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Fancy having a go at mining? Well, here you go, dig to your heart's content!!! Alternatively, you can take a look at Prospecting, another way to level up your Mining and Strength skills.

Getting Started

  • To start MiningMining emoji.png go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png  at the Quarry on the East side of the map.

Quarry Location.png

  • Go to the orange job selector and select Miner.
  • Go down into the Quarry and go to a circle that fits your miner level.
  • Walk into the circle and press E. You will begin to mine the rock and miner mode will be activated. You can sit back and watch your character mine.
  • Once you have mined the rock you will receive sandstone and there’s a small chance of receiving Gold or Ore’s which can be used for trucking routes
  • Take the Sandstone to the Sandstone Collector. Here you can exchange Sandstone for various other Trucking Cargo's.
  • You will also receive Mining and Strength experience.


Below are the requirements and experience given for each blip.
Colour Level Requirement Experience Given
MiningNode1.png 1 Mining: 1.5

Strength: 0.2

MiningNode16.png 16 Mining: 3.0

Strength: 0.4

MiningNode32.png 32 Mining: 4.5

Strength: 0.6