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Fancy having a go at mining? Well, here you go, dig to your heart's content! Alternatively, you can take a look at Prospecting and Quarry Worker. They offer alternative methods to level up your Mining and Strength skills.

Getting Started

There are two mining locations to choose from. Originally only the Davis Quartz quarry was available for mining. An update to the mining skill added a secondary location in the Great Chaparral mineshaft. This new location has significantly better experience rates than regular quarry mining.

Davis Quartz Quarry

  • To start MiningMining emoji.png go to the Specialized Job marker Specialized Job.png  at the Quarry on the East side of the map.

Quarry Location.png

  • Go to the orange job selector marker and select Miner.
  • Go down into the Quarry and go to a circle that fits your miner level.
  • Walk into the circle and press E.
  • You will begin to mine the rock and miner mode will be activated. You can sit back and watch your character mine.
    • Once you have mined the rock, you will receive Sandstone and there’s a small chance of receiving Gold or Ores, which can be used for trucking routes.
  • Take the Sandstone to the Sandstone Collector Sandstone Collector Blip.png .
    • Here you can exchange Sandstone for various other Trucking Cargos.
  • You will also receive Mining and Strength experience.


Below are the requirements and experience given for each blip.
Blip Level Requirement Experience Given
MiningNode1.png Rocks 1 Mining: 1.5

Strength: 0.2

MiningNode16.png Tough Rocks 16 Mining: 3.0

Strength: 0.4

MiningNode32.png Shiny Rocks 32 Mining: 4.5

Strength: 0.6

Great Chaparral Mineshaft

The Great Chaparral Mineshaft is the second location where you can mine.

Your current job must be miner to be able to see the mineshaft. Refer to the information above.

The mineshaft Mineshaft.png works slightly differently compared to the quarry. You will no longer see the colored markers. Instead you will find white markers in the mineshaft. These will either be Copper VeinsCopper Vein.png or Iron VeinsIron Vein.png . The markers are unique to you (i.e. clientside). Another player can not steal your veins.

Copper Veins can be mined by anyone, while Iron Veins require at least level 50 Mining.

While mining these veins, you will be awarded with mining experience and Copper or Iron Ore. Be aware that these Ores can not be trashed, traded or put on the marketplace.

Once your inventory is full, run towards the exit Exit.png and exchange your Ore for either Copper Ore Voucher or Iron Ore Voucher. This process will award some extra Player, Trucking and Strength experience. The vouchers can in their turn be exchanged for Raw Ore Mix at the Elysian Island Waste Deposit (see Trucking).




Below are the requirements and experience given for each blip.
Blip Level Requirement Experience Given
Copper Vein.png Copper Vein 1 Varies
Iron Vein.png Iron Vein 50 Varies


Unlock Mining Level requirement
Unlocked the Quarry Worker side-job 1
You can now mine Rocks (Davis Quartz Quarry) 1
You can now mine Copper Ore (Great Chapparal Mineshaft) 1
You can now mine Tough Rocks (Davis Quartz Quarry) 16
You can now mine Shiny Rocks (Davis Quartz Quarry) 32
You can now mine Iron Ore (Great Chapparal Mineshaft) 50
You can now use the Excavator in the Quarry (Quarry Worker) 50
You can now use the CT660 Dump Truck in the Quarry (Quarry Worker) 70

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