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The Market(Fishing/Diving)Diving Market.png is a marketplace located at the Vespucci Beach (also available as a Faction Perk) where you can buy items that are used in certain activities.


Diving Market.png


The following items can be purchased using in-game money, flotsam, or Skill Level Tokens:

Item Cost
Rebreather $500
Gut Knife $13.5m
Crab Pot 1 Skill Level Token
Lobster Pot 1 Skill Level Token
Hunters Permit 2 Skill Level Tokens
Hunters Formula 6 Skill Level Tokens
Prospecting Scanner 10 Skill Level Tokens
StatTrak™ Gut Knife 50 Skill Level Tokens
Skill Level Token 1 Flotsam
Earplugs 10 Flotsam


Allows you to breathe underwater for 5 minutes. To activate it press spacebar when in water. Doesn't weigh anything.
Note: Activating more than one at the same time won't work and might glitch your Diving Status.


  • Can be converted to Skill Level Tokens in a 1:1 ratio. Found in packages on the open sea - red smoke is coming out of them. You need to exit your boat to pick them up. They weigh 10kg each.
  • Can be used to buy Earplugs for 10x flotsam

Gut Knife

Main article: Fishing

A Gut Knife is used in the Fishing skill to gut the caught fish into Fish Meat. The knife can upgrade to better forms which increase the gutting speed.

Crab/Lobster Pot

Main Article: Fishing

Fishing pots can be placed in bodies of water (excluding pools). After a period of time, which depends on the players' fishing level, they can be retrieved to reward fishing Experience and Fish Meat.


Mutes most In-game audio - Item is weightless.

Hunters Permit

Main article: Hunter

A Hunting permit is a consumable that will increase the amount of hunting zones assigned during the given mission.

Hunters Formula

Main article: Hunter

A Hunters Formula is a consumable that will increase the amount of assigned animals that will spawn per zone.

Prospecting Scanner

Main article: Prospecting

A Prospecting Scanner is a tool necessary for the Prospecting activity. It allows the player to search for treasure in the current Prospecting zone.

StatTrak™ Gut Knife

Main article: Fishing

A StatTrak™ Gut Knife is the upgraded variant of the regular Gut Knife. The StatTrak™ variant can then upgrade once more into one of four better variants.

Skill Level Token

Main article: Market(Premium/VIP)

Skill Level Tokens are awarded when levelling up a skill. They can be used in the Market(Premium/VIP) to purchase certain items, can be sold to other players via the Marketplace or can be converted into $10,000 (10K) each.