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The Market(Fishing/Diving)Diving Market.png is a marketplace at Vespucci Beach where you can buy the following with in-game money, flotsam, or Skill Level Tokens: The Market opens at 10AM and close at 6PM in-game time

Item Cost
Rebreather $500
Crab Pot 1 Skill Level Token
Gut Knife $13.5m
Prospecting Scanner 10 Skill Level Tokens
Skill Level Token 1 Flotsam
Lobster Pot 1 Skill Level Token
StatTrak™ Gut Knife 50 Skill Level Tokens
Hunters Formula 6 Skill Level Tokens
Hunters Permit 2 Skill Level Tokens


Allows you to breathe underwater for 5 minutes. To activate it press spacebar when in water. Doesn't weigh anything.
Note: Activating more than one at the same time won't work and might glitch your Diving Status.


Can be converted to Skill Level Tokens in a 1:1 ratio. Found in packages on the open sea - red smoke is coming out of them. You need to exit your boat to pick them up. They weigh 10kg each.