a while you should purchase a lot. You can also come back to this location and purchase more at anytime.
  • Wait for a call out to appear in the top right area of your screen. The callout details the supplies you will need, as seen in the image below.
    IAA Delivery.png
  • Go to the location marked on your map as Job (IAA delivery) and delivery the coffee and documents. All locations are inside this facility.
  • You will keep receiving callouts until you switch jobs.