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Welcome to Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon is about transporting goods, people, and materials across San Andreas in trucks, planes, cars, and more! While doing this, you will have the opportunity to purchase vehicles, a home, outfits, or even purchase Businesses and gain residual income.

Level up your careers; you can be a Pilot, a Truck driver, you can deliver mail or even become an EMS and help people! There are many jobs to choose from!

Airline PilotAirline emoji.png is one of the jobs (and skills) available in Transport Tycoon. As an airline pilot, you will transport passengers to and from various airports. You will have to start off with a small plane and gradually work your way up to take control of huge airliners. Like any tiered job, your pay will depend heavily on your progress within the skill.

Getting Started; Airline Pilot Job and Requirements

ATC is mandatory, make sure to fully read this guide before flying. Failure to follow ATC can result in punishments leading to kicks and bans. Refer to the bigger Airline Pilot page to ensure you are fully up to date to fly planes on Transport Tycoon.
  • To begin this job, as with most other jobs, you need to visit a Job CenterJobCenter.png or have the appropriate job card and change your job to Airline Pilot.
  • To buy your first plane, you will need to visit the LSIA Aircraft shop Aircraft Shop.png , located on the north-western side of the airport behind the Los Santos Customs.
  • Your First plane will be the Vestra which Costs you about $20,000
  • All new players start with $50,000 in cash, but if you need to get another $20,000 you could:
  • Once you have bought your plane you will need to taxi to a terminal Terminal.png . At the terminal, you will be prompted to press "E" to let your passengers board the plane. Make sure to not drift outside of the boarding zone or you will be punished with a 10-minute cooldown from starting another route.
  • After all the passengers have boarded you will now see a lighter terminal Terminal Destination.png icon.
  • Fly to that airport (remember to use ATC) and deboard your passengers at the marked gate.
  • After your passengers have been deboarded successfully, you will be rewarded with money and Skill Tokens, it will then automatically board new passengers that need to be transported to another airport.
  • For a more in-depth look at airline piloting, head over to the Airline Pilot page. Here you will find more info on other planes you can buy as you rank up, the use of atc, airport names and locations and the difference between light and heavy aircraft.